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Monday; January 26th, 2015:  My daughter (Tater) is an extremely fortunate human being. She has a lovely lady who is an aide in her class at school. This wonderful person purchased the DVD/movie "Frozen," as a Christmas present for daughter, Juli-Anna. I watched this move - for the very first time - the other night. It was not at all what I expected, it was a fun little movie, (Plot twists!, things I did not expect.); with a lot of songs, in the best of the Disney tradition. And the song, "Let It Go," (I think) is absolutely amazing, I never get tired of it and it gives me chills every time I hear it!  

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"When I won my first international tournament, then I knew I could compete on an international level." - GM Magnus Carlsen. 

   [Read more.]   [Magnus Carlsen, "The Mozart of Chess."]   [News report and video interview of M.C.]     -- Monday;  January 28th, 2013.  

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   A.J.'s - Site Problem  

ind_wcp52.png, 262 KB

     Black  to move.    

 Position in Forsythe: (top-to-bottom/left-to-right) -  
  2br1rk1/1p2bpp1/p1p1pn1p/q3NP2/PnBPP3/2N3B1/1P2Q1PP/R4RK1 b - 01

      White:  Kg1, Qe2, Nc3, Ne5, Bc4, Bg3, Ra1, Rf1 / WP's:  a4, b2, d4, e4, f5, g2, h2.   
  Black:  Kg8, Qa5, Nb4, Nf6, Bc8, Be7, Rd8, Rf8 / BP's:  a6, b7, c6, e6, f7, g7, h6. 


Chess Problem / #52 
Pensacola, FL (1) / April 17th, 2014.  

   Black to move. (Analysis - White just played f4-f5.)   

#1.) What is Black's best move? 

#2.) If Black plays 18...e6xf5; what will White's response be? 


I won't tell you the players or the source, if I did that, it would make it too easy for you.   Please, use ONLY your brain, no computers! 


Now I have a page to permanently record the problems, (from my home page);  ... most with analysis as well. 
here to see another page ... with even more problems, these are posted on a weekly basis.)  



  More problems  to solve, ... ... ... IF you are interested.  

( Some people think that because I carry the CG problem, {see the box, above} that I am promoting this web site ... nothing could be further from the truth. I have always been poorly treated on his website ... IMO, the trolls run that site. DF obviously must approve of their overall behavior, as he never even tries to restrain them in and has always allowed them to freely bash me whenever they felt like it - and I am currently unable to comment/kibitz on games on that website. DF also stopped carrying/updating my games a long time back, my games have been closed for kibitzing for several years now. I ask all my true fans to NEVER pay DF for a premium membership on his website! I also ask that sponsors stay away from this individual - if, for no other reason, for the way that he treats masters. I carry the above problem only as a public service to chess players everywhere. Because of everything that has transpired on the CG site, I do not believe that I can continue to carry the daily CG problem without this disclaimer. {A.J.G.} )   

  "Chess News"  
(Relatively recent events in the chess community.)  

(Also see this site ... the latest game usually will have a carefully analyzed game. In addition to this, there is also a news summary and many links to the latest tournaments ... cross-tables, pictures of the players ... and much, much more.)  


  The 2014 WCS (FIDE) Candidates Tournament  

To the surprise of most people, GM Vishy Anand qualified as the challenger to World Champion, Magnus Carlsen. Anand was never in really serious trouble, and many times, had the greatly superior position. Meanwhile, players - like V. Kramnik, who is usually in the hunt - had reversals. Probably the most disappointing - at least, for me - was the complete collapse of Aronian, who finished next to last place. 

  •   The CB story of the final round, Karjakin grabs second place.  

  •   The official website for this event. (Anand is first, Sergey Karjakin is second.) 

  •   The CG web-page for this event. (Conveniently organized, a CT and you can replay all of the games.)   


  The 2014 World Championship Match   

If you have not heard by now, you have been living under a rock. The FIDE match for the chess championship of the world was held (November, 2014 - in Sochi, RUS) and Magnus Carlsen retained his title as World Champion. 

  •    The official website.   

  •    The CG page for this match. 

  •     CB coverage of this match.   



    For more information, please see my  page  devoted entirely to  "Chess News."    
  (Be sure to check out the various "Archive Pages" as well.)  

Many have suggested that I do a regular column. Like GM S. Gligoric used to have in CL&R. 

