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   Testimonials ... for my  B.C.C.     

This is a page where I will give UN-solicited e-mails that I have received about my "Beginner's Chess Course."  (See my  "Training Page"  for the link.)  This is a course that I specifically designed for the Internet and my web pages. It took over six months of work and thought.  It's nice to be appreciated! 

  These are emails I receive that state my course helped someone out there  ...  to learn chess.   

One of my students had a similar page, (you could register there after having taken my course); ... but that web site has been closed. At one time, he had hundreds and hundreds of names on his list. (This is NOT the kind of web page I am interested in building myself, it sounds way too tedious to be really enjoyable!)  


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  Testimonial, Number One  

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Date: Thu, 27 May 2004 01:06:13 -0400 
Subject:  learning chess! 
From: "Bethany M. Smith"  <


Hi! Thanks for your beginners course!!! 

I found it to be an excellent way to learn chess, (for the very first time). It is very thorough, but not too much - at the same time. It explains everything in an easy to understand, step-by-step method. 

Good job! I knew nothing about chess, my dad tried to teach me with a learner's set, but it never clicked. But the other day my boyfriend challenged me, saying he had never seen a girl finish a game of chess ... and that girls couldn't play chess! So I was on a mission, I was gonna learn how to play.  


I did a search, {a search of the Internet}; and I found your site. I read the whole course in one day. I'll be practicing and checking out {the} other resources ... and one day I'm going to beat him so bad he won't know what hit him! Thanks! 



~ Bethany ~ 


NOTE:  This lady's last name and e-mail address were changed - at her request - to protect her privacy. (I am not interested in giving a real e-mail address, especially if someone does not wish me to do so!  {Additionally, she did not want to be spammed.} I try to respect ALL such requests for privacy!!) 

Since first receiving this, I have gotten dozens of e-mails from people who have read my "Beginner's Chess Course." (I estimate that close to 1000 people have written me and thanked me for this work.) December 30th, 2005. 


 (I may - or may not - use more of these type of e-mails as I receive them.)  

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