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  A nice trap in the Grunfeld Defense  

Joe Hodge (1600) - LM A.J. Goldsby I (2250) 
Friendly (Home) Game 
  Pensacola, FL (Round # 01), 11.06.2005.  



The following was a game that was played ... while the lights were out ... in the wake of  T.S. Arlene. 
(T.S. = Tropical Storm. This stupid little storm ... knocked out our power for over nine hours! 
 The game was played ... as a sheer respite from boredom!!) 

(My roommate, Joe, used a set and a board, I played the whole of the game, blindfold.) 


 1.d4 Nf6;  2.c4 g6;  3.Nc3 d5;  4.Bg5!? Ne4!;  
So far - so book.   


 5.Nxe4!? dxe4;  6.e3 c6!?;   
I chuckled when I played this, my daughter wanted to know what was so funny. 
(Its wicked, but not even the best move here!) 

All this has been played before: 
G. Grozdanic - A. Rosino; / ICT, Masters (Team Tourn.) / Venice, Italy; 1966. (1-0, 34 moves.) 

     [ Probably best is:  >/=  6...c5!; "~" (center & play);  with a fair game for Black. ]    


 7.f3?? Qa5+;  ("-/+")   {Diagram?}   
No matter what move White plays, Black's next move will be  8...QxB/g5;  with a won game. 
(Black has picked up an extra piece here.) 


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