  So I decided to do it. Click    HERE    to see my   "Game of The Month."   


  Make sure you visit my  page  devoted to  Correspondence Chess!  

 February 26th, 2003:   After nearly 8 years of INTENSELY hard work, I have finally done it. 

All the games in  MY  list of the  "Ten Best"  are finally, thoroughly and DEEPLY  annotated.  All the games have a "JS re-play" page. Most have a very thorough  and deep analysis of all the options, to include an opening repertoire. 

(I continue to refine and add to these pages on a regular basis. Nov. 20th, 2007.)  

  Dozens of people have asked me to keep a  list of what is new  or what has changed.  

That would be too difficult to do. 
  --->   But now you can click    HERE    to see one of my latest creations.  
 (This will change every time I post a new page, or greatly up-date an old one.) 


  Click  HERE  to see the page with my  latest  annotated games.  

    Announcements and chess games      

  (Missing something? Old entries can all be found here.)  


  1. Bobby Fischer passes away at 64 years of age ... from an unspecified illness.  (My page on this news item.) 

  2. I have always thought that  H.N. Pillsbury ... was a great player, and perhaps  belonged  in the list of "The 25 Best Players" of all time. However, I usually don't  find too many people to agree with me on this topic. Here's a blog that discusses this {briefly} in passing. 

  3. Click  HERE  to see the famous game,  Lasker - Napier; Cambridge Springs, 1904.  

  4. In my quest to fix (and repair) broken links, you should be able to reach all the games on the page that is dedicated to all the best chess games of Garry Kasparov. (Click HERE.) 

  5. Tuesday / September 8th, 2009:  A new page ... that will contain lightly annotated miniatures. 

  6. Thursday; September 10th, 2009:  I have a new page for listing my (free) downloads. Check it out!!  

  7. Friday; May 21st, 2010:  My analysis of game # 12 of the World Championship Match between GM V. Anand and GM V. Topalov.  
       (Click  HERE.)   This is a very detailed and thorough analysis, there are also many diagrams as well. 
    (You MUST check this out, there are many valuable links here!!!)  

  8. Thursday; February 9th, 2012:   Just a couple of days ago, the featured POTD (on the CG website) was this game. It took me a little while, but I managed to complete a fairly decent analysis of this contest.  ( HERE - is my analysis. )    

  9. Saturday; February 11th, 2012:  Today, I finished a game that I had been working on for YEARS!!!  [Click  HERE  to see this game.]  

  10. Sunday; April 29th, 2012:  I added a new chess problem to my page on chess problems and chess puzzles. (Click here  ... to go to that page.)  

  11. May, 2012: As soon as this game was played, I knew that I had to annotate it. Now - after nearly three weeks of hard work - it is finally ready. I have made a full analysis of game eight of the 2012 Anand-Gelfand World Championship Match, there are dozens of links and about 20 diagrams.   (Click  HERE.)  

  12. Monday; June 18th, 2012:  Back in February, the CG website featured an interesting game as the "P.O.T.D." (Problem of The Day.) I started on doing an analysis on this contest almost right away, but many problems - including several computer crashes - prevented me from finishing my self-appointed task in a timely manner. Even though I temporarily might have forgotten about this clash, eventually I was to return to finish the job. After many months of work - and also many interruptions - I have finally completed my work, I have both a web page AND a video now on this epic short game of chess.  (Click HERE.)   

  13. Wednesday; June 27th, 2012:  I have done a nice job of annotation of game seven of the 2012 World Championship between Anand and Gelfand. This page reflects over a month of hard work, I started on this game the same day that it was played.   (Click HERE.)    

  14. Wednesday; July 25th, 2012:  I just updated my web page on the Steinitz-Chigorin (1892) game, I also added a (new) chess video as well.  

  15. Wednesday; September 19th, 2012:  I present for you a game that I played on-line. It was only a three minute game, however, more than one person requested that I annotate it. There is a careful analysis (with diagrams) a re-play page, and a YT video.    (Click HERE.)    

  16. Wednesday; September 26th, 2012:  Today, the game - which yields the POTD - for today was between Viktor Kupreichik and Vitaly Tseshkovsky. 
    I have already completed the web page and the YT video for this game ...   (Click HERE.)    

