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  Saved {chess} Quotes   

  (From my home page.)  

  "In my opinion Kramnik is chicken."  - IM David Levy   


Under the section, (near the bottom of the page)  ...  "What Should Kramnik Do Now?"  
 (Go to the CB  website  and  read  the entire article.)  

"Kasparov  ...  is a MONSTER!"  - an anonymous fan, watching him win his 4th straight game,  
in the Russian Championships. {Super-Final}  (I also watched this game on the 'net as well.)  

  "If you cannot see your opponent ... you must naturally assume the very worst!"  
     - GM Larry Evans   
  (Referring to the Internet - and all the  cheating  that goes on. Its hard to get an honest game!)  

"There are only two kinds of sacrifices ... the correct kind, and the ones that I play!"

 - Mikhail Tal  (Posted: Mar. 07, 2005)  

(You will have to forgive me here, I bent the rules a little bit. This is not a current quote, however it is from one of my favorite players. I saw Tal at a New York Open a number of years back ... I even played a speed game with him. I have his autograph in several of my chess books. The quote is both 'tongue-in-cheek' and self-deprecating. It is also funny!) 

"I have a career ... that I can be proud of."  - GM Garry Kasparov 

Of course if you have not heard about Garry - shocking the world - and announcing his retirement, then you have not been living on the same planet for a while. I have seen pieces all over the Internet about this, CNN carried a news story on this as well. Additionally, I have already seen coverage of this event in both newspapers and magazines. 

"If I am tired or blunder, it's only my own problem."  - GM Vladimir Kramnik  

GM V. Kramnik recently committed perhaps the worst blunder of his entire career.   [more]  

The tournament in question - the  "M-tel Masters," - was held in Sofia, Bulgaria in May, 2005. This is the strongest tournament in the last 5-10 years, further ... it will go down in history for being the first tournament of its kind to make "draws by agreement" illegal! A really fantastic event. (Was this {already} the best tournament of the year?)  (Topalov wins!)

   [ See my  "News Page"  for more information about this event. ]  

The best quote this time around actually goes to a chess journalist; it may also qualify as the dumbest question of the year. A reporter actually asked the young, (only nineteen!); GM Arkadij Naiditsch:  
"Are you happy to have won this tournament?" His grin ... says it all!  (Photo + the CB story.) 

   [ See my  "News Page"  for more information about this event. ]  

"The strongest player will win."  - GM Michael Adams.  

You may have already heard that the (FIDE) World Championships are scheduled to begin soon (27 Sep) in San Luis, Argentina. (2005)  All the contestants were asked - by the organizers - to answer ten questions. Adams' answer was short, sweet ... and to the point. (I might also add that you must play well - and even get a few breaks.)  

   [ See my  "News Page"  for more information about this event. ]   (Added - Monday; September 26th, 2005.)  


qts_cb-sb01.jpg, 17 KB

"Veselin is interested in playing Kramnik or Kasparov." - S. Danailov  [more]  

  [ Topalov says "NYET" to Kramnik.   Kramnik says that he wants to play a re-unification match vs. Topalov. ]   

Unfortunately for Topalov, Kasparov is retired. And Kramnik seems to be sliding downhill, and may be forced to get back on his bicycle and run. So the probability of such a match coming off is rather small, I think. (Dare we hope?)  

  Vladimir Malakhov:  " A (more) harmonious system is necessary." 

The well-known and likable GM commenting on the current state of affairs at the pinnacle of world chess. He made this statement while participating in the FIDE World Cup tournament in Russia. [more]  

This time around, I give both the question ... AND the answer, as it has a direct bearing on the subject. 

CCWhat do you think of Internet chess, compared to OTB (over-the-board) chess? 

 NS:  "It is fertile ground for cheating."   (NS = GM Nigel Short)  

GM Nigel Short has long been known - and even feared - for his frank comments and brutally honest replies to any question posed to him by the news media. Here, he renders his thoughts about the current state of affairs of Internet chess.  [The full interview.]   [My expose on the subject.]   

