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    Announcements and chess games      


  1.  Bobby Fischer passes away at 64 years of age ... from an unspecified illness.  (My page on this news item.) 

  2. I have always thought that  H.N. Pillsbury ... was a great player, and perhaps  belonged  in the list of "The 25 Best Players" of all time. However, I usually don't  find too many people to agree with me on this topic. Here's a blog that discusses this {briefly} in passing. 

  3.  A NEW version of ChessBase Light is now available. And its FREE!  [more]   

  4. A very interesting endgame ... that is definitely worth a second look.  

  5. My letter  to Joel Benjamin ... in the (on-line) issue of Chess Life[New - corrected - link, July, 2008.] 

  6. Read  my book review of  "The Immortal Game,"  by  David Shenk.  

  7.  My review of Igor Stohl's new volume (#2) on Garry Kasparov's Greatest Games.   

  8.  My win over NM Jerry Wheeler  ...  is featured in GM Ray Keene's column(or try here), (in the London Times);  for March 18th, 2006.  
    analysis of this contest.}  

  9.  A good review ... of a great book ... on a very historic match.  
     (IM Jeremy Silman's review of the same book.) 

  10. Be sure to visit this  page  for listing chess miniatures. (My old {original} page for miniatures is full.) This page already has a few nice games, so be sure to check it out.   

  11.  Click  HERE  to see the famous game,  Lasker - Napier; Cambridge Springs, 1904.  

  12. Click  HERE  to see a brilliant game by  R. Nezhmetdinov.  (This is not a new game, but it has not been available for several years. At some point, the web page became severely corrupted, {unreadable} and I was not aware of this. Additionally - - about 3-6 months ago, they closed the host site for this page, and I had not {yet} reposted it. I have also redone it and touched it up a bit, so it will be like looking at a brand-new web page.)  

  13. In my quest to fix (and repair) broken links, you should be able to reach all the games on the page that is dedicated to all the best chess games of Garry Kasparov. (Click HERE.) 

  14. This is NOT a new game, however it has been unavailable for several years now ... due to many problems, mostly which were busted links. However, now you can see this game ... in all of its original and resplendent glory. (Rubinstein - Hromadka, 1923.) 

  15. My analysis of game one of the WCH-2008 Anand-Kramnik match.  

  16. Check out the new problem (Aug - 2009) on my page dedicated to this area of chess.  
    (You can scroll down to the bottom of the page ... OR ... click here.) 

  17. The CG website has a new page. (Its a handy index to all the chess World Championships ... (and it has a nice introduction as well). 

  18. My newest page ... its fairly short, but interesting. Its on the game: Rozentalis - Bologan; Belfort, FRA; 1995.   Click here   to see this game now.  

  19. Tuesday / September 8th, 2009:  A new page ... that will contain lightly annotated miniatures. 

  20. Thursday; September 10th, 2009:  I have a new page for listing my (free) downloads. Check it out!!  

  21. Friday; October 2nd, 2009:  I have updated my analysis of the game, Bobby Fischer - Oscar Panno; BA 1970.  
    (This includes a free download of my current analysis of this game!)  

  22. Friday; May 21st, 2010:  My analysis of game # 12 of the World Championship Match between GM V. Anand and GM V. Topalov.  
       (Click  HERE.)   This is a very detailed and thorough analysis, there are also many diagrams as well. 
    (You MUST check this out, there are many valuable links here!!!)  

  23. Wednesday; June 23rd, 2010: A. Lilienthal passed away in May of 2010. Today I posted my web page about him. 

  24. Wednesday; August 4th, 2010: I spent many hours redoing my original  page  on short games. Many changes were made. I found MANY busted links, these were all fixed. The old page was mostly centered, now just about the whole page has been justified to the left. I also added numbering to several of the lists of games, they look much better now. (I have already gotten a couple of e-mails complimenting me on the job.) Check it out! 

  25. Tuesday; September 28th, 2010:  I just posted a new page ... where I can provide my insights to the current "ChessGames Challenge." 

  26. Saturday; November 27th, 2010:  I just posted a brand-new web page ... which also contains a tribute to a great player. (F. Olafsson.) 

  27. Tuesday; March 29th, 2011:  I just read the most amazing story on the Internet. (See below.) 

    <<  French Chess Federation suspends players accused of cheating  
    21.03.2011 On Saturday the Disciplinary Committee of the French Chess Federation suspended GMs Sebastien Feller, Arnaud Hauchard and IM Cyril Marzolo, finding them “guilty of a violation of sporting ethics” for allegedly cheating during the Chess Olympiad 2010 in Khanty-Mansiysk. The three received suspensions, after evidence was presented, including a detailed description of how it was done.>> 

    Nowadays, in a normal week, I get at least 10-20 e-mails a week. During a big event, (like a WC or Linares); I would get deluged with e-mails. 

