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  My deleted game 

I have played dozens and dozens of games over the years. (Too many to count, really. Before they closed one chess-playing server, I had played over 30,000 blitz games. And I have also played on ICC, chess-dot-net, and many others as well.) I estimate that I have played at least 1,500 USCF-rated games. But there is no way to be sure, I did not keep exact records and USCF's records only go back to about 1990 ... ... ... or there-abouts. (I played my first USCF-rated game around 1964 or 1965.) 

I used to play quite a bit of postal chess, back when the Internet first got going good. But I quit when it became obvious that some people weren't playing by their own skills and simply were using their computer to generate their moves. (CHEATING!!!)  At one time, I estimate that I had over 150 postal games going at once, but this was when I was part of a CompuServe chess-playing group/forum.  

I submitted many of my games to the "Chess-Games" server over time ... but I became convinced that they were never going to bother to use any of my games. Then one day, out of the blue, I suddenly had a web page. I didn't really ask for it, it seemed to suddenly happen, all on its own. 

It also soon became apparent that a "certain segment" of the population  ...  weren't going to stand for this.  (They have written me many e-mails to this effect.)  As I write this, my pages on that server have soared in popularity ... and twice been closed off.  

AFTER  making the web page on the Lasker-Englund game, (and showing the Schinkmann-Goldsby game at the local chess club); I received repeated requests to submit the game to CG. And I did, and then it was duly posted. Then a tremendous "hullabaloo" erupted, many people accused me of faking the game. (I only remembered seeing one game that was anything like the one I had played. AFTER I posted the game, someone brought the contest, Knorre-Tchgorin to my attention.) Some person on CG suggested "that every 1200 player was aware of this game." (Of course, this was so stupid, idiotic and downright ludicrous ... that I tested it on my own (local) CC. I printed out a copy of the Tchigorin game and showed it repeatedly at club meetings. Not one person had ever seen that contest prior to my showing it to them!)   

I will say this only once. The game is real and I have never faked a game in my life. (Period, QED.) 

  Daniel's e-mail to me  


From:  ---  Daniel Freeman <> wrote:  

To:  "A.J. Goldsby I" <>  

Re: The Schinkmann game 

Date:  Wednesday; 18 Jan 2006 / 19:26:43 -0500  


Hi AJ:  

The game  Robert Schinkmann  vs  A J Goldsby  brings up a specific problem. I am inclined to delete all of the messages posted to it, but if I do that, people will interpret it as coming to your defense and vouching for it's authenticity. Therefore I'm inclined to delete it entirely, then people will think that decided that it's illegitimate.  

Seems like no matter what we do it's going to look like we're picking sides. ....  

For what it's worth, I looked over the game before inserting it and all I thought was "Oh, this old line." It's been repeated at least 30 times over; it's a classic opening trap. So I never thought that anything looked fishy about it - and I still don't.  


(The emphasis {bold and highlighted text}  - above - is my doing, and not the work of the person that sent the e-mail.} 

The rules ... or posting guidelines for "Chess-Games" 


Please observe our posting guidelines:  

  1. No obscene, racist, sexist, or profane language. 

  2. No spamming, advertising, or duplicating posts. 

  3. No personal attacks against other users. 

  4. Nothing in violation of United States law.  

min002_supp-01_aop01.gif,  10 KB

  And also read this page as well. 

What can one say? The game has been deleted, (about page 5-7 of the comments, or see the cut-out ... just above); and the controversy has been put to rest. (Maybe.)  

For my part, I can only observe that the  trolls  (i.e. Hayton3); and "low-life's" of that server have far too much voice!! They seem to be running the show, and the operators appear unable to control ... or moderate them. (There are rules {see above} of the server, but most of these are routinely ignored, at least by one very vocal group.) One should also note that my pages {on that server} have been locked to comments. WHY? I guess the best answer is that the "Goldsby-bashers" had a field day and forced the owners to lock off a section of their own website!  {As I write this, my pages are closed to ALL comments!}  It appears that the creators ... cannot control their own invention, and that it has run completely amuck.  

In conclusion, it would be a cold day in the tropics before I would ever submit another game to them! 


To be honest and completely fair - I have submitted more of my games to this server. AND - this server has done MUCH to change things ... for the better!!!  

  1. They - long ago - began to crack down on some of the trolls. 

  2. They made it harder for people to get "easy" handles by requiring a registered  e-mail. 

  3. As of June, 2007; I now have the ability to delete whatever posts are made on my forum ... 
    this is a huge improvement and allows me to police my own section and squash flame wars  
    long before they ever get started. 

  4. Many people said I was too cheap to become a premium member. (I am now.) 

Addendum: A few years back, I was in the process of saving a few games - out of literally hundreds - that I had played. (I had dozens of notebooks and STACKS of games. I was putting just a few of the better ones into the computer and then throwing all the paperwork away ... in an effort to get rid of boxes full of stuff and cut down on the clutter.) I showed this game one night at chess club, my good friend Stephen Davis really liked the game and was the main reason that I wound up submitting the game to CG in the first place. Steve directs most of our tournaments here in Pensacola, all the nay-sayers and critics are invited to come to Pensacola and meet Mr. Davis in the flesh.  

Friday; June 22nd, 2007.  

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