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Thursday; September 10th, 2009. 

Hi! My name is A.J. Goldsby I. (My main chess web page. E-mail me.) 

This page only exists to let you know what my downloads are. (I only recently began to offer free downloads, but I plan on doing this on a regular basis.) Keep watching this page!

All I ask is that:  A.) You respect my copyright and NOT alter my analysis in any way. B.) That you will not pass these files on to a friend. (But do refer them to this page!)

  Copyright A.J. Goldsby, 2009. All rights reserved.  

Of course, I have an entire web site, ("A.J.'s Downloads"); that was founded on the idea of having free stuff to download to your computer. However, this is an older site, and I have not added much new content lately. {The reason? I pretty much ran out of space!} Thus the inspiration for this page. (More downloads ... and they are ALL free!!! All that I ask is that you respect my copyright.)  

  1. The "Chess Games" website has a problem or puzzle every day for you to solve. The daily puzzle for Wednesday; September 09, 2009 was this game.
    (Here is my analysis of this game.) 

  2. If you go to this page, you will see a nice analysis of the sixth game (Gm. # 06) of the 1972 Spassky-Fischer World Championship match. The bonus? Near the bottom of the page, is a link/DOWNLOAD of that game. Its free, and is a pretty thorough analysis of this contest as well! 

  3. Another good page is my "Angel-Fire" (games4) home page. Its got profiles of some great players. PLUS, it also has my world-famous "Endgame School." (There are downloads scattered throughout this site... you will have to hunt for them.) Click  HERE  to go there now. 

  4. Friday;  October 2nd, 2009:  Click  HERE  for a free, updated analysis of the game,  Fischer - Panno; Buenos Aries, 1970(My analysis.)  

  5. Next?

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