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Chess News

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 This page will be dedicated to   Chess News.  

  (All the latest tournaments and match results.)  

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(Aug. 2005)  You should also consult my  "Game of The Month,"  website.  Lately ... I have been trying to give a short synopsis of a recent event, AND an annotated game. [PLUS ... at least one link as well.]  Please also see the CB page for events as well.  [Go there now.

  The latest in chess news.  

  To see any of the older items, or for more detail, please consult the "CN Archives" pages. 
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  General Chess News 



  72nd CORUS Tournament / Wijk aan Zee, (NED) 2010  

The young {currently 19} Swedish player, GM Magnus Carlsen won clear first (Group "A") this time around in one of the strongest events of the year. Vladimir Kramnik and Alexei Shirov shared second and third places. Anish Giri was the clear winner in group "B" ... a surprise to everyone. 

  [The official website.]    [A YT video on the event.]    [The ChessBase page ... with links to all CB reports on this event.]    [The CG page for this event.]    [The TWIC story.]    


I am sad to report that former World Chess Champion Vassily Vasilyevich Smyslov (March 24, 1921 - March 27, 2010) has died at the age of 89. (Smyslov was one of my favorite players of all time ... the more I studied his games, the more I liked him. - LM A.J. Goldsby I) 

Smyslov was the 7th World Chess Champion in 1957-8. He was a top 10 player between 1940 and 1970, the top player 1953-1958 and remained in the top 100 until 1990 when he was 70. While he was best known for being an outstanding positional player and a virtuoso endgame player, he nevertheless played all sorts of positions  throughout his career. 

Unfortunately, reports from Moscow suggest that during his final years, he lived in poverty ... and that he had been ill for some time before his final admission to hospital.


   Chess World Championship / Sofia, Bulgaria  

Right now the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS of chess has begun in Sofia, Bulgaria. Topalov won a whirlwind game, sacking a knight ... that was obviously a case of prepared analysis. (Anand had just blundered - in a bad position.) Stay tuned for more developments and maybe some original game analysis. 

  [The official site for the match.]  [The TWIC initial report for the whole match.]  [The CB report for round one.]  [M. Pein's commentary of Game One.]  

Anand struck back and won a game of positional chess in Game Two! (See the CB website for more details.) 

Anand easily held the Black pieces in game five ... to maintain a one point lead. [more]  

Current standings:  

03 May, 2010: Game Seven was a terse draw.   [Replay Game Seven on the CG website.]      

11 May, 2010:  Its over. GM V. Anand won the final game with the Black pieces to retain the title of World Champion.  [The CB report.] 


  Andor Arnoldovich Lilienthal dies ... ... ... 
at the age of 99 (1911-2010)  

lilienthal01.jpg, 105 KB

The death of Andre Lilienthal just after passing his 99th birthday finally cuts our links with chess going back to the 19th Century. Lilienthal was the only living player to have defeated Emanuel Lasker and Jose Raul Capablanca. He also had a draw against Alexander Alekhine. After the recent death of Smyslov he was also the last of the original FIDE Grandmasters who had their titles awarded in 1950 and indeed he was the oldest living Grandmaster. 

Lilienthal was one of the greats of chess. Although never a world champion, he was certainly a great player - in his own right. 

[Use Google to search the Internet for more on this player.] 


 The 2010 U.S. Championships 

In a bizarre final, (bidding for time?!?); Kamsky held Shulman to a draw ... and became the U.S. Champion.   

   [The CB story.]   [ The official site.]   [The report from the U.S.C.F. website.]   


  Leko vs. Gelfand  

Gelfand narrowly edged out Peter Leko in a match ... read about it on the ChessBase server. 



  The U.S. Championships: (for) 2011  

In the preliminaries, it seemed that the "young guns" (in particular, GM R. Hess) would dominate this event. However, in the final analysis, the older and more experienced players had the last word - at the end, this years event looks a lot like last year's edition of this tournament. (Kamsky defeated Shulman in the finals for the men's title; Anna Zatonskih won the Women's title.) My congratulations to all the players, nearly everyone involved played outstanding chess. 

(I quickly reviewed many of the games ... I was constantly downloading the PGN files, and re-playing the games on my computer. In particular, this game gave me a lot of pleasure, it is one of the nicest endgames that I have seen in many years.) Below are a few links. 


   The FIDE World Championships / Candidate Matches  

Thursday, May 12th, 2011:  The matches are already well underway. 

The original participants were: Veselin Topalov, Vladimir Kramnik, Levon Aronian, Shakhriyar Mamedyarov, Alexander Grischuk, Boris Gelfand, Teimour Radjabov, and Gata Kamsky. Topalov, Aronian, Mamedyarov, and Radjabov have already been eliminated. 