    The fact that someone was cheating was NOT (new) news to me.  (See this article that I wrote back in 2004.) I had heard some things before. For example, one player who had lived in France and had actually seen Feller play contended that he was cheating. (Approx. 2 years ago.) He primarily had observed - what HE believed to be - suspicious behavior at the chessboard. This, coupled with the fact that Feller's games seemed to follow certain chess engines lead him to believe that Feller was cheating. 

    Another person wrote me last fall. He had some information (second-hand) that someone had seen a text message from Feller ... to the effect of: "hurry up and send me the moves" ... if you can believe that. He also told me that the whole French team was cheating, and he had proof. To be honest, I wrote this poor fellow back and told him that I honestly thought that he was the victim of a hoax/joke. Now it appears that there was a great deal of truth to what he said! (Read the whole article, for all the juicy details. And if you want more information, then check out this link.) 

  28. Tuesday; April 26th, 2011:  I get letters from chess fans and users (of my web pages) all the time ... they tell me that I should not be afraid to post more of my own games, especially when I feel that the games are good or have a positive and educational value. HERE  is one of my games where I win - in an attractive game - from the White side of the Queen's Gambit. More importantly, the analysis PROVES that it is not a good idea for Black to try and keep the gambit Pawn when he accepts the gambit in the QGA. Therefore, this game - and its analysis - could actually further chess (opening) theory. 

  29. Thursday;  April 28th, 2011:  This is an utterly brilliant game. While not perfect, Black shows a fearlessness and a willingness to sacrifice a great deal of material. I first saw this game on the "Chess Games" web-site ... in May, 2010. So ... do you want to see a chess game that was nearly a whole year in the making? Do you want to see a thoroughly annotated game? Want to see some real fireworks? If you do, then click  HERE

  30. Wednesday; May 11th, 2011:  About 10-15 days ago, I got three books in the mail to review. One of the books, is a really nice volume, [<<"GrandMaster Chess Strategy," (Sub-title: 'What amateurs can learn from Ulf Andersson's positional masterpieces.') >> by Jurgen Kaufeld and Guido Kern. Search Google for this book.]; - its about positional chess, as demonstrated through the games of GM Ulf Andersson. I have already submitted my review to the "Amazon" website, and it has already been posted. I highly recommend this book, especially if you are trying to learn the basics of "non-tactical chess operations." [I don't know a whole lot about the authors, however, the publisher (New-In-Chess) has gained a reputation as being one of the best in the business.] Check this book out, and ... ... ... enjoy!  

  31. Saturday; June 4th, 2011:  See # 27 (above). Now in a new development, yet another player was caught cheating, this time in the national championships of the nation of Germany.  <<  -- Player caught cheating at German Championship -- A participant of the German Championship, which concluded on Friday in Bonn, was caught cheating. FM Christoph Natsidis used a chess program ... >>  

  32. Friday; June 24th, 2011:  In what must be a record for me, I post an annotated game on the same day that it was featured as the POTD. 

  33. Saturday; July 2nd, 2011:  I created a new web page. (I wanted a way to keep track of the pertinent and interesting chess articles on the Impala Publications (blog) website. There are simply too many good articles on chess there, and I do not think that they are getting the notice or being read as widely as they deserve to be. (The page kicks off with a - now - six part article on "Remembering Bobby Fischer.") 

  34. Monday: July 4th, 2011: A new web page on chess ratings, Magnus Carlsen is "back in the saddle again." (Check it out!

  35. Saturday: July 9th, 2011:  Already old news. The computer program, Rybka  stripped of all titles.  The "Fox News" story. The W.T. story

  36. Wednesday; July 13th, 2011:  My new blog page on chess - I hope to be updating this many times a week!  

  37. Friday; October 7th, 2011:  I just created TWO video's!!! (On chess, natch.) Both are on the game, Kasparov-Topalov; Hoogovens Chess Festival / Wijk aan Zee, 1999. (My page on this game.) Watch these video's now ... and tell me what you think. I had to split it up into two parts ... because you are NOT allowed to exceed the 15-minute time limit on the "You-Tube" channel. Watch them now!   PART IPART II.

  38. Monday; October 10th, 2011:  I now have a video (on the "You Tube" channel) of the game: Paul Morphy vs. Allies, Paris, FRA; 1858. 

  39. Monday; November 7th, 2011:  A new short game ... GM P. Wells defeats GM A. Shirov ... in only 13 moves! (Check it out!

  40. Saturday; November 19th, 2011:  I have always wanted to do a web page ... one on the "greek gift" sacrifice on h7. I have done other pages that have dealt with this topic before, but somehow ... there was so much other stuff that was covered, I had always felt that the reader may have not received optimum instruction ... there were simply too many other subjects covered, and the average reader might have gotten lost in the forest, vainly searching for one individual, specific tree! Here is my new page, and I deal with this one topic, to the virtual exclusion of everything else. 
    (Feb. 4th, 2012: This page updated to include a VERY detailed analysis of another possible "Greek Gift" sacrifice ... from Fischer-Schweber, 1970.)  

