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For many years now, the blog from "Impala Publications" has been outstanding, and I have been reading it often. [more]

This dates back to well before I began submitting various chess items there and having them "published" on that site. I remember finding out that my wife had a recurrence of her cancer and found a blog posting there (I think it was on the book of Psalms.) to be very comforting. In approximately 2006, I began submitting - and even writing pages - for submission on this website, so now our Internet partnership dates back over five years!

This page is NOT about me "tooting my own horn," however! This page is just keeping track a few of my favorite chess articles, some of them have been absolutely outstanding ... and I think that they deserve to be better known ... then they actually are. 


In JUNE of 2011, I began reading a series of articles - presumably written by James O'fee - on "Remembering Bobby Fischer." These were so well written that I decided to stop procrastinating ... and go ahead and make this web page --- which is something I have been meaning to do for a couple of years now.

ANY of the <Impala Publications> blog entries (on chess) that I find interesting or notable - I will be recording them here. 

(A series of articles on:)  <<Remembering Bobby Fischer>>  

  •  "The Game of The Century." (link)

  •  Remembering Bobby Fischer, Part # 1. (link

  •  Remembering Bobby Fischer, Part # 2. (link

  •  Remembering Bobby Fischer, Part # 3. (link

  •  Remembering Bobby Fischer, Part # 4. (link

  •  Remembering Bobby Fischer, Part # 5. (link

  •  Remembering Bobby Fischer, Part # 6. (link

  •  Remembering Bobby Fischer, Part # 7. (link

  •  Remembering Bobby Fischer, Part # 8. (link

  •  Remembering Bobby Fischer, Part # 9. (link)  

  Other Impala (blog) Chess Stories  

  •    The third (in the series of the tournaments - called) "The London Chess Classic."  (Google this storyLink to IBP.) 

  •    Big Premier and Simul on the opening of the movie/documentary of "Bobby Fischer Against the World." (Link to IBP.) 

    (Stay tuned for more entries on chess.)  

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I created this page in June of 2011. It was first posted on the Internet on Saturday; July 2nd, 2011.  Last update on:   Saturday, April 25, 2015 01:12:13 PM


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