  17. Sunday; October 14th, 2012:  The POTD for yesterday was based on the game, Forster-Huebner; SUI-chT, 1994. I liked the game so much that I decided to turn it into a web page. It's a pretty decent analysis, there are three diagrams, a link to a replay page ... and even (of course!) ... a YT video.  

  18. Monday; November 12th, 2012:  A fairly solid analysis of a one-minute game that I played on-line.    (Click here.)     

  19. Friday; November 30th, 2012:  Fuderer clobbers Donner in a cute little game of chess,   (Click HERE.)   

  20. Saturday; January 5th, 2013:  I have covered the topic of cheating ... on my web pages, many, many times. (If you are a regular reader, than you would know this. I even had one website closed, because the cheaters on ICC and the Playchess server objected to my naming their handles.) Many years ago (1991?) - at a World Open, no less - I witnessed one of the first attempts to cheat by one "John Neumann." (He had an ally, someone who had a very strong program <telephone link?> in the hotel room, and they communicated via a radio keypad.) We had a French GM cheat a while back - at the FIDE Olympiads - and he was stripped of his title. Rybka 4 was stripped of its title when it became obvious that the first version of this program was simply a clone/copy of a strong "freeware" program. Now, once more, the specter of cheating has, once again, raised its ugly head.   (Click HERE.)    [More on this story.] 

  21. Monday; February 4th, 2013A new case of cheating ... it is almost too funny, it's a politician who is (also) under investigation for corruption! 
    (As an aside, there is another case of cheating where I actually know someone who was involved. This person sent me a game and asked that I check it - and I did. Although I dismissed it - I felt sure that USCF would have taken the proper precautions to prevent such an event - it now appears that I was sadly and grievously mistaken. I think that all members must now demand that USCF STOP allowing ANY electronic device to record a chess game ... period.) (GM Serper tackles this topic.

  22. Friday; April 9th, 2013:  The POTD ... a few days back, (WED; April 3rd) ... was very interesting. I decided that I wanted to make a web page on it, it covers the theory of the Schliemann Gambit in the Ruy Lopez. This is also the culmination of a couple of years worth of work. (I had started another game on the Schliemann Gambit ... but never finished it. What I did - with this web page - was to incorporate all of my analysis that I had done previously on this opening.) 

    It is pretty good, so  check it out  (Especially if you are a fan of this opening.)  

  23. Tuesday;  May 7th, 2013:  An old page ... but now made new. "How?" you ask? Well, I took an older page ... and then I gave it a complete facelift. I also checked the analysis with a modern engine, however, I found no major changes were required. (No real errors.) Then I added a new video and now its all done!!! And - if you are, (like me); a big fan of Boris Spassky, then you will not want to miss this one.    Check it out!     

  24. Tuesday; May 28th, 2013:  Here is a game that I played in February, 2013. (Bayside Open) My opponent was Doug Strout. I think that it is a very pleasing game, my opponent made no obvious blunders. (Have a look.)  

  25. Tuesday; October 1st, 2013:  I just re-did a page that features one of Morphy's prettiest victories.    Have a look!!     

  26. Saturday; 05 October, 2013:  I just finished a web page on a game of chess that I have been studying ... well, ever since I really began studying chess. Its one of the most ambitious web pages I have undertook since my "Ten Best" were completed in 2003. (The formatting of this game took nearly a month.) I am talking about the game: H. Bird - Paul Morphy, London, ENG; 1858. I hope you will spend some time there, and then get back to me and tell me what you think.    (The new web page.)      

  27. Saturday; January 04th, 2014:  Here is a web page ... with one game that was played by my student, Robert Pegg.    (Take a peek!!!)   

  28. Thursday; February 6th, 2014:  A web page on a game that Magnus Carlsen LOST! (A win by Caruana.)      (Have a look!)      

  29. Thursday; February 13th, 2014:  A (new) web page on the game: A. Rubinstein - M. Hirchbein, Lodz, 1927.      Check this one out!   

  30. Saturday; February 15th, 2014:  I started this web page ... right after the World Championship match (last year) concluded. However, I had to - at least briefly - analyze all of the games on my own, do all 10 of my own video's, etc. So I am just now finishing the web page on the World Championship Match between Vishy Anand and Magnus Carlsen. This page features dozens of links, a complete overview of all the games, my own "blow-by-blow" of each game, and my own analysis of all the games as well. Additionally, you can download (for free) a printed, Adobe copy of my key analysis on the two crucial games, #5 and #6. Lots of features and maybe some analysis and viewpoints you may have not seen before. (I probably worked around 250 hours preparing all of this material!) Lots to see and do, so ...    check it out, won't you?     

