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  Morphy vs. Two Amatuers  

(Java script re-play page.)

(The board below is in standard algebraic format. The White QR sits in the square, a1. The Black King sits on the square, e8; etc.)

(1) Paul Morphy (2800)  - 
Count of Isouard & 
The Duke of Brunswick (2200) [C41]
(Opera Box) Paris (1), 1858

(Note: A "pop-up menu" may appear on your screen. If it does simply close the box, or click on the variation that you desire to examine.)

1.e4 e5;   2.Nf3 d6
The Philidor is stodgy, and not as flexible 
as 2...Nc6; but not unsound.

3.d4 Bg4!?
;  ('?!') 
A premature development of the Bishop. 
But it was also a "book" move at the time.

4.dxe5! Bxf3
5.Qxf3! dxe56.Bc4 Nf6!?
A natural developing move, but probably not the best.

   [6...Qf6!; was probably best here.]

White's next move threatens a mate in two and to win a lot of material. 

7.Qb3! Qe7!8.Nc3!

You could probably give this move a double exclam, as even the strongest computers in the year 2000 all want to capture the pawn on b7 ... even after thinking for over an hour. 

8...c6!9.Bg5! b5!?

In reality, the losing move. BUT ... White maintains a very large advantage no matter what line Black plays. And if Black had not played this move and White not captured on b5, we would have been denied perhaps the most beautiful chess game in all of chess history.

10.Nxb5!! cxb511.Bxb5+ Nbd7
12.0-0-0! Rd8;  
13.Rxd7!! Rxd7
14.Rd1 Qe615.Bxd7+!
Another fine move.

  [Morphy's opponents were probably expecting: 
fxe6; 16.Bxf6 gxf6; 17.Rxd7 Bh6+:
    18.Kd1 Kf8; 19.Rxa7, "+/-" ] .

15...Nxd7; 16.Qb8+ Nxb8; 17.Rd8#  1-0

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