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    Cases of cheating in chess.    

This page is one that was created in April, 2015, it is dedicated to documented cases of cheating ... I thought that it would be handy to have one page dedicated to this topic. (Especially in lieu of the fact that the Georgian Chess Champion, GM G. Nigalidze, was caught cheating vs. T. Petrosian, see the numbered entry {#3} below.)  

Of course - for me - the mother of all low-life, useless, scumbag cheaters would have to be the extreme punk, Borislav K. Ivanov. This was a player - who perhaps in his very first international tournament appearance - was possibly cheating. [An FM, who was at this tournament, said that he heard a rumor that another player had accused Ivanov of having a keypad taped to his leg ... underneath (long) gym pants. His behavior was always bizarre, he never used any time to (really) think about a move, always taking 1-2 minutes to play a move ... no matter how complicated the position.] He later disappeared, and then re-surfaced - this was about the time that he began to defeat GM's with the greatest of ease. Some of this player's fans touted him as ... "The next Garry Kasparov." Of course, this was total nonsense!!! There were quite a few incidents where he was suspected of cheating and the TD's (TD = tournament directors) at a FIDE tournament requested him to remove his clothing  ... and/or (to remove) his socks and shoes. (He NEVER did both!) He was eventually caught red-handed with some type of electronic device - taped to his skin - underneath his shirt. He has now been banned (for life) by the Bulgarian chess federation and FIDE has deleted his name from the their rating lists and all of their records. 

  •    - His page on CG website, I am user "LIFE Master AJ" on that website. [ Please go back to the very first page of kibitzing
          - on that site, for Borislav Ivanov - and read all of my comments there ... I think I first weigh in on this debate on page 10 or 11.  
         (And ... it is humorous to see how all the fish, trolls, and other idiots ... on the CG site ... continuously bash me. And how the  
          owner of this site - D. Freeman - not only allows, but appears to encourage ... and even reward it.) There are many links on   
          this page to the reports on the ChessBase website, these document how S. Ivanov was first suspected of cheating ...    
          he went on to defeat many really good players, including Georgiev. Of course, Ivanov should get NONE of the credit, all of    
          his games are suspiciously close {or a perfect match} to the Houdini chess program/engine. ]   

  •    - Search the Internet - using the Google search engine - for this player.   

  •    - B. Ivanov announces the end of his chess career.  


Another <infamous> case of cheating involved a real player, GM Sebastian Feller of France. Apparently, he is a real player (unlike B. Ivanov) ... 
... but ... somewhere along the way ... he decided to cheat during a FIDE Olympiad. (He was banned for over two years.) Will he return to chess?  

  1. Saturday; January 5th, 2013:  I have covered the topic of cheating ... on my web pages, many, many times. (If you are a regular reader, than you would know this. I even had one website closed, because the cheaters on ICC and the Playchess server objected to my naming their handles.) Many years ago (1991?) - at a World Open, no less - I witnessed one of the first attempts to cheat by one "John Neumann." (He had an ally, someone who had a very strong program <telephone link?> in the hotel room, and they communicated via a radio keypad.) We had a French GM cheat a while back - at the FIDE Olympiads - and he was stripped of his title. Rybka 4 was stripped of its title when it became obvious that the first version of this program was simply a clone/copy of a strong "freeware" program. Now, once more, the specter of cheating has, once again, raised its ugly head.   (Click HERE.)    [More on this story.] 

  2. Monday; February 4th, 2013A new case of cheating ... it is almost too funny, it's a politician who is (also) under investigation for corruption! 
    (As an aside, there is another case of cheating where I actually know someone who was involved. This person sent me a game and asked that I check it - and I did. Although I dismissed it - I felt sure that USCF would have taken the proper precautions to prevent such an event - it now appears that I was sadly and grievously mistaken. I think that all members must now demand that USCF STOP allowing ANY electronic device to record a chess game ... period.) (GM Serper tackles this topic.

  3. Sunday; April 12th, 2015:  Many years ago,  I warned against cheaters in chess. (This warning got my website closed, but only in a very bad way. It seemed that the haters FALSELY ALLEGED that my website was full of all kinds of bad stuff. Because it came from someone with clout, they closed it on their word, {alone} only to find out - later- that they had lied. Later - they re-opened the website, but I had already moved everything. I don't know if anything good came out of this whole incredible episode, it did make a lot of extra work for me.)  
    G. Nigalidze
    . Now, yet another titled player has been caught cheating. [His FIDE card.]  (more) (a second article
    (About 6 months to one year ago, a player sent me one of this player's games. I looked at it, and found it to be VERY suspicious! I commented that a lot of the moves matched engines like Rybka and Houdini. He posted this on another website, after which I was subjected to about 30-50 e-mails of a horrible, abusive nature. In fact, it was so bad, that I stopped looking at my e-mails for a long time. {Many days.} One writer commented that: "I am a regular on the CG website and I know your bs reputation. You always see cheaters where none exist, you are nothing but an old, paranoid jerk." Despite these kinds of opinions, it seemed that I was right - yet again.)  

  4. Yet another case of cheating in chess ... a 1500 beats a GM ... and when they search the player in question, they were in for a big surprise. 

  5. This is not a CLEAR case of cheating, yet I have to be HIGHLY suspicious!! (Shades of Ivanov, they remove this lady player's games OFF the live (internet) broadcast, and instead go to a DELAYED format ... and she loses.   (Click HERE.)    I found this article on this page.  

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