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On this page, I will try to have some various little things I created with the computer, including animated gifs, and a few other little things. 

I will also try to show you, step-by-step, how I created some really cool stuff. Like how I made an "Animated" label with MS Word. In fact I will show you how I created dozens of cool little things with MS Word. Most people don't really understand what a cool program MS Word is or what it is capable of creating.

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Want to know something really wild? {In the past.} I have created literally dozens of "animated gifs." (Little pieces of art that move.  Most of these were NOT a big deal, I created them on-line and used the on-line tools to do so.  (A few ... like the one below ... was created using the MS GIF Animator - that came with FP '98.) Today MANY other people are taking credit for what I have done. If it wasn't so funny, it would be sad. (A few are close to 10 years old!!)  

  A cool, little gif I created for my big, chess web-site.  (ajs_top-ten_picks.gif, 169 KB)

 A cute little animated gif I created on my computer. 
 (I mainly created this for my Geo-Cities chess web-site.) 

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