  31. Sunday; February 23rd, 2014:  A new web page ... on a 14-mover, by Akiba Rubinstein.     It's a PHI-SLAMMA-JAMMA!!!     

  32. Thursday; March 6th, 2014:  I have won hundreds of on-line tournaments over the years. It stated on ICC, then later I used to always play on I have also played on the <now defunct> Kasparov server, (and) the USCF server ... and many others. Anyway, I won a really wild ride in a 1-0 tournament, and it was such a blast ... such a roller-coaster of emotion ... that I thought that I would make a web page out of it.  

  33. Monday; March 10th, 2014:  Kasparov played an almost countless number of beautiful games, his game against Alexei Shirov - from the Horgen tournament in 1994 - is considered by some writers and GM's to be one of the most beautiful and creative chess games ever played. However, I have always had serious doubts about the overall soundness of Garry's plan in this game.      It was time for a new examination.       

  34. Sunday; March 16th, 2014:  A new web page ... for the 44th URS Championships, held in Moscow, (RUS); 1976.  

  35. Thursday; March 20th, 2014:  I have long wanted to do a brand-new examination of a few of the games that I have already examined. Why? Many of these classic games, I began my original analysis back in the 1980's! Of course, back then, chess engines were not even serious considerations for any master, but that has all changed today.       So join me - in a fresh look - at the "Game of The Century."       

  36. Thursday: April 10th, 2014:  I updated my "Sponsors" page

  37. Friday; April 18th, 2014:  A number of weeks ago, the CG website featured the game, Ljubojevic - Makarichev; from the IBM Grandmaster Tournament of 1975. If this game had ended after Black had played his Rook to the f2-square, this game could have easily been one of the greatest miniatures of all time. (However, White played on for a few more moves, and spoiled the game as a possible miniature.) Nonetheless, this is still an amazing game, featuring all kinds of sacrifices ... right out of a standard opening.  
       Please ...  have a look  at this tremendous game!!!       

  38. Thursday; September 18th, 2014:  When I saw this game - featured as the "Problem of The Day" on the CG site ... 
    I knew that I had to annotate it. (I had actually taken a stab at it once before, but that's another story ... my notes were published in another state's chess magazine, but they were mostly based on those of A. Soltis. This is a completely new effort, and is based mostly on my observations, what I know about the game and the variations and evals given by chess engines.)  

    The game is Spassky - Penrose, Palma; 1969. It is considered a great game, even a brilliant one. It is a fantastic example of a sacrifice to break open a blocked position. My annotations are the result of many days of nearly continuous effort. I hope that you will want to take a look ... 
         at this great  game  by Boris Spassky.    

  39.  Friday; October 10th, 2014.  (10/10/2014) In 1968, in the first game of their FIDE Candidates Match, Tal played a very interesting and complex K+P endgame against Victor Korchnoi. ALL of the experts openly condemned Tal's play and proclaimed that the great Tal had missed a win in that particular K+P ending. The game has been published many times ... in both books and magazines. Always, the verdict was the same ... Tal had missed a win in that endgame. 

    However, I always had questions about that game ... and that K+P endgame. I always STRONGLY felt that Tal's moves were reasonable and perhaps all the experts were wrong. Yet, I could never prove any of this, at least not until the advent of the modern chess engine. Now I have no doubts, with the precision of a scientist I have measured every move and tested it against the various chess engines. And it was all just as I suspected, Tal and Korchnoi missed nothing ... and the <supposed> win was all a mirage. What, you don't believe me? Well ... you certainly are entitled to your doubts and disbelief. But all you have to do is  ...       check out this extraordinary K+P endgame and all of my analysis.       

  40.   Monday; February 16th, 2015:   In late October, the CG web site carried a position that was derived from the game, Herzog-Petschar; AUS / 1994. As soon as I saw this game, I felt that White's attack was unsound, and I freely said so. A few of my friends and people that were in my inner circle, challenged me on this point, and practically dared me to make a web page out of it - so I did. It also features a fairly thorough analysis of the game and the opening. (The Stonewall Attack.) If you have ever thought about playing this opening, then   you need to check out this game!     