  41. Wednesday; November 30th, 2011:  I have finally gotten back to doing my "Game of The Month" feature, please check out my game for October, 2011. I worked very hard on this game and tried to make it a nicely examined scuffle that any player - of any level - would want to at least look at. It has been carefully annotated, with about 15-20 diagrams. Plus there are many links and even a brief look at the theory of the whole line used this contest. (Fianchetto Grunfeld, [D74].) 

  42. My game ("Game of The Month") for  NOV. 2011  is now finished. (Take a peek.) 

  43. Monday; December 19th, 2011:  I finished the web page for the Wesley so vs. Alex Shirov game. (Go there now.) 

  44. Saturday; January 7th, 2012:  Kramnik defeated Beliavsky in 1995 ... in only 18 moves?!?!? (See this game now.)  

  45. Wednesday; January 11th, 2012:  I look at the "Chess Games" POTD. ("Problem of The Day")  (Click here, to see this game.) 

  46. Thursday; February 9th, 2012:   Just a couple of days ago, the featured POTD (on the CG website) was this game. It took me a litle while, but I managed to complete a fairly decent analysis of this contest.  ( HERE - is my analysis. )    

  47. Saturday; February 11th, 2012:  Today, I finished a game that I had been working on for YEARS!!!  [Click  HERE  to see this game.]  

  48. Sunday; April 29th, 2012:  I added a new chess problem to my page on chess problems and chess puzzles. (Click here  ... to go to that page.)  

  49. May, 2012: As soon as this game was played, I knew that I had to annotate it. Now - after nearly three weeks of hard work - it is finally ready. I have made a full analysis of game eight of the 2012 Anand-Gelfand World Championship Match, there are dozens of links and about 20 diagrams.   (Click  HERE.)  

  50. Monday; June 18th, 2012:  Back in February, the CG website featured an interesting game as the "P.O.T.D." (Problem of The Day.) I started on doing an analysis on this contest almost right away, but many problems - including several computer crashes - prevented me from finishing my self-appointed task in a timely manner. Even though I temporarily might have forgotten about this clash, eventually I was to return to finish the job. After many months of work - and also many interruptions - I have finally completed my work, I have both a web page AND a video now on this epic short game of chess.   (Click HERE.)  

  51. Wednesday; June 27th, 2012:  I have done a nice job of annotation of game seven of the 2012 World Championship between Anand and Gelfand. This page reflects over a month of hard work, I started on this game the same day that it was played.  (Click HERE.)   

  52. Wednesday; September 19th, 2012:  I present for you a game that I played on-line. It was only a three minute game, however, more than one person requested that I annotate it. There is a careful analysis (with diagrams) a re-play page, and a YT video.   (Click HERE.)    

  53. Wednesday; September 26th, 2012:  Today, the game - which yields the POTD - for today was between Viktor Kupreichik and Vitaly Tseshkovsky.
    I have already completed the web page and the YT video for this game ...    (Click HERE.)   

  54. Sunday; October 14th, 2012:  The POTD for yesterday was based on the game, Forster-Huebner; SUI-chT, 1994. I liked the game so much that I decided to turn it into a web page. It's a pretty decent analysis, there are three diagrams, a link to a replay page ... and even (of course!) ... a YT video.  

  55. Monday; November 12th, 2012:  A fairly solid analysis of a one-minute game that I played on-line.    (Click here.)     

  56. Friday; November 30th, 2012:  Fuderer clobbers Donner in a cute little game of chess,   (Click HERE.)   

  57. Saturday; January 5th, 2013:  I have covered the topic of cheating ... on my web pages, many, many times. (If you are a regular reader, than you would know this. I even had one website closed, because the cheaters on ICC and the Playchess server objected to my naming their handles.) Many years ago (1991?) - at a World Open, no less - I witnessed one of the first attempts to cheat by one "John Neumann." (He had an ally, someone who had a very strong program <telephone link?> in the hotel room, and they communicated via a radio keypad.) We had a French GM cheat a while back - at the FIDE Olympiads - and he was stripped of his title. Rybka 4 was stripped of its title when it became obvious that the first version of this program was simply a clone/copy of a strong "freeware" program. Now, once more, the specter of cheating has, once again, raised its ugly head.   (Click HERE.)    [More on this story.]   

  58. Monday; February 4th, 2013A new case of cheating ... it is almost too funny, it's a politician who is (also) under investigation for corruption! 
    (As an aside, there is another case of cheating where I actually know someone who was involved. This person sent me a game and asked that I check it - and I did. Although I dismissed it - I felt sure that USCF would have taken the proper precautions to prevent such an event - it now appears that I was sadly and grievously mistaken. I think that all members must now demand that USCF STOP allowing ANY electronic device to record a chess game ... period.)  

  59. Next?   

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