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 The "Five-Queen" Game 
  and other flights of fancy by A. Alekhine.  

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At least 2-3 times a month for the past six months, I get asked about this topic in my e-mails. "Did Alekhine really fake games?" "Was the 'Five-Queen' game real?" "Who discovered this first?" (etc.) Just this morning, my friend Joe asked me about the "Five-Queen" game of Alexander Alekhine. 

Probably one of the better articles I have seen would be here

(Search Google on this topic - here.)  

In his book of  "Chess Lists"  (2nd edition), GM Andy Soltis devotes a whole section to this subject. 
(Chapter IV, page # 96) 

I looked in my copy of "My Best Games of Chess, 1908 to 1923"  (by A. Alekhine) ... 
and I did not see the Grigoriev game mentioned. (A few people - who did not own a copy of this book - asked me if it started there.)  

For my part, I can say that this game used to be listed in many of the on-line and electronic databases. However, I did a search today, and apparently the famous "five-queen" game of 1915 has been removed from the on-line ChessBase db of games.  

Alekhine was simply one of the greatest players who ever lived, unfortunately he occasionally could not resist the temptation of "touching up" a few games here and there ...  

Wednesday / March 28th, 2007:  Rare photographs - of one of Alexander A. Alekhine's last tournaments - have turned up, and now it seems that this leads journalists to suspect that Alekhine might have faked another game. Did he? Is there any way to know for sure after so many years? Is this proof, of just another example of the "tail trying to wag the dog," something that Mr. Edward Winter is famous for. ChessBase investigates! (I must add - in an effort to be fair - that Mr. Winter has a reputation for thorough, if pedantic research ... and perhaps for splitting hairs as well.) 

James O'Fee posts an interesting blog on Alekhine - his life, opponents, faked or altered games ... and more.  

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