  41.   Thursday; February 26th, 2015:   When FM Steve Giddins first came out with his book (2006?), seeing the first game in that book was like running into an old friend. (I had seen it previously in an older book or a magazine.) The game is also a tremendous vehicle for teaching attacks,  when both players have castled on opposite sides of the board. (Engine analysis reveals that Averbakh's play was nearly flawless!) It is a fantastic game. I finally got around to re-annotating it and making a web page out of this game.   See this near-perfect game by GM Yuri Averbakh!!!      

  42.   Monday; March 2nd, 2015:  This game started off as a video intended SOLELY for my Tuesday chess class. However, several fans practically demanded that I turn this into a web page.   Check out this nice game in the Grunfeld!     

  43.   Sunday; April 12th, 2015:  Many years ago,  I warned against cheaters in chess. (This warning got my website closed, but only in a very bad way. It seemed that the haters FALSELY ALLEGED that my website was full of all kinds of bad stuff. Because it came from someone with clout, they closed it on their word, {alone} only to find out - later- that they had lied. Later - they re-opened the website, but I had already moved everything.)  
    G. Nigalidze
    . Now, yet another titled player has been caught cheating. [His FIDE card.]  (more) (a second article
    (About 6 months to one year ago, a player sent me one of this player's games. I looked at it, and found it to be VERY suspicious! I commented that a lot of the moves matched engines like Rybka and Houdini. He posted this on another website, after which I was subjected to about 30-50 e-mails of a horrible, abusive nature. In fact, it was so bad, that I stopped looking at my e-mails for a long time. {Many days.} One writer commented that: "I am a regular on the CG website and I know your bs reputation. You always see cheaters where none exist, you are nothing but an old, paranoid jerk." Despite these kinds of opinions, it seemed that I was right - yet again.)  

  44. Tuesday; April 14th, 2015: The U.S. Chess Championships have concluded, click here to see many links found nowhere else!  

  45.   Monday; May 4th, 2015:  I finally get around to finishing a new web page which chronicles JUST cases of cheating in chess.  

  46.  Monday; May 4th, 2015:  All four of my games from my last tournament (lightly annotated) are featured on this page,  check it out!!!     

  47.  Friday; May 8th, 2015:  After many months of work, I have finally completed all of my video's on the games of the 2014 WCS Match

  48. Wednesday; July 29th, 2015:  Three of my games from the last tournament that I played in, lightly annotated. (See it now.)  

  49. Friday; October 9th, 2015:  I post a game, (Lerner-Zade); that had fallen into the cracks and been forgotten.  (Have a look.)   

  50. Wednesday; October 21st, 2015:  I just posted another game ... VERY interesting!!! It has a ton of stuff.  (Go there, now.)   

  51. Next?  

  The latest, interesting chess link ... 

(November, 2010) Garry Kasparov has his own site now ... click here to explore it. 

(December, 2010) In 2004, I wrote an article on cheating ... it caused a real uproar, although I bent over backwards in an attempt to be fair. One user actually had one of my "Angel-Fire" websites erased ... in an attempt to block this information out. However, thanks to web archives, this information is now available again. (Click here to see my original article ... although it does NOT contain my original list of cheaters.) 

(April, 2011) The best - and one of the most active chess club's in the whole country - has to be "The Saint Louis Chess Club." (They have also hosted many FIDE-rated events ... and the last two U.S. Championship tournaments.) Its an excellent site, you MUST check it out! 

(May, 2011, updated January, 2012.) The U.S. Chess Federation's "Hall of Fame" has a new website. (Also here.) 

  The story/blog for/about my wifeJulie A. Goldsby  

Sunday;  March 21st, 2004:   After hearing (from one doctor) that he did not think my wife, (JULIE); would survive more than a year, (after her initial diagnosis)  ...  because of the type of cancer that she had; Praise the  LORD God  - she is doing fine; and absolutely no sign of the disease.  (And thank his son, Jesus Christ! Rejoice!)   (Please click  HERE  to read the full story!)    

Wednesday; May 03, 2006:  My wife just completes a long cycle of daily radiation therapy and also chemo-therapy to treat a re-occurrence of her cancer. (I continue to believe in God's miracle.) 

Sunday; January 13th, 2008:  My precious wife lost her battle with cancer ... and went to heaven to be with the Lord. Jesus - please help me to carry on. (March, 2014: I think about her nearly every day, sometimes I wish I could join her in heaven.)  

