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My wife ... when my daughter Ailene turned nine. (miracl1.jpg, 25 KB)


A professionally made picture of my wife ... in the happier days, before she became ill with cancer. (miracl2.jpg, 12 KB)

 My Wife's Miracle 

  The story/blog for my wife, Julie A. Goldsby.  

April 04, 2003:  My wife has been very ill of late and has been diagnosed with cancer. (An aggressive small-cell, neuro-endocrine neoplasm.) What this means is that I will be involved full-time with my family, and have much less time to play chess, give chess lessons, and/or build great web pages. I am not asking for pity or money  here! But any person who does believe in God is asked to please pray for her, (and my whole family!); and ... keep us in your prayers!! 

This is NOT a joke! (I have had one or two e-mails asking if this was a trick or a means of trying to get more support.) I also wish to sincerely apologize to ANYONE whom I have had words with or insulted!! This is not a time of judgment or a time for me to engage in petty disputes. It is a time for me to simply earnestly pray ... and hope that anyone who hears this plea will pray as well. Also, if you have a church, please let them know of my request!     

April 21st, 2003: The cancer of the cervix was removed via a radical hysterectomy. (About 2 weeks ago.) The diagnosis of small-cell cancer was confirmed. Her prognosis is less than a 5% chance of a cure. (The cancer had already metastasized outside the initial site.) 

Monday; August 04, 2003:  My wife has completed six rounds, (FINISHED!); of chemo, and is doing very well. Thus far, ALL of her blood-work, scans and other tests have returned negative ... NO trace of the cancer at all! (Praise God, I do believe in miracles!!!)  

 Sunday; March 21st, 2004:   After hearing (from one doctor) that he did not think my wife would survive more than a year, (after her initial diagnosis) ... because of the type of cancer that she had; Praise the LORD God - she is doing fine; and absolutely no sign of the disease. (And thank his son, Jesus Christ! Rejoice!)  

Wednesday;  April, 28th 2004:  About a week ago, my wife saw her Doctor. (Dr. Steven DeCesare, MD) He said that she is doing fine, and he could not find ANYTHING out of the ordinary. In fact, he has scaled back the regular, scheduled visits a huge amount. (At one time, when she was undergoing active treatment, the doctor probably saw her 2-3 times a month.) Now the next scheduled appointment is not until September. I have a huge, happy grin as I write this. All I can say, is "Praise God - from whom ALL blessings flow!!" I also thank The LORD Jesus Christ  ...  for through belief in him, our sins are cleansed, our bodies are healed, and we are able to have an audience with the Father. I am surely  NOT  better than my fellow man! In fact - and I say this with all sincerity - I am the greatest -and worst - of sinners. But I am a sinner who has been saved ... NOT BY WORKS ... but by grace! 


"For GOD .... so {greatly, totally, completely, and passionately} loved the world, (and the men and women in it , and yes ... he loves the children too!); that he gave us the greatest of all gifts ... his only Son, Jesus Christ. (And it was through his tremendous sacrifice on the cross that we have mediation and forgiveness from our sins. And now ... ANYONE who believes in GOD - and his Son, JESUS - has atonement for their sins!)  And all those who believe in him, will NOT perish, but will surely have everlasting life. (Life - and life much more abundantly than before!) 
The Gospel of John, Chapter Three, Verse Sixteen.   (John 3:16.)   
 {My personal translation and interpretation.}  

And I apologize for those who have been offended by the above quote, no matter to what degree. The aim was NOT to publish my own translation of any passage, but simply to personalize it ... just for me, if for no one else.  


Saturday;  April 10th, 2004:  

Just the other day I was discussing with my wife that ... "about a year ago this time, I did not know how long you were going to live."  
(We have discussed this many times, actually.) 

I just want to say that - FOR THE RECORD - I honestly believe that my wife had an honest-to-goodness miracle.  

Yes, I know she had cancer. (Had Cancer, past-tense!!!) Yes, I know that she had to have major surgery to remove her cancer. (During which they also removed all of her reproductive organs.) Yes, I know that my wife had to endure chemo-therapy. It caused me great pain, sorrow and anguish to watch my wife to have to through that ordeal. (I also had to cut and shave her head when her hair began to fall out.) 

For all the "doubting Thomas's" out there, you will say that my wife is still alive because of the miracle of modern medicine. 

But consider this: 

  1. Her own doctor, (De-Ceasar); told me that he INITIALLY only gave her a 15% chance of any recovery. (IF that much ... several different doctors told me that the chance of a full recovery ... from this type of cancer ... found beyond stage one or two ... were almost ZERO! ... especially in her case, with all of the factors involved.) 

  2. The main oncologist for Sacred Heart Hospital told me that my wife would probably not survive for another year. 

  3. A chess friend, (Also a very distinguished Doctor.); who also happens to be one of the country's leading experts in this area, told me that during his tenure with a large and well-known clinic in New Orleans, he did some research. He could NOT find one person who lived beyond a certain time with the same type of cancer that she had ... WHEN IT WAS NOT DISCOVERED UNTIL AFTER STAGE ONE OF ITS DEVELOPMENT!! (I have no doubt that my wife lives, and will continue to live!) 