  •    The CG-dot-com page  ...  for this event. (Re-play the games right there on your computer, you DON'T need an actual chess-board!) 

  •    FIDE Candidates Semis G1: Gelfand and Kamsky draw 
    12.05.2011 – You might be wondering why no mention is made of Grischuk-Kramnik in the title. The reason is that it wasn't a draw, it was a joke. First game of the semifinals of the Candidates and they draw in sixteen moves? Come on... That is embarrassing to both the players and chess fans alike. Kamsky and Gelfand played a Najdorf that quickly simplified to a balanced endgame, and drew. Express report. Be sure to watch the excellent video - by GM D. King - on the last match game between Topalov and Kamsky! (All CB reports on the Candidates Matches in Kazan.)   

  •    Search Google for more on this topic.  

  •    Interesting news coverage of FIDE Candidate Matches. 



   2011 (3rd) London Chess Classic  

GM Vladimir Kramnik won this tournament in fine style with four wins and drawing the rest of his games. GM H. Nakamura came in second with a last minute defeat (in the last round!) of GM M. Adams ... in a King's Gambit, no less!  GM Magnus Carlsen took third place. 
     [ The ChessBase page for this tournament, J. Saunders's report on the last round.]   [The CG page for this tournament.]   [The TWIC report for this event.] 


  Tal Memorial (2011)  

This annual event - held to honor one of the greatest players who ever lived - was won by GM's Carlsen and Aronian, who tied for first. 
     [The ChessBase report on the final round.]   [The CG page for this tournament.]  


  São Paulo / Bilbao Masters (2011)  

Many of the world's top masters showed up for this event, but in the end, GM Magnus Carlsen won first ... after a blitz tiebreak/play-off. 
     [The ChessBase page for this whole event]   [The CG page for this event.]   


  ICT / Dortmund, 2011  

GM Vladimir Kramnik has always seemed to own this event ... and this year's edition of this tournament was no exception. With an absolute lock on first place with a full round to go, Kramnik (in a gamble) decided to "go for broke" against GM H. Nakamura ... played an interesting game - but lost. 

     [The ChessBase page for this event.]   [The CG page (with a crosstable) for this tournament.]  

  I was saddened to learn of Gligoric's death, he was/is one of the all-time greats of chess.  index-Gligo-01.jpg, 22 KB)

In August, we lost one of the all-time greats of chess, GM S. Gligoric. I can still remember his "Game of The Month" in the U.S. chess magazine of that time. (The early to mid-1970's, I think. The name of the magazine was: "Chess Life & Review.") This was easily my favorite feature ... some months, I would actually memorize the game ... plus much of the analysis, as well. I think that my study of this feature had a huge impact on my game ... and is also one of the reasons that I eventually became a Master. 

Good-bye GM Gligoric, I will miss you and always remember you fondly. 


  The (FIDE) 2012 World Championship (Match) 

May 19th, 2012:  Right now, in Moscow, a match is taking place to decide who is the World Chess Champion. GM Vishy Anand is the Champion, and his challenger is GM Boris Gelfand. The match is to be 12 regular games, right now the score is tied at 3-3, the first six games have all been drawn. 

  •    - The official website. (There is a ton of good content, let's see how long this one lasts before they delete it.) 

  •    - The CG web page ... where you can replay all the games of the match, right on your computer.  

  •    - The ChessBase reports on the whole of the match, there is also a great deal of really good content, analysis, pictures and even video's. 

  •    - The TWIC report ... on game six, Kasparov is present for the game to offer live commentary!  


The match is over, and Anand won ... but just barely. (The champ won one of the tie-breaker games.) For the full story, and analysis of ALL the games, please see the excellent coverage on the ChessBase website.  


  The 2012 Mikhail Tal Memorial Tournament  

This event was a game of musical chairs. First Morozevich and Radjabov were the early leaders. Later, Kramnik and then Caruana were the sole leaders. However, when the dust settled, and all of the games were finished, GM Magnus Carlsen emerged as the sole winner in this hard-fought, action-packed event. 


   The 2013 Tata Steel (Wijk aan Zee) Tournament  

  GM Magnus Carlsen was a run-away freight train, destroying the opposition! After he defeated Nakamura in the pentultimate round, he had already won the tournament with a 1.5 point lead, with a full round to spare!!! (Ridiculous! Unbelievable!) His play was also superb, some of his games almost defy description. (Some high points for me? His win over L'Ami, when he turned an opposite-colored Bishop ending - with a Rook also on the board - into a near mating net! Or his win over Karjakin, where he seemed to grind Sergey down to dust in a game that went almost 100 moves! Or his win against Nakamura, where he crushed poor Nak like an insignificant insect. I could go on ... ... ... but - by now - you should get the idea.)  

