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B.O.M. Archives


  Archives for my "Book of The Month."  

Here I will list a recent book acquisition, and I will tell you why I liked it.  

Here I will list all the previous picks that I have made. This is for the fan, who may want to check out previous selections, and it is also for me, to help me keep track of what I have already covered.  

February, 2006.  A good review ... of a great book ... on a very historic match.  

(Like a dummy, I deleted the rest of the information ... before saving it.)  

March, 2006: My choice for this month is: << "The ...a6 Slav," (the dynamic lines with an early ...a6) >> by GM Glenn Flear. (I will probably review this book on, this will not be just a repeat of my review, but a short synopsis of why I bought the book and what I think of it.) 

I have been studying ... and annotating ... a lot of games in this variation recently. 

I purchased this book to fill a large void in my library and also in opening theory. Conventional opening wisdom has always held that these lines were bad and nearly unplayable. Of course, this could not be true, as many GM's today play this system. (One example.)  

I give this book high marks for accuracy - and also organization and content. No one who plays - or faces - these lines would want to be without this book! 

My choice for April, 2006 is: "The Russians vs. Fischer," by Dmitry Plisetsky & Sergey Voronkov. (Published in 2005 by Everyman Chess)  ISBN: # 1-85744-380-2.  [Purchase this book.]  

Get all of Fischer's games (vs. the Russians) in one place. Analysis, secret reports ... and more! 

My choice for  May, 2006  is:  

<< Reuben Fine >> (A Comprehensive Record of an American Chess Career, 1929-1951.);  
by  Aidan Woodger.  (Copyright by the author, published in 2004 by McFarland books. A beautiful hardback book of 392 pages with extensive appendices and indexes.)  

Not all the games in this book are annotated, many of the notes do contain some errors. (When examined with the modern computer.) So why would you buy this book? 

GM R. Fine was one of the greatest American chess players of the 20th Century, second only to Bobby Fischer. (And maybe equal with Reshevsky.) This game collection is a fantastic compilation of all the recorded games of this player, plus ... the research that the author has put into it this work is second to none. (Every possible resource has been uncovered.) There are seldom seen photographs, news articles, and cross-tables for nearly every event. A must for every fan of Fine and/or historian ... and a compelling addition to the library of anyone who is looking to for material about that time period of chess in the United States. 

My choice for  June, July & August, 2006  is:  

<< G.K. on My Great Predecessors, Part V >>  By Garry Kasparov, with the participation of Dmitry Plisetsky.  ISBN:  # 1-85744-404-3

This is possibly one of the most eagerly awaited chess books of 2006.  

Garry Kasparov (and friends?) take a look at the lives of two of the greatest chess players of all time, V. Korchnoi and A. Karpov. Games, analysis, history ... and so much more. 

Just about every chess fan will want his own copy!  

My choice for  September, 2006  is:  

<< 50 Essential Chess Lessons >> by Steve Giddins. (Published in 2006 by Gambit Books.)  

A wonderful book ... definitely aimed at the player below 1800. Buy it, I guarantee you won't regret it. 

My choice  <*****>  for  October, 2006  is:  

<< The Colle-Koltanowski System >>  (Deceptive Peace behind the Stonework.) 
by  IM Valerij Bronznik. Published in 2004 by "Schachverlag Kania,"  ISBN: 3-931192-25-3  

An EXCELLENT book on the Colle, maybe the best one that I have seen. Over 200 pages, many annotated games, explanations and the like. If you play either side of the Colle, you must purchase this book. The author took special pains to make this not only a good opening book, but a teaching vehicle as well. (Highly recommended.)  

My choice  <*****>  for  March, April, May, June and July, (2007)  is:  

<< Alexander Alekhine's Chess Games, 1902-1946. >>  
This is an excellent book by Leonard M. Skinner and Robert G.R. Verhoeven.  (Published in 1998 by McFarland and Company, Inc.)  ISBN:  # 0-7864-0117-6 (Hardback, Library binding, 50# alkaline paper.)

This is an excellent book, a truly massive volume, you can break your arm just trying to pick it up!! It is also a bit pricey, some dealers want 300 bucks (or more!) for this volume!!!!! (You can buy it on-line for $125.00 plus shipping.) Just about every game that Alekhine ever played - that could be located - will be found in these pages. Plus there are many references ... most of these articles would have remained buried in some forgotten chess magazine, if not for the labor of these two authors.

THE definitive book on the games of Alekhine ... for those who can afford it. 

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