First posted Wednesday; January 4th, 2006.  

"The pieces are like my children."  - The {current} Chess World Champion, GM V. Topalov. 

Unless you have been living in complete isolation, by now you have heard that Topalov won the FIDE WCS tournament in San Luis, Argentina.  [more]  He is also the highest-rated (active) player in the world, with a rating of 2801!  [The full interview, that this quote is derived from.]  

First posted Friday; January 20th, 2006.  

<< 2006 will mark the eleventh year that Ilyumzhinov has held the FIDE Presidency post. 
      The  "reign of error"  as I call it,  ... >>   - GM Yasser Seirawan  [more] 

Seirawan goes on to explain just a few of the horrible atrocities that have been committed by the current President of FIDE. (It wasn't that long ago that he demanded One Million Dollars from anyone who planned to run against him!) Seirawan goes on to point out how much respect and creditability that chess has lost. Top chess professionals, like Matthew Sadler, Jeroen Piket, and Garry Kasparov have quit - all mainly due to the nightmare that is Ilyumzhinov as FIDE President. Its definitely time for a change ... ANYONE would be better!  

Is Bessel Kok ... the right man for the job of FIDE President?  (Posted: Thursday; February 09, 2006.)  

<< ... "he should set a better example" ... >>  - The FIDE Ethics Committee  

FIDE seems to do little that is worthy of praise, especially lately. But here, they have finally taken a stand, and all I can say is that it is long overdue.  [more]  [The FIDE article.]  

You see, there has been a veritable rash of tournaments the last 5-10 years, some of truly questionable authenticity. At first, these were seemingly minor affairs, designed to give players ratings who might never have the chance to play. But as time progressed, the villains of fraud became emboldened by their successes and began to actually manufacture norms for some players. Finally, faced with the fact that the public was losing confidence in the whole system, FIDE has begun to put a stop to this procedure. This is definitely one good step ... in the right direction, let us hope that the world chess body takes many more as time progresses.  (Posted: Friday; March 03, 2006.)  

<< "The great grandmaster has an amazing knack: both in attack, and in   
       defence, his pieces succeed in reaching the centre of of events ...   
       at just the required time!" >>  - GM Mark Taimanov (page # 233)  

I got this book, ("The Russians vs. Fischer") as a Christmas gift from my good friend, Joe Hodge. I have spent quite a bit of time reading it and going over the games. There is some excellent reading in here, and material not to be found anywhere else. (I recommend this book to all the fans of Fischer's games.)  (Posted: Wednesday; April 05, 2006.)  

   << Just make the right move. >>  - GM Garry Kasparov ...   
           .... in an open letter to the FIDE delegates.  [more]   (Posted - Thursday; June 1st, 2006.)  

   << It is high time. >> Bessel Kok, on changing FIDE's image.  [more]  

It was a sad day for chess. Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, a dictator, third-world thug, and {former} Campomane's flunky ... was re-elected as the FIDE President. Its not like the world body was not given a choice, Bessel Kok, a well-known and highly respected Dutch businessman ... was running against Ilyumzhinov.  

Garry Kasparov had beseeched the body to make the right move, but clearly his voice was completely disregarded. Maybe no one understands what this means. Maybe the world body thinks it is OK to hold events in places like Libya ... where all persons of Jewish descent are excluded. Or maybe Ilyumzhinov simply purchased enough votes to insure that he won, and the election was nothing more than a sham!  

Whatever the reason, the world body in chess failed completely ... I just hope that our beloved past-time does not further descend into dark and dire places ... or that we have passed the point of no return. 

<< The horror of the FIDE presidential election result in Turin has not fully sunk in yet. >>  
       - GM Nigel Short.  

Thursday June 15, 2006: The horror of the FIDE presidential election result in Turin has not fully sunk in yet. Will the chess world get another eight years without significant corporate sponsorship to add to the 11 we have already had? Probably. It came as no surprise, after Kirsan Ilyumzhinov was re-elected, that oil-rich Khanty-Mansysk, in western Siberia, won the nomination to hold the 2010 Olympiad. It is hard to envisage any challenger defeating the Russian Ilyumzhinov there without spending millions of dollars on their campaign.  [more]   (Posted: July 07, 2006.)  