  The 2014 WCS (FIDE) Candidates Tournament 

To the surprise of most people, GM Vishy Anand qualified as the challenger to World Champion, Magnus Carlsen. Anand was never in really serious trouble, and many times, had the greatly superior position. Meanwhile, players - like V. Kramnik, who is usually in the hunt - had reversals. Probably the most disappointing - at least, for me - was the complete collapse of Aronian, who finished next to last place.

  •   The CB story of the final round, Karjakin grabs second place. 

  •   The official website for this event. (Anand is first, Sergey Karjakin is second.)

  •   The CG web-page for this event. (Conveniently organized, a CT and you can replay all of the games.)  

  The 2014 World Championship Match   

If you have not heard by now, you have been living under a rock. The FIDE match for the chess championship of the world was held (November, 2014 - in Sochi, RUS) and Magnus Carlsen retained his title as World Champion. 

  •    The official website.   

  •    The CG page for this match.

  •     CB coverage of this match.  

  Wijk aan Zee / Tata Steel, 2015  

Carlsen wins Wijk aan Zee / Tata Steel (2015). 
Last Round:
The pictures and their stores (2):
The CG page for this event:  

  Hastings, 2015  

The Chinese GM (Zhao Jun) won game after game, finishing with clear first place in the 2015 edition of the Hastings Tournament. 
The CB story:
The CG page for this event:  

  The U.S. Championships  (2015)  

April 1st, 2015:  The U.S. Championships will begin shortly. (St. Louis, MO / USA) IMO, the field is easily one of the strongest ever


  •   April 8th, 2015:  After six rounds, Nakamura is in first place, and Ray Robson is in second place. (story)  

  •   April 13th, 2014:  When the dust settled, Nakamura had locked up first place, while Robson shows his mettle. (story

 2015 Shamkir (Gashimov Memorial) 

GM Magnus Carlsen does it again, winning the 2015 Vugar Gashimov Memorial Tournament.  

  The times ... they are definitely changing!  

When I was a young man China was - of course - the most densely populated country in the whole world. However, there were many areas that they were lagging in. In the 1970's, I am sure that there were NO Chinese Grand-Masters. (In fact, I did not think that the Chinese were interested in "Western Chess," as they have their own version of the royal game.) China seemed - despite their huge population - to be unable or incapable of generating any really decent chess players. (At least this WAS true ... 30+ years ago.)  

Today, the {former} female (2-time!) World Champion is a Chinese player. (Yifan Hou - she was unable to play in the FIDE WCS in April, but I believe that she will challenge Mariya Muzychuk to a match in the fall. Read the CB story on the tournament ... that was held in April, 2015.

As for the men, they never seemed to be in the running ... until rather recently. It seemed that - at least, in the past - that the Russian men always won both the World Championships, the Olympiads, and the World Team Championships. Today, Ding Liren is ranked #11 in the world. While that may not seem to be impressive ... it certainly was a powerful performance by the Chinese Team which seemed to be on cruise control while they racked up their very first win the World Team Championships. (Actually, after I wrote this article and read all of the links - I learned that the Chinese men also won at Tromso ... but I wasn't willing to let all this hard work go to waste. Plus - it would have spoiled the overall effect that I was going for.) 

 Local Chess News 


For the  very latest  chess news, there are dozens of sites that offer the very best in chess news. (If my site is not current, be sure to check these.) 

A few sites, [I give 8 - not necessarily in the order you should visit them.]; to go to if you want the latest news in the Chess World. (I rate their news coverage in brackets.) 


  1.  The official  website  of the U.S. Chess Federation.  [fair] 

  2.  Go on-line with the Internet Chess Club or go to their  website.  [good]
     (If you have downloaded and installed their "Blitzin" software, you can 
      always log on as a guest and catch up on the latest chess news!) 

  3.  Go to the very cool  London Chess Centre's   website.  [very good]

  4.  Go to the  chess-page  on   "The Human Internet.".   [ok] 

  5.  The International Chess Federation's (FIDE)  web-site.  [fair] 
      (This site used to be unreliable, but has not failed in a while. A.J.G. May 2007.) 

  6.  The  TWIC  (The Week In Chess)   web page.   [good to excellent] 
     (This is actually part of LCC's web site, see # 3 above.) 

  7. The 'ChessBase'  site  now is one of the best ...  very good coverage!  
     [Excellent, A-1]   

  8. We have a newcomer. (Feb. 24, 2006) The "Chess Games" server has many  
    good (short) articles on the events ... and you can replay the games!  

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