  4. The prognosis according to most medical books was ... LESS THAN ONE PERCENT! 

  5. Several other women in this area who were diagnosed with the same kind of cancer diagnosed in the same stage - unfortunately - did not survive long. (One cancer group put me in touch with a man whose wife died in her early 30's from the same type of cancer. This poor lady did not live for six months after her condition was initially diagnosed.) 

I am not saying I am better than anyone else. I greatly feel for those families who lost members of their family to this horrible disease. 

All I am saying is that I personally KNOW that my wife had a miracle.  I truly and earnestly believe this as an absolute fact.  And my wife and I continue to pray and ask God for more children, even though medical science screams at us and tells us this is both foolish, irresponsible, and (even) completely impossible. 

My only answer is the following: 
 --->   # 1.)  Abraham was justified because of his (complete) faith. 
          # 2.)  With  GOD  ...  ALL  things are possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

March 20th, 2005:  My wife, (Julie); saw her doctor this past week. Julie said he seemed confused, she seems to be healthy, and getting stronger every day. She stated that it was a miracle, and he did NOT contradict her. (In fact, he agreed with her completely.) He said that this type of cancer - if not discovered early - is normally a VERY lethal killer. Of course, I can see God's hand here. So can my Pastor, my mother, and many friends. 

Praise the most Holy LORD God, and his Son, Jesus Christ!!! I give humble thanks for his mercy. 

Thursday; February 16th, 2006:  My wife's doctor just called. (She had a needle biopsy about a week ago.) The Doctor is saying that the cancer has returned. He is going to set her up with a PET scan. 

However, I am going to have faith. I refuse to give up. Just the fact that Julie has survived this far is a miracle - the chief cancer doctor for Sacred Heart felt sure that she would not live beyond six months, much less a year! (And I am sincerely grateful to God for the time we have had together.) 

I made my wife a promise when we got married. We would stick together through thick and thin. We would grow old together, and bounce our grand-kids on our knees. And I am going to stick to that contract. 

Praise the Lord!  In ALL things, rejoice. (Even when our hearts feel heavy.) 

Friday; March 17th, 2006:  My wife saw her doctor today. (She has many now.)  

Apparently, she will begin radiation treatments and chemo-therapy in about a week. 

Needless to say, I am not happy about this! However, I continue to have faith and I thank all of you that have sent letters and e-mails of encouragement, one woman sends me scriptures on a daily basis. 

In all things, I give thanks. I also refuse to believe that God brought my wife this far, only to allow the enemy to try and steal her from me. So I do the following: I pray, I thank the good Lord for what I do have and I continue to have faith for a complete recovery.  

Wednesday; April 26th 2006:  Julie completes her last radiation therapy, and - PRAISE GOD!!! - her scans are clean. (I continue to believe in God's grace, his mercy and love ... and in the healing power of his Son, Jesus Christ. 

Saturday; September 23rd, 2006:  Julie has been gravely ill of late. Wednesday she went to the ER via ambulance. (She was hurting all the time, and could not keep food on her stomach.) Friday, she went back to the hospital for Chemo-therapy, but they checked her into the hospital instead. A CAT-scan revealed that her cancer had returned. (Enlarged lymph nodes, some of which are pressing on vital nerves.) 

As I write this, I do not know when she is coming home. (She was supposed to come home after a day or so, but apparently her condition was more serious than the doctor had originally anticipated.) I would request that all Christian brothers and sisters - who feel empathy for my wife's condition - continue to pray for her. (And I thank all of you who have written me and said that you were praying for both of us. Many of you have stated that you do not even play chess, but pray for us anyway.)  

In pain or sorrow  - even when the situation looks hopeless - I continue to magnify God and thank him for his healing; and the gift of his Son, Jesus Christ. (By his blood, we are cleansed from our sins, and because of his sacrifice, we are made whole. I serve a risen Savior!) 

Friday; December 17th, 2006:  My wife had a CAT-scan and an MRI a little over a month ago - the doctors found more enlarged lymph nodes. As a result, she has to start yet another cycle of Chemo-therapy ... today her hair began falling out, {in clumps}; and I had to shave her head. 

Your continued prayers are appreciated. I still believe in the healing power of The Lord Jesus Christ, by his virgin birth, perfect and sinless life, his sacrifice on the cross, and his resurrection ... every Christian has everything they need. My wife and I have prayed and agreed together - that this will be the last cycle of chemo that she ever needs.  

March, 2007 - Julie completes the last cycle of chemo, her last CAT scan looked clean. 

Wednesday; April 18th, 2007:  Julie has been very ill the last few months ... she seems to have grown progressively worse. She has had trouble eating, sleeping and it has grown progressively more difficult for her to lie down. Personally, I have wondered about these events ... and thought that the cancer might be at work, even though the doctors have assured me that this is not the case. 