<< Serious sponsors rarely want anything to do with Mr. Illyumzhinov and his organization. >> 
      - GM Garry Kasparov  

[Taken from the article, "Chess Mess," on the opinion page (pg. # A10) of "The Wall Street Journal."  
  Monday; October 2nd, 2006.]  (Posted: Oct. 03, 2006.)  

<< It just won't go away. >>  - The ChessBase website[The full article. More on this topic.]  

Last year, (2006); after the FIDE World Championships in San Luis, I received an impassioned report from someone who was actually there ... that GM Veselin Topalov was {allegedly} cheating. (The person in question would not allow their name to be used, claiming that there would be obvious and fierce repercussions.) I wrote an article - based on these reports - and submitted them to several newspapers. Just about every newspaper and chess magazine that I submitted this story to - refused to run them, stating that lack of independent verification as the main reason that they could not print these reports. This is reasonable, and part of the process/criteria for good journalism. (I was also told by one FIDE official that he would NEVER allow these charges to surface in print ... any time, any place, or anywhere! He sounded very ominous, and downright threatening.) In the end, I did not even run these reports on my own website, fearing that I might damage my reputation. (There is no doubt that everyone can be a bit biased at times, however, I have always attempted to be relatively fair and impartial, especially when it come to my reporting of chess news.)  

There are several video's that have surfaced recently on the Internet. [one example] (There has also been many articles on the Internet in the last few weeks that have touched on this topic. [another example]) 

Some people watch these video's and feel sure that something is terribly awry. And to be fair, some people watch this footage, and see absolutely nothing wrong at all. (See the quote just below.)  

<< The charges against Topalov are beneath criticism. >>  - GM Anatoly Karpov.  

In the end, we will see whether or not there is anything - of any real substance - to these charges. FIDE has appointed a panel to investigate this matter, and they have promised a full report. I personally find S. Danailov to be a somewhat slippery character. There are many steps that FIDE needs to take to prevent cheating ... of ANY type! They need to find a way to insure that no player ever has a communications or electronic transmission device on them, more than one player has already tried this method to 'improve' their chess game. [more]  In the end, ALL trainers, seconds and managers may have to be barred from the playing area ... this might be the only fair thing to do, and would put the whole matter to rest, permanently. 

Whether or not FIDE has the courage to take such a drastic step is another matter entirely ... 
(First posted on: Thursday; February 15th, 2007.).  

[ACP demands that FIDE do something about all the cheating going on in chess. Read more.]  

[The  U.S. Chess Federation  discusses cheating,  the subject makes the front cover of the March, 2007 issue  
 of the  'Chess Life'  magazine.
Added - Wednesday; March 14th, 2007.]  

<< I continue the fight for real freedom in my homeland. >>  - GM Garry Kasparov  

<< 04.05.2007 Once a year Time Magazine compiles a list of the 100 most influential people in the world. Oprah Winfrey made the list a record five times, Bill Gates four times, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela and Condoleeza Rice three times. The 2007 list which hits the newsstands today includes a chess player who today is "leading a lonely fight for greater democracy in Russia." >> 
(From the ChessBase websiteread  the whole article.)  

Since retiring from chess in 2005, the {former} World Champion has found new ways to express himself and taken up many causes. As a result of his perseverance, he has been named to the "Time List of the 100 most influential people in the world." (Read the article on-line, the one section on G.K.) 
(Added - Friday; May 04th, 2007.)  

Garry Kasparov detained on May 18th. (2007)  

'Football is like chess, only without the dice'  - obviously ... someone who has never played the game!  

