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 CG Miniatures (lightly annotated) 

This was a page that I generated for LIGHTLY (quickly!) annotated chess games. (I plan on putting 10-20 games on this page. 
(When it gets too long, then I will make a second page.) 

The main qualification was that it: A.) Had to be a miniature game. B.) It had to have come from / been on the CG website.  

     Click  HERE  to see an explanation of the symbols that I commonly use when I annotate any chess game. 

(game number one)

Nenad Fercec (2464) - Bojan Medak (2253) 
    7th Metalis Open, Bizovac (R#2) / 24,02,2000.  


This was the problem/puzzle of the day for Tuesday; September 8th, 2009. [ White to play, (18. '?'). ] 

I thought I would <QUICKLY> annotate it, and place it on a web page for that purpose. 


1.e4 d6;  2.d4 Nf6;  3.Nc3 g6;  4.f3!?, 
An attacking system, (vs. the Pirc and/or the Modern Defense); ... ... ...  
 that I have often used. (With and without a Bc4 by White.) Click here to see one example. 

     [ Normal is: 4.Nf3 , "+/=" etc.  ]  

4...c6;  5.Be3 b5!?;  6.Qd2 Nbd7;  Development.   
(According to the new "Power-Book," this is Black's #1 move here.) 

(With 6...Bg7; we would transpose to the game: G. Kasparov - V. Topalov; Hoogovens / Wijk aan Zee, NED; 1999
 This game contains a fairly in-depth look at the opening.) 

7.g4 Nb6!?;  8.g5 Nh5!?;  9.b3!? e5?!;  A rash advance. 
(Better was >/= 9...Bg7; here.) 

10.0-0-0 Nd7?; 
A loss of time. 

11.d5!,  (Thematic.) 
Now the button on b5 is hung out on the line to dry. 

11...b4;  (A mistake?) 
Black must have been hoping that White would play Na4 after this errant play by Black. (Fritz gives 11...c5; here as the best move for Black.) 

12.dxc6! bxc3;  13.Qxc3!,   
A surprising rejoinder. (I was expecting the capture on d7 to regain the piece.) 

This natural-looking move is apparently (also) a mistake. {Black had to give the material back in this position.} 

14.c7! Qd7!?;  15.a4!,   
This threatens Bb5, pinning the BQ to the Black King, winning for White. 

(Now 15...Qe6 is probably Black's only really decent play here.) 
15...Nxa4!?;  16.bxa4 a6[];  17.Bh3! Qxa4?; ('??')   
This greedy Pawn snatch was (thankfully!) Black's last error ... at least - in this particular contest - this was true. 

     [ Fritz shows that the move, >/= 17...f7-f5T; was forced for Black, 
       however, White is still in full control of the position. ] 

CG-lam_g1diag01.gif, 09 KB

  r1b1kb1r/2P2p1p/p2p2p1/4p1Pn/q3P3/2Q1BP1B/2P4P/2KR2NR; (White to move, 18. '?').  


Now it is White to move and win. 
18.Qxe5+! dxe5!?; 
Either Black saw the mate ... or he didn't. (18...Be6[];  was forced, when White snags a whole Rook on a8.) 

19.Rd8+ Ke7;  20.Bc5#.  
A nice mate.  


CG-lam_g1diag02.gif, 09 KB

  r1bR1b1r/2P1kp1p/p5p1/2B1p1Pn/q3P3/5P1B/2P4P/2K3NR; (The final position, Black has been checkmated.)  


(See the CG web page for this game ... for more analysis and discussion on this entertaining miniature.) 



  Copyright (c) A.J. Goldsby, 2009. All rights reserved.   

   1 - 0   

 (game number two)  

  GM Tigran V. Petrosian (2640) - IM Hans Ree (2420);  
  ICT, Hoogovens / Wijk aan Zee, NED; (R#12) /  01,1971.  


The CG daily puzzle for Thursday; September 10th, 2009. 

White to play, (7. '?'). 


1.c4 e5; 
So far - its an English.  [See MCO-15 for more info.]   

2.Nc3 Nf6;  3.Nf3 Nc6;  4.g3 Bb4!?;   
This is a rather unusual move, however, it is the top choice in the computer's "book" here. 
(Black plans to possibly double White's Bishop-pawns.) 

     [ A fair alternative is: 4...g6;  5.Bg2 Bg7;  6.0-0, "+/=" with a slight pull for White. ]  


A tricky move, normally you don't move a piece twice in the opening ...   

     [ Also good was: 5.Bg2 0-0; etc. ]   


5...Nxd5;  6.cxd5 e4?;  (Ugh!)  
And here we have the culprit of Black's loss! {See the diagram, just below here.}  


CG-lam_g2diag01.gif, 08 KB

  r1bqk2r/pppp1ppp/2n5/3P4/1b2p3/5NP1/PP1PPP1P/R1BQKB1R; (White to move, 7. '?').  


We have also reached the position for the "Chess Games" <problem of the day.> 

     [ Black had to play: >/= 6...Nd4; "~" which was unclear. ]   


7.dxc6! exf3;  8.Qb3!,  "+/-"   Black Resigns! 
The main point is if 8...Qe7; then White simply plays 9.a3. And if Black moves his attacked Bishop on b4, White wins a piece with the pawn fork of Pawn/c6 takes the BNP on b7. 

For more analysis and discussion of this game, please see the CG web page,


  Copyright (c) A.J. Goldsby, 2009. All rights reserved.   

   1 - 0   

Keep checking this page for more games! 

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