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A.J.'s Tactics School

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  My School for teaching advanced (chess) tactics.  

 This idea has been percolating in my brain for several years. 

(Page started: December, 2002.)

 Welcome to my school for teaching tactics. This will be a course aimed at players rated ...    
  say  1600 to 2000+.  Probably lower-rated players will not  get much from these pages.     


You should definitely go to my  "Training Page"  and read  ..................... 
 (and implement!) - everything there. 

(I won't bother repeating anything here, other than to say  Tip  # 1  ... ... ...  is a  MUST!!)


I have gotten literally dozens of e-mails, all along the same lines. They ask the following questions: "How do you study tactics, how do you plan to improve?" "What do you think, based on your experience, is the absolute BEST way to study tactics and get better?" "What is the way (method) that you have your own students study?"

This page is my response to those questions. The BASIS of my idea is to study  REAL GM games.  WHOLE GAMES  ...  from start to finish. (This is one of the ways I have always studied a large part of the time and is probably one of the main reasons I was able to become a Master.)

 This page is for the  SERIOUS  student!!!   There WON'T be a lot of diagrams, (eye candy); Java-Script re-play pages etc.   You MUST be prepared to work  hard!   To get any real benefit from this school, you must set up a chess board and study for hours. You must be willing to go over a game/variation literally DOZENS of times, until you feel you have mastered it. You must be prepared to go through these variations over and over and over and over again. If you are not prepared to work hard,  ...................

 January, 2003. 

Another thing you really ought to do is to study these games in GREAT detail ... 
(At least 2-3 hours, maybe several times);  ... ON YOUR OWN .......   BEFORE   
this possible and easy.  (I have added a  page  with the games in  ONLY  pure text 
score. You can also download these games from  TWIC.)  

The course will begin with the King's Indian Defense, a line I am currently studying.
(I plan on doing 5-10 games before moving on to another line.  I can also assure 
 you will not find better opening analysis anywhere.)  

I advise you to play over the variations 2-3 times. Try to learn the opening, this will give you a framework or reference to base your studies on. Then set up THE KEY POSITION. Try to figure out the correct sequence of moves. I advise studying the key position for a MINIMUM of 30 minutes before even looking at the solution. Then you should play through the solution slowly, and then repeat this process 3-10 times. (Make sure you look at sub-variations as well.) 


  Below are the games that have been completed:    

    Click  HERE  to go to  Game One. (# 1.)   

    Click  HERE  to go to  Game Six.  (# 6.)    

    Click  HERE  to go to  Game Seven. (# 7.)    

    Click  HERE  to go to  Game Nine. (# 9.)      

    Click  HERE  to go to  Game Ten. (# 10.)      

    Click  HERE  to go to  Game Eleven. (# 11.)      

    Click  HERE  to go to  Game Twelve. (# 12.)      

    Click  HERE  to see a DEEPLY annotated game (Kramnik - Beliavsky; 1995) ... with TONS of tactics!!!    

    Click  HERE  ... to see a game played in the 2012 FIDE World Championshsips ... where tactics were a HUGE factor!     


 Honorable Mentions 
  1. One of the best KID's ... of the whole of the 20th Century.  (See it.)  

  2. Another carefully annotated King's Indian ... I guarantee that a deep and careful study of this game will improve your tactics. (See it.) 

  3. An English Opening ... with enough tactics for anyone! (See it.)   

  4. Another English ... with some VERY wild tactics at the end.  (See it.)  

  5. This is not a deeply annotated game, but the tactics are pretty complex. It is also an excellent example of a sacrifice to break open a blocked position, which (according to several authors - in several books on tactics) is a common device in modern chess and something any aspiring young chess player should know. Many good links, a link to a replay page, and a YT video ... so (please) check it out.  (See it.) 


  1. Click  HERE  to see a really nice combination - that is analyzed in some detail. 

  2. GM Joel Benjamin does a superlative job of analyzing some wild tactics.  

  3. Click  HERE  to see a tremendous combination by GM Y. Averbakh!  

  4. Next? 

A brilliant game - dogged pursuit of the initiative. 

cg-potd5_diag11.gif, 09 KB

Black to play and win,  21... '?' 


Don't know the solution? Are you curious? Do you want to see more? Then ... CLICK HERE!!!

Another thing to do if you are seriously interested in improving your tactics, is find my "Annotated Games" Page, and go over all of the games listed there. You could also go to my "Forgotten Players" Page, (See the section on Nez!); and go over a few of those games as well. Please study these carefully. 

May 27th, 2005:  I have had MANY e-mails over the last few months ... all asking {basically} the same question. ("When are you going to finish your tactical school?") I lost many files - thanks to so many computer crashes. To complete this project, I would virtually have to start from scratch. Needles to say, this would entail a HUGE amount of work!!! (It would also mean annotating games that I have already annotated about 3-5 times before.) In the end, unless you are willing to make a contribution, you have no voice in the matter, at least as far as I am concerned! (No offence intended.)  

Late September 2005: I have had many e-mails and questions asking when I was going to update this page. I have not forgotten about this feature ... I was looking at (analyzing) Game Eight just the other day. 

   Page last updated: Saturday, April 25, 2015 .  

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