  Sites of Special Interest  

 # 1.)   Cambridge Springs, 1904  -  A site that looks like it was prepared by a professional. This is a site that is completely dedicated to perhaps 
            the strongest tournament that was ever played on American soil! It is also a site that deserves  to be better known than it actually is. A fun site 
            to kick around for any chess player or lover of chess history. (This is NOT my site, but the site of my friend, Steve Etzel of Wisconsin.) 

 # 2.)   Tim Krabbe's  Chess site.  A chess author ... one of the first (big) chess web sites. 
            (Whole books have been written with the content contained within here!) 

 # 3.)   Bill Wall's  excellent chess  site.  A site that is filled with great content. If you visit it, I don't think you will regret the time you took to do this. 
            (A great place to explore, and there are many great downloads as well. There is a lot of content here.)  
                   (It's here!!  Bill Wall's favorite game of chess ... annotated by yours truly!  This is the  link  - right here.)  

 # 4.)   Dan Thomasson's excellent web site,  "The World Chess Academy."  I have contributed to this site, Dan would love to have other masters -  
            and also qualified, nationally known chess writers - contribute as well. (Contact him.)  My column.   
                (You may not be able to view all of the games ... it depends on what version of Windows you have, and if the java-driven viewers show up in them.)  

#  5.)   THE   website  for ratings and chess!! (This is the site of Jeff Sonas, a very respected chess statistician.) 
            The size and also the scope of this site is simply scary, and I don't think I have said this about any other website ... even my own!!! 
             (I mean this in the highest form; as an honest and a very, deeply sincere compliment.) I have been exploring this site the last couple  
              of weeks ...  since the big re-do ... and it continues to amaze me.  [more]  
            (July, 2011: This website is currently gone, but previous versions can be accessed at this location.   
              July 7th, 2011: Jeff sent me an e-mail, his site will be back up very shortly.) 
              Thursday / July 14th, 2011: Chess Metrics is back! 

#  6.)   Everyone needs an occasional look at this, the MECCA website. (A chess encyclopedia.) 

#  7.)   The new site  for the weekly publication of  "The Week In Chess."   (You can download the archived files, weekly, 
             to get all of the latest games and to keep your database up-to-date. Plus - there is news, live games, and other items 
             of interest as well.)  - November, 2012. 

#  8.)   The playing site ... and lots of other content as well. (May, 2014.)    ---> I am "FLchessplayer" ... on this site. 

#  9.)     Next?  


  Send me  your favorite chess site  ...  and maybe I will post it here.  

  Click  HERE  to go to my    < humans vs. computers  chess web site.  

  Wednesday; August 25th, 2004:   I received a very impassioned e-mail from a big fan. His e-mail basically said  -  "Hey, you have written about practically every subject under the sun. BUT!! ... You have completely ignored the area of computer chess, especially the games of  HUMAN(s) versus COMPUTER(s). Why is this?"  

My response was:  "Oh, really? Did you know that I have an entire WEB SITE ... devoted to that subject?"  

Check out  my  "ROOK-and-PAWN" Endgame School.    It's pretty good! 
And after several  YEARS  of work, the R+P section is finally finished. (Other sections - like the one for Q+P or N+P endings - are still uncompleted.)  

  The section (now a page) on E-bay has moved, click  HERE  for all the details. 

  I NEED YOUR HELP!!!     Click  here  for more details. 

  Sponsor wanted!  (Donations accepted.)  

NOTE:  All original writings and thoughts on these pages,  [MY ENTIRE WEBSITE!]  AND all original graphics are copyrighted (c) to A.J. Goldsby I.  They may  not  be copied, or reproduced in ANY form, (electronic, printed, or otherwise);  ...  without my express,  written  permission!! 

  Copyright    A.J. Goldsby,  1995 -  2011  &  2012.  (ALL rights reserved.)  


Just so you will know, I have had literally hundreds, if not thousands, of e-mails and other communications concerning my web site and my reviews at 
( Some days I have had well over 100 e-mails!  {Of course I get a certain amount of junk-mail too.} )   
I have had dozens of suggestions to improve my web site. (Many of the new pages I have added have been by, "popular request.")  I have tried to listen to ALL of these opinions with a fairly open mind. So? Stay tuned!  I will be adding new pages and constantly trying to improve and expand the old ones!

--->   And  THANKS!!!  to everyone who has taken the time to write!  