<< 11.06.2008 Football soccer to the Americans is one of the most popular games on the planet. Currently the European Championship is being staged, and a whole continent is gripped by football fever. The game also inspires men to come up with profound sayings, paradoxical koans, gems of wisdom. The German striker Lukas Podolsky produced one that will go down in football and chess history. >> From the ChessBase website, read the whole story

Quote added to this website on Thursday; June 12th, 2008.  

"A great result for Anand and for chess."   
"Vishy deserved the win in every way and I'm very happy for him. It will not be easy for the younger generation to push him aside."  - GM Garry Kasparov 

GM Viswanathan Anand has won the World Championships, and has cemented his position as the world's best player, regardless of the numbers. 

<Read all of Garry's comments, which were taken from the ChessBase website.>> Quote added to this website on Friday; October 31st, 2008. 

  <<  Karpov to Ilyumzhinov: 'Show me the documents'  >>   

Thursday; July 15th, 2010:  In case you have not heard, Karpov is running for the office of President of FIDE. He is trying to get ILLY to show proof of some recent assertions, (that he was going to sue Karpov for libel); the whole case looks to be a bitter one and probably fought out in an international court. [more

I don't think he has the chance of an ice cube in "you-know-where." (A hot place.) 

Its not that I don't think he might make a good leader of FIDE. In my book, Ilyumzhinov is nothing more than a corrupt monkey ... and was a patsy of Campomanes. However, he is also an absolute dictator of his country ... and a billionaire to boot. I think that he will simply buy the votes that he needs, and nothing else will matter. And I would NOT mind at all if Karpov proved me wrong on this point.

But let's wait and see, shall we? 


To all the people out there that predicted a win for Karpov, especially once Kasparov joined the effort,  "I told you so." 

As I predicted, K. Illyumzhinov won the re-election as the President of FIDE. (The CB Story.) 

The dirty little monkey had too much money and too many corrupt friends and cohorts to be overcome. So "Silly Illy" won, huh? Campo would be so proud! 

Friday; October 8th, 2010; at the Pensacola Chess Club: 

<< "When you start the game, you have 16 units on your side of the chess board. In today's faster time controls, the clock is THE 17th MAN! Anyone who does not fully realize this is doomed to play the game ... a piece down!" >> Dr. John Perciballi

Dr. Perciballi and I studied a bit tonight. Towards the end of our little study session he uttered the above statement. (Truer words were never spoken.)  

(Tuesday; April 26th, 2011) Should children be MADE to learn chess? I.e., should learning chess in the public schools be made compulsory? I say - YES!!! 


"Chess is a very addictive process, a positive drug for children." - GM Ray Keene.  [read the article]  

Here is a good article, the authors make many interesting points!  

<< English grandmaster and Times chess correspondent Raymond Keene agrees with targeting six-year-olds at primary school - and not just because he thinks it is the optimum time to catch children with the potential to make it big.  

"Chess draws from brain power, not experience - it's not like writing an epic. So if a child is good at six, they could be a grandmaster by the time they are 12," he enthuses. 

He says "chess is a very addictive process, a positive drug for children". Even when it is played online, it is much better than video games or television, he adds. >> 

  "Nowadays, when you're not a grandmaster at 14, you can forget about it."  
    - GM Vishy Anand, the current World Champion 

(Added - Friday; March 30th, 2012.)  

"When I won my first international tournament, then I knew I could compete on an international level." - GM Magnus Carlsen.

   [Read more.]   [Magnus Carlsen, "The Mozart of Chess."]   [News report and video interview of M.C.]     -- Monday;  January 28th, 2013. 

 More chess quotes, many from famous chess personalities and players.  

 Chess Trivia:   Can you name all the players who have ever (officially) crossed the 2800 rating- barrier in chess? 

Most people - if they stop and think about it - can name: Garry Kasparov, Vladimir Kramnik, Vishy Anand, Levon Aronian, & Veselin Topalov.   
Two relatively recent newcomers to the 2800+ plateau are F. Caruana and A. Grischuk. (January, 2015.) 
(FIDE ratingsChess Live, 2700+,  &  search Google for more on this topic.)   

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