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Notes from Chess-dot-net: ( for A_J_Goldsby) 

  1. Hi, My name is A.J. Goldsby I. I am an ORIGINAL (!!!) LIFE -MASTER, (played more than 300 games in USCF tournaments with an ending rating being greater than 2200.); from the U.S.A. My rating floor is 2200. Tournaments I have won: 32567,  31606,  32345,  35629. 

  2. My address is P.O. Box 1785, Pensacola, FL 32598-1785. You may write at any time me on any [chess] topic. I charge $25.00 PER GAME for analysis or technical questions. Not to be rude, but my rates are firm. $ 25.00 an hour for lessons. I am NOT interested if you have found someone who is higher rated, or teaches for less. Please feel free to use that person instead of me! DON'T try to get me to change my rates. (I am a full-time pro. This is how I make my living.) 

  3. My e-mail address is: You MUST checkout my website at (This site took literally HUNDREDS of hours to develop.) I now have one of the nicest web-sites about chess on the Internet. (Consistently ranked in FIDE's 'Top 100.' Also ranked in the top 25 private/non-commercial chess sites by LCC's rating service.) I support myself by working as a chess teacher and a computer consultant. 

  4. I am 44 years old and have been playing in USCF-rated tournaments since I was 8 years old. (Beginning back in the1960's!!!) I have played tournament chess virtually every time the opportunity presented itself since the early 1970's. 

  5. (NM) = "National Master." (TC) = "Tournament of Champions" winner. 
    {I have won both the 5-0 and 3-0 championships here.  I have also won 
    the "Pawns Only" Championship of this server several times.}  I am a 
    full-time Chess Teacher, Chess Coach and Chess Instructor.  I play as 
    often as I can and as often as there is dough to go to tournaments! I am
    available for lessons, anytime.  

  6. I have one of the largest, private chess databases in the world with nearly 3 million Master-level games in it. (No duplicates. I manage my db using ChessBase 8.0)  

  7. I am a writer. I currently have regular chess columns in FL, AL and GA state chess magazines. I have been nominated many times for many awards by the Chess Journalists of America. I have received Honorable Mention several times in different categories. I have written articles (at one time or the other); for almost half the State Magazines in the U.S.  

  8. One of my best tournaments (to date) was the New York Open of 1995. I scored 4.5 - 4.5 in the Open Section. I lost to IM Tkachiev, (18 or 19 at the time. Now a Top 50 GM); GM Nijboer, IM Valvo, and FM A. Karklins. I defeated one IM and two other FIDE Masters. I drew a WGM, who was also like the ladies champion of her country. (Finland?) My Performance Rating, if rated, would have been => 2450 FIDE.  (2 opponents were unrated.)  

  9. I have won dozens and dozens of titles and trophies over the years. I estimate I have won AT LEAST 150 weekend swisses. (Plus many more one-day and local events.) [And I have no idea of how many games and tournaments I have won on the Internet.] I have won or tied for first in 5 different State's Championships. (I have also been Champion of several different Army and Air Force bases.) I am also a TRIPLE Master here. (Standard, Blitz, & Lightning.)  

  10.  ---> I have a personal library of around 2000 quality chess books. I am also probably the # 1 reviewer of JUST CHESS BOOKS for!  ***  Please go to the following web site: (software) I now have a CD-ROM for sale. It contains several annotated games. It is chiefly a collection of ALL of GM Larry Christiansen's games from his winning 2002 tournament.

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Number of tourneys A_J_Goldsby has won\played:
Blitz: 185 of 336 (55%)
Crazyhouse: 82 of 338 (24%)
Lightning: 555 of 1587 (35%)
Non-Standard: 368 of 785 (47%)
Standard: 2 of 4 (50%)
Wild: 43 of 188 (23%)
A_J_Goldsby has won 1235 of 3238 (38%) tourneys.

October 30th, 2002.

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