NOTE: Just about  all  my web pages are subjected to being updated, improved, changed, what have you. I really don't think any page is ever truly finished. I am learning though not to make any one page too big. (No one wants to wait that long while it is loading!)  


     This is the world's best and largest {private} chess web site.     

Nov, 2008: Please note ... there are many pages on this website that many search engines do not find. When I first started, I knew nothing about the "rules" of web design, nor did I limit my  hierarchy/structure to the standard limit of three tiers. Therefore, there are many pages that you will find here that may not be found by using any standard search engine. Happy hunting! BTW, I have hundreds of public pages, but also over 1,500 private chess pages. (You have to be a paying student to see these!) 

For example, my page(s) on the "Lucena Position," (explore the links on my "Training Page") ... started out as private web pages. However, it soon became obvious that everyone wanted (and needed) this type of instruction. So - by popular demand - these pages are now public. (permanently) 


MANY  people have written me asking that I put out a weekly or monthly magazine via e-mail. I would report to you on new pages on my web-site, things I had seen in chess, chess news topics, etc. I could also let you know when I write a new book review, so you could read it and then contact me to tell me what you think of it. While this is an  excellent  idea, I can barely keep up with my present work-load. BUT ...  it may eventually come true sometime in the future. In the meantime, please send me an e-mail and just let me know your address. Just say, "Contact me when ever you do good stuff!" And I will.    :)  

[Did Mark Crowther start this way?]    

Another problem I have experienced (a lot in the past) is that Yahoo has repeatedly  "dumped"  my site,  i.e., they have removed my site (temporarily!) for taking too many hits!  The ONLY way this  problem will disappear is if I PAY to get the "unlimited data transfer" option!  (Which I now have done.) 


 If you have really enjoyed this website and would like to send a contribution/donation, my address is: 

  A.J. Goldsby I;  P.O. Box 11718 / Pensacola, FL  32524  (U.S. Dollars only please.)  

 *** September 11th, 2001  --->  Always remember!  ***  

 (My prayers will continue to go out to those families that were affected by this horrible and senseless tragedy of 9-11. I pray that you joyfully prosper in a way you never thought possible. Because only by doing so, can we show the nasty, grungy little terrorists of this world that they only make us stronger!!) God Bless America!! (Click here to see a 2014 news story on remembering September 11th, 2001.) 

 (Click  HERE  to see the ChessBase report and a commemorative picture gallery.) 


  Prayers and condolences to the families (and friends) of  the space-shuttle  Columbia!  
(Feb. 01, 2003) 

Problematic Web Pages

(April 24, 2001. I decided to address this issue, as I got OVER 30 e-mails today on the same subject!!)  

Many people have written me and asked why I would repeat text, or make it so large as for one sentence to fill the entire screen. Most people seem to think I do this on purpose! The answer is, of course, that working on web pages and [html] code has turned me into a gibbering idiot.

All kidding aside, one of the problems I have had with all my web pages is the problem of  corrupted  and/or  'exploding'   web pages. I am still not 100% sure what is causing this problem. (I went on to describe this problem in great detail ...)  


My very first website was a simple affair. It had a design with the Rain Forest as the predominant theme. This remains here as a tribute to my earliest efforts on the web.  (forest2.jpg, 06 KB)

  (Remember the Rain Forest?)  


   Welcome to my Web site!   

  Hi, I am  LIFE-Master  A.J. Goldsby I.  
  This is my  WEB PAGE.   :)  

  (How do you like it so far?)  

 (I first wrote the comment below {& above} back in the 1990's.) 

Please be patient with me. This web-page stuff .........................   

 Here are a few of the categories that I plan to have very shortly: 

A short biography, (done); a chess resume (Explaining why should you listen to me.), (done); my list of the ten best chess books ever written, (done); (I have not [yet] written a chess book yet, so this is not some sort of self-promotional ad.); a personal study program from me guaranteed to make you a better player, (done); one of my annotated games (or more), (done); and my choice of the greatest player who ever lived. (done); Does this sound interesting to you? Also I want you to know what Internet sites I play chess on, (done); and where to play chess if you come to Pensacola, FL. (done).

Some of the categories I plan to bring you next? Short Bio's of some of today's top players, many more annotated games, more book reviews, and more chess ... chess ... chess. 

