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 One of the greatest tournaments ever held?

Lately, I am wrapping up a project that I began back in 2002. 

One thing that I am doing is looking for the 10-25 best or strongest tournaments of all time. (See the cross-table below.) 

I am also doing some background research on several of the greatest players of all time ... with the aim of doing a web page on some of these players. (I had a web page on nearly all of these players prior to the big "dot-com crash" in the late 1990's. However the parent company - Excite - went bust, and all of those pages closed literally overnight.) 

One of the players that I have been reading about and studying is Alexander Alekhine. (Wednesday, January 31st, 2007.) 

ICT_Bled_1931.gif, 19 KB

photo_Bled-1931.gif, 57 KB

 Alekhine's Best Tournament? 

What was one one of the greatest tournaments of all time? What was one of the strongest tournaments ever held? 
(These are questions that I often think about.)  

What was GM Alexander Alekhine's best tournament performance? 
For my money, this is it.  (See the Jeff Sonas / "Chess - Metrics" web page for this event. Search CG for these games.) 


Consider the following: 

  1. Seven of the world's "Top Ten" players attended this event.  

  2. Almost every player here was a "Super-GM" by today's standards. (At least a GM - at a bare minimum.) 

  3. Practically every player here was a chess legend. (Look at the names!)  

  4. GM Alexander Alekhine dominated this event ... from start to finish. (He ran away with it!)  

  5. By the standards of late 2006, if you play "the replacement game," (replace the player's ratings of that day with the modern ones); Alekhine's PERFORMANCE RATING would be well over 3000! (Closer to 3200, actually!!!) 

  6. I have studied many of the games from this event. There were almost no short draws, every game was a tremendous fight, from the first move to the last. (I have a book on this event.) 


See my web page on the contest:  Alexander Alekhine - Aaron Nimzovich, from this tournament.  

Search Google ... for more on this tournament.  

Jeff Sonas rates San Remo, 1930 as a better PR ... but four of those players were weak, rank outsiders.   


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