Julie was admitted to Sacred Heart Hospital on Monday, April 16th. (Her pain was deemed to be out of control and she had been sick for several weeks, unable to hold anything on her stomach.) A CAT-scan revealed what I had suspected all along, that the cancer was somehow pressing on nerves, via an enlarged lymph node. Additionally, one of her kidneys is at least partially blocked. 

Although, things look very grim, I continue to have faith. I know that my wife already received one miracle ... the main oncologist for Sacred Heart initially told me that Julie would not last six months. I am grateful to God for the extra time, several holidays and birthdays spent with my wife and children. Additionally, I am NOT giving up ... not by a long shot. I know from personal experience that God can do miracles, and I continue to pray for my wife's complete recovery. 

If you are a believer, now is the time to pray for her! 


Thursday; April 19th, 2007:  Dr. Sunnenberg, (one of Julie's doctors); informed me on the phone today that Julie's cancer had stopped responding to treatment ... and that he was out of <<standard>> treatment options. He said that the [textbook] prognosis for such a patient ... any individual with a small-cell sarcoma that has reached the final stage ... was 4-12 weeks. 

Almost needless to say, this was devastating news! However - I continue to believe GOD for a miracle. Perhaps faith is the willingness to believe and trust God when the outlook is the darkest? 

Wednesday; November 14th, 2007:  My wife is in the final stage of cancer. (Her medical provider is Covenant/Hospice.) Basically, medical science has given up on her and sent her home to die, they told me several months ago that they felt like Julie had less than six months left to live. She has lost a ton of weight, at one time she was over 250 pounds. (I would bet she is way under 100 lbs. right now.) At the last test, she had tumors throughout her body. She has lost the ability to walk normally, and she barely gets out of bed. She is an in-home patient right now ... and I am her full-time care-giver. Of course, I have given my wife over to the Lord. I continue to fast and pray and ask Jesus for a miracle.  

I want to state - for the record - that I know miracles do exist. I personally have seen many miracles in my life. Two of the most recent were  A.) I went to the ER one night in 2007, and the Doctor told me that I had punctured my eardrum. I asked for prayer at my church, my Pastor laid hands on me and prayed for me, and my hearing was instantly restored.  B.) My youngest daughter, Angel, stopped breathing one night. (Late 2006 or early 2007.) She literally was turning blue and purple, my wife woke me out of a sound sleep to tell me that something was wrong. I said the Son's name, "Jesus!," and instantly, Angel was able to breathe again. (She did go the ER that night in an ambulance, however, by the time that she got to the hospital, the emergency had already passed and God had restored her ability to breathe.) 

I have received an untold amount of e-mails over this subject. I guess that the obvious question - like one person asked - is, "Why is God allowing your wife to die of cancer? Why isn't he doing a miracle for her?" This is a tough - but fair - question. The simple answer is that I know that it is a miracle that my wife is still alive. And why my sweet wife is having to suffer so badly ... I simply don't know. I also know that many a fine Christian has died of cancer, we have lost many good people at our church, (East Brent Baptist Church); and literally hundreds of Christians have died of cancer in the Pensacola area since my wife first became ill. (I guess I started paying more attention to that kind of stuff about the time that my wife was first diagnosed with cancer.) 

The bottom line, however, is that I have NOT given up hope!!! It is never too late for God! (Read the account of the girl who died, and then Jesus raised her from the dead. The Gospel of Mark, Chapter 5, especially verses 35 through 41.) If you are a fan of my web sites, or just a concerned Christian, please pray for my wife. 

December, 2007:  My wife continues to decline. 

January 6th, 2008: Julie is placed in the hospital in the Hospice section. 

January 13th, 2008:  My precious, sweet wife finally lost her battle with cancer and passed away.  

Julie leaves behind a husband and four wonderful children who will always love her and miss her terribly. Praise the Lord for his many mercies. 

I am grateful to have been married to such a wonderful woman for 12 years, and I am sincerely grateful to God that I had the chance to know her and that we have our wonderful children. Losing a loved one is always tough, and it is even more difficult when you have three small children as well. However, God is great and we will come through this ... somehow.  "I can do ALL things through Christ which strengtheneth me." Philippians 4:13. 

November 17th, 2008:  I continue to feel the loss of my wife ... in some ways, time has healed some of the hurt, in others, it has become worse. (Some days, I feel as though I am dying of loneliness.) My children continue to feel the loss as well. All three of my girls have come to me in the last few weeks, crying - and occasionally, sobbing uncontrollably - and telling me that, "I miss my Mommy! I want my Mommy back!!!" Just the other night, I stayed up most of the night doing laundry. I also spent a great deal of that time crying and wondering ... when will it get any better? 

Monday; May 2nd, 2011: I praise the wonderful, living GOD ... for the opportunity to have met such a wonderful precious, woman. 
(05:31 AM - I could not sleep, I have been up for hours.) 

While my heart still aches - there is not a single day that does not go by where I do not think about her - I rejoice at the chance to have known her and loved her. I have a beautiful family and many friends ... that I would not otherwise have, if it had not been for my marriage to her. (Julie: I miss you, baby!) 

See my "Face-Book" page. (There I have pictures of my family - for all my friends to see.) 

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