    ***   Stay tuned.  More  good stuff  is  definitely  coming!   ***   

"THE BEST" of Everything

What are the best chess books ever written? Who were the best chess players who ever lived? What were the best chess tournaments ever held? What are the best chess games ever played? What are the best, short games of chess ever played? What were the best and the most amazing chess moves ever played? When I created this website, this was just one of the areas I definitely wanted to cover. Click  HERE  to go to my "nerve center," where you can find links to all of these pages. (I also wanted to have my own chess course for beginners. This took nearly two years of development, then another year before I was able to complete this project. See my  "Training"  page for the appropriate link. I have received hundreds of e-mails thanking me for this.) 

  Did you know that I was one of's,  
  "Top 1000  Reviewers?"  


Please read one of my many reviews!

(After very careful perusal of Amazon's "Top 1000 Reviewers" list, I find I may be the ONLY person who has reviewed nothing but chess books!! The approximately 100-125 reviews [more or less] that I have written to date on  ONLY  chess books compares very favorably to the now well  OVER  7500, [That's a lot more than seven-thousand folks.] (!!);  reviews written by the  #1 Reviewer.  (H. Klausner)  In addition the #1 reviewer has reviewed dozens of different types of books in possibly hundreds of different categories. If you would like to see the list of  ''s,'  "Top 1000 Reviewers," then click here


 So I may be's  #1 Reviewer of  (just) chess books. 


(If you have a chess book you would like me to review, drop me a line. 
See my e-mail address, above.)

Shop at!

 (Did you know they have over 2,500 chess books?) [Listed.] 


Note: March 09, 2004.  I have now written a few reviews of movies, non-fiction books, and other things. But what I wrote above was true at the time that I wrote it. I still concentrate almost entirely on reviewing chess books and chess software for Amazon.  (I review video games for a software company.  I have signed a strict license agreement with them. I cannot post any of those reviews here.)   

  I also am one of the chess top Chess writers in the South-East U.S.  

I have written dozens of articles that have been nominated for awards by various organizations. 

I have been nominated many times for the articles that I have written --- in various categories --- to,  "The Chess Journalists' of America."  [C.J.A.]  I have won (more than) once and received several "Honorable Mentions" from the country's most prestigious organization that judges chess writers.

(Click  HERE  to go to my "Resume Page." Here you will see a list of some the articles I have written and some of the awards I have won.) 

A Chess King.

aj_blue-king.jpg (16286 bytes)

(A cool little piece of modified clip-art.)


I used a "clip-art" image to reproduce this. 

I manipulated it [size] using several "art" programs; ( Like MS Paint,  MS  Image Composer, and even the image editor inside CompuServe's browser software. [To change the contrast and brightness of the image.] ) Then I went back to MS Paint & Image Composer and just filled in the "empty spaces" with color. I also touched the crown up a little. Pretty nifty, huh? Its a "Chess King." No complaints, either. After all, this IS a website about chess!  

cc-cert.jpg (11898 bytes)

Actually, I put this in here mainly for me.

 (I figured I deserved something for finally getting my website up and running.)  


Initially, (1994?); I had a friend that used to actually make the web pages for me, but only after I had written what I wanted to say - or I had completed the {chess} analysis. My very first chess web site was on another server, but that company was affiliated with the "Excite Group," and they went out of business a few years back. (Circa 1999.)  This was (and is) the very first web site that I built entirely on my own. So I am extremely proud of it. (This site was completely overhauled in July of 2004. I re-did ALL of the major/main web pages.)  

 ("Angels playing chess.") 
chess-angels2.bmp (10501 bytes)

(Remember these little guys? This was the very first artwork, or "star-dot GIF" file that I used on my website. I can't remember exactly where I got it, but I am sure I downloaded it off the Internet somewhere.)


ajs_top-ten_picks3.gif (579458 bytes) {Over 170 seperate, individual frames!}

Any time you see the animated medallion, (above ); you will know this is, "An A.J.'s Top Ten Pick."  So it does not matter what page you are on, this indicates that this is one of my "Top Ten" picks in that category. It could be "Cool Sites," or "The Best Players," or even, "The Best Books." 

Rest assured if you see this award, it was  not  given out lightly. It was based on my 30-plus years of chess related experience. 

 So keep a sharp eye out! 

   Lots of free stuff, including wallpapers, for your PC or website. (ind_freeadd-01.jpg, 05 KB)

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