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Every other week, (bi-weekly; the 2nd & 4th Saturday; 9-12); Josh Stewart (of JrChess) hosts chess, fun, food & games at CiCi's Pizza.  
(CiCi's Pizza; {Store #207} 7145-C N 9Th Ave; Pensacola, FL 32504  Phone: (850) 476-6464)  

Usually - but not always - we play chess and then (jointly) study a problem. Then we play another game, (and when we are done with that); we eat pizza and then many of the children retire to the games and arcade section of the store. 

I think the whole group enjoys the problems, so I decided to develop a web page to record the problems.  

  Valentine's Day; February 14th, 2015. 
  (Problem # 01)  

  Black to move (and win?). 


  Any Player (2000) - A.O. Player (2000)  
  Jr-Chess problem (#1), 14,02,2015.  


From the book: << 1001 Winning Chess Sacrifices and Combinations. >> by Fred Reinfeld. (# 815) . 


This (now) threatens 2...Rd1#; so now White's options are extremely limited. 

     2.cxd4 Bxd4+!3.Kf1,  

The book gives this as being <pretty much> forced.   

                         [ Relatively better was: >/=  3.Qxd4[] Nxf3+4.Kf2 Nxd4; "-+"  although White could easily resign here. ] 



Now Black has a stunning finish here. 


A very cute Queen-sack.   

     4.Kxg2, (**sigh**)   

It did not matter what move White played here, all roads (now) lead to a certain conclusion.   

                         [ Or RR 4.Ke1 Qf2#. ]   




It's checkmate. 
(Analysis double-checked with Deep Fritz 14.).  


Click HERE to replay just the main line of this problem.   

   0 - 1    

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