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 Tal - Hjartarson 

I wanted to bring this game to my loyal fans without further delay. When it is ready, you will be able to click   HERE,  and see this game deeply annotated in a simple, text-only format. This is easily one of the greatest chess games of all times, many GM's consider it Mikhail Tal's very best game.  (Posted:  October 11, 2002.  Updated Nov. 22, 2002)  

Make sure you read my many comments about this game that I wrote on my  "Best Games"  Page

I have also posted some nice analysis about this  game  on another website.  

GM Mikhail Tal (2650) - 
Johann Hjartarsson (2575) 
Reykjavik, ICE;  1987

 [A.J. Goldsby I]  

One of the best chess games ever played. 
GM Andy Soltis considers it Tal's best game!
(Many others do as well.) 

A very tense Ruy Lopez is suddenly torn wide open, 
as Tal shows why he is one of the greatest tactical 
geniuses of all times. 

1.e4 e52.Nf3 Nc63.Bb5 a64.Ba4 Nf6

5.0-0 Be76.Re1 b57.Bb3 0-08.c3 d6;  

9.h3 Na510.Bc2 c511.d4 Qc712.Nbd2 Bd7!?

13.Nf1! cxd414.cxd4 Rac815.Ne3 Nc6!?;  

16.d5 Nb417.Bb1 a518.a3 Na6;  

19.b4! g6!?; {Diagram?} 
This keeps White's Knight out of f5, and possibly
prepares the pawn break, ...f5. 

   [ 19...axb4!?20.axb4 Nxb4?(??) 
      21.Bd2, "+/" {Diagram?} 
      The Knight on b4 is lost. ].  

20.Bd2 axb421.axb4 Qb7; 22.Bd3!(TN) 
A new move/theoretical novelty. 

   [ 22.Nh2!?, {Diagram?} 
     GM V. Jansa - D. Prasad;  Calcutta, 1986. ]

22...Nc723.Nc2! Nh524.Be3 (!)  24...Ra8
Black cannot allow Ra7 by White. 

One could give White's exclams to all of White's
next 7-8 moves. 
25.Qd2 Rxa126.Nxa1!, (Maybe - !!') {Diag?} 
This Knight is now headed for the a5-square ... 
via b3. 

   [ Maybe 26.Rxa1!? is also good for White? ].  

White now - brilliantly, and also logically - plays 
to remove Black's KB. (The grand defender of 
the dark squares.) 
27.Bh6 Ng728.Nb3 f4!?; {Diagram?}
I am not sure about this move, but Soltis does 
not even comment here. 
(Black closes the K-side, and only White has 
 play on the other side of the board.) 

29.Na5 Qb630.Rc1 Ra831.Qc2 Nce8!?;  

32.Qb3 Bf6!?33.Nc6 Nh534.Qb2! Bg7!?;  

35.Bxg7 Kxg7?!(Maybe - '?') {Diagram?}  
A natural-looking move ... that meets with one 
of ...  the best combinations ever played. 
(Black had to play 35...Nhxg7; 36.Qe2, "+/="
 according to GM Andy Soltis.)

(I am tempted to give every one of White's moves 
 - in the remainder of this fantastic game - 
 a double-exclamation point.) 
36.Rc5!! Qa6[]37.Rxb5! Nc738.Rb8! Qxd3[];  

39.Ncxe5! Qd1+40.Kh2 Ra1!; {Diagram?} 
Now Black also threatens mate. 

41.Ng4+! Kf742.Nh6+ Ke743.Ng8+, {Diag?}
Black Resigns.  (If ...Kf7; 44.Ng5#.) 

  A grand game.  (Check out the  FANTASTIC 
   VOYAGE  of the Knight on g8!!!)    

GM A. Soltis - in his fabulous book, "The 100 Best" - 
considers this to be in the  'Top Ten'  best games 
played in the whole of the 20th Century!!!

 1 - 0 

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