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  1-0 tournament  
(An on-line tournament on Tourney # 358802. One-minute, no increment or delay.) 

1-0_on1.jpg, 34 KB

My rating going into this tournament was 1900+. It's not my most impressive 1-0 victory, many I have gone 9-0, winning all of my games without any real problems. In some, I not only go 9-0, but I am always ahead on both time and position. This one was memorable for a lot of reasons, so I thought that I would record it. (My handle is "NM FLchessplayer" on that server. Under this handle, I now have won over 1,000 on-line tournaments!)

  1. Round one:  I play <hacker2ual>. He was only rated a little less than 1200, naturally I won easily.

  2. Round two:  I play a NM, (B. Steen, his handle: <Room_for_squares64>); who was rated 2000+. It's a strange game, my autistic daughter started screaming because there was a lightning storm. Because of this, I played a huge blunder/mouse-slip. (Qh8+??) However, I am so far ahead on time, I actually win anyway! (I actually checkmated him - he was just trying to make moves.)

  3. Round three:  I play a RUSSIAN CM, <Stepan Osiinovsky.> This guy is rated nearly 2300 in bullet. I win - by checkmate - with a literal ...
    ONE-TENTH OF ONE SECOND LEFT ON MY CLOCK!!!!!! (A real close call.)

  4. Round fourI play just a 1400+ player, <yordygary.> For most of the game, I am winning easily. Toward the end, I had over a 10-second lead on his clock. [This explains the last few moves, my opponent eventually loses on time, while I still have five seconds left. At the end of a one-minute game ... when you have a huge lead in time, the most important thing is NOT to make the best moves, (and possibly lose on time); but to keep the pressure on your opponent, ALWAYS moving quickly and forcing your opponent to lose on time. (Which is what happened.)] 

  5. Round five:  I play <Strife33>, a player from New Zealand who does not give his real name. He is pretty good, and I have lost to him before. Here, however, I just move quickly, at one point, I had close to a 20 second lead on the clock. In such situations, it is easy to make a mistake, and my opponent plays a move that appears to threaten a checkmate. However, it is actually a blunder, as I pin his Queen to his King ... from then on I continue to move quickly and I eventually win on time in a completely won position. 

  6. Round six:  I play another 2000+ player. (I had a reasonable position but lost. I am going to blame this one on my daughter's constant screaming. At this point, the lightning storm had gotten pretty bad and I resigned myself to losing all the rest of my games.)

  7. Round seven:  I play an opponent that has beaten me many times, <Chess2Enjoy.> (Steve Goins, usually rated 1600-1800.) I had a good game in the beginning, but thanks to either Tater's screaming ... or his constant pressure, I botch it up. However, I catch a bit of luck, as one or two moves before mate, he loses on time. Hahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahaahahaha!!! (Insane laughter.) 

  8. Round eight:  I play <harshrockz>, a player rated 1300+ from India. he (or she) plays pretty well, however, in the end, I win on time ... with probably a clearly won R+P endgame. Hats off to this player, it was a close game, I only won by a few seconds.

  9. Round nine:  I play a 1600+ player, <stumee> from Mongolia. I drop a piece ... but he offers me a draw ... and I turned it down. Perhaps realizing he isn't going to get a free/easy draw, he starts PRE-MOVING to save time ... and I simply wait for the mistakes. Terribly ugly play on my part, (to lose a piece); however, I also had a nearly 20-second lead on the clock as well, sometimes in one minute, this is more important than the position on the chess board. (VERY regrettable ... but also - very true!) 

  A few other tournament wins - chosen ... more-or-less ... at random.  

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