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(I offer great services. Another company that offers great services is "Delightful Deliveries."
They can deliver gourmet coffee and gourmet foods right to your doorstep. Check it out!) 


Check out the bottom of this page for all the new websites I now have!!

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(Many people have asked, "What I can do for them? How can I help them get better at chess?"
 { I usually advise people to find an Expert or Master in their local area and take personal lessons!   I feel very strongly that this is the best way to get better!!   Also, check out my web page here for FREE chess training tips.} 
Some people have stated that they live in a remote part of the country, and no strong players live near them. So to help out, and also to give people an idea of how I can help them in their passion to improve ... )

Be sure to go to the bottom of this page and check out all my web sites.  ..........   I now have many different sites on the World-Wide-Web!!  (5000+ web pages!! Many of my older pages are closed.)   ..........   Several of these are very nice!! ..............................  Be sure to check them out!!  .........................................


I offer the following services: 

I have many contacts in the chess community. Perhaps the best thing I can do is help you find a chess coach in your own community. 
I will gladly do this FREE OF CHARGE!! (The best place to start looking is at the U.S. Chess Federation's web-site. Click HERE to go there now.)


Many people have related that they lost a game, and are unsure why they lost. Further, they feel that if they knew WHY they lost a certain game, they could learn a great deal, and greatly accelerate their advancement in chess. So: I will analyze games, in-depth, on a per game basis. This will include brief survey on the state of opening theory of that game. Most games that I analyze in depth, run average 5-10 pages ... at a minimum. Contact me for rates and details.



I can do phone lessons or live, Internet lessons on a per hour basis. (Contact me for details.) I can provide many references and testimonials from my customers. The father of one of my students' said, "A.J. is a born teacher." I have also helped personally train many players who went later on to become a Master. Contact me if you are interested in "Internet" lessons! 
And click  HERE  to see how I teach just one basic position in chess. (You should know I have hundreds - if not thousands - of such files on my computer!) I also now have SKYPE, so we can chat via the Internet. 


I have repertoires to offer on various openings. These are in either PGN or ChessBase format, although I prefer to use the latter. [ChessBase] Study chess on your computer! No more constantly re-shuffling the pieces!! Contact me for details.
(These are based on MCO-14, and many other of the latest books. But you will find I go into HUNDREDS of times more detail than MCO or any other opening compendium!!)


You may write me anytime at: A.J. Goldsby I; P.O. Box 11718; Pensacola, FL. 32524. 
 Write me anytime, about any subject. (Preferably chess - related!!)    :)   


If you e-mail me (LifeMasterAJ), and tell me something about yourself, I will e-mail you my telephone number. That way, we could discuss any matters you would like to talk about. 
(In order for you to get my telephone number, you must e-mail me your REAL name! No nicknames, please!!)


I am also available for personal appearances. I can play 50-100 people simultaneously. I can also play 1-3 people at the same time, blindfold. Contact me for rates and details. 

(When I visited Tampa in the late eighties, one local columnist - who knew nothing about chess, but I taught him the basics that day - wrote that it was, " of the most entertaining afternoons I have ever spent. It was obvious that this gentleman's knowledge about the game and lore of chess are simply enormous.")


I also give very informative and entertaining group lessons. Contact me for details.


If you are interested, I could write a column for your State Magazine. Contact me, if you are interested.


If you would like to take lessons, go to ChessBase's web-site and  download  their FREE software, ChessBase lite.
(While you are there, make sure you download the free evaluation version of the program, "Win-Zip." Many people that I send zip files to say they can't open them, so you will need this in order to be able to open 'zipped' e-mail attachments.

If you are a relative beginner, or rated less than 1600,  I  HIGHLY  recommend that you get the program, "CHESS ADVANTAGE".  This contains the excellent program, "Maurice Ashley Teaches Chess." 

You could go to ANY on-line chess-server and download their software. That way it is just like me being in your living  room! 
(On most servers, you have to register to get your own handle.)    I have had so many requests for more info, I have decided to describe the basic process of live lessons on the Internet for you.    Basically, the way it works is we simply both log on to the chess server at the same time. Once we are both on the server at the same time, I type a command  ["/examine" for just a blank board]  and a chess board appears on my screen. Then you type "/observe <".  (Or Guest and the number) This allows you to see the same chess board I see. I can type various commands and you are able to move the pieces on the board. We now have our own "Virtual Chess Room" where we can analyze and talk to each other. You see all the moves I make. I see all the moves you make. (Its usually best if I am in charge of the lesson and the student asks before moving any pieces.) We can analyze dozens of moves and take them back at the 'flick of a mouse.'  Everything you type goes directly to me. Everything I type goes directly to you.  (As long as you do not change anything, pay attention to the command line, and no one talks to you.)  Some students like to call long distance and talk directly to me. I think this is great, as I have to type less [or not at all!] and I can just talk, and analyze, and just move the pieces. BUT ... this obviously increases the cost of the lesson. (I personally do not feel it is necessary, I have given literally hundreds of lessons without this extra step. It does, however, enhance the basic lesson - and I can cover much more ground in the same amount of time. I would say less than 10% of my students do this, but if you want to ... by all means feel free. I leave it up to the individual student as to whether or not they want to incur this extra expense.)


I also bring an extensive computer background to everything I do. Check out my new "Computer Pages," to find out more!! [I have been involved with computers since the 1970's, at first as a hobby. I have worked in many different positions in the computer field, including as the Sales Manager for 3 different, local computer companies.]  (Just so you know, I taught myself the basics of HTML 4 in about 3-4 weeks. This web-page was built primarily using MS's FrontPage '98. I generally upload my files using Ipswitch's WS_FTP Pro. Other tools that I have utilized building this site were an HTML validator program, and a Java script compiler. [And a lot of elbow grease!  ;) ]).

I now offer website design. I am primarily targeting small businesses and individuals who know little or nothing about computers and web-page building. And If you are interested, I will teach you how to build your own GeoCities' web page with Front Page or Page-Maker. If you are interested in this, drop me a line!

I also plan to soon have website dedicated totally to the history of Pensacola, the OLDEST city in the U.S. This will include history, older buildings that are on the National Registry, and lots of pictures! Stay tuned for that. (As soon as I have it up and running, I will have a link here to that website.)


A.J.'s Other Websites

I now have other websites out there on the Internet. Each one will be different. None will be a copy of this one. More chess and maybe some other stuff too!! Do you care to take a peek? (I plan on exploiting the fact that dozens of services will give you free space. Who knows? One day maybe you can surf the web without ever leaving my web sites!!)


Some other websites I now have are:


My CompuServe 2000 [Chess] website ---
Totally reworked!! {May, 2001.}  I now have the latest version of Trellix. So this one is looking much better!!  (I cannot access this one anymore ... it is more-or-less frozen in time!!)  


My Angel-Fire [Chess] Website  - Now completely redone!!!   
I now have FrontPage 2000. You should notice a big difference!!) 
This one is still a baby, but I have a whopping 50 MB of storage space. (No telling what I can do with that much space!!!!) What I hope to have here are eventually heavily annotated games in ChessBase format for you to download. (Maybe the same games in PGN format? I can do this, but I will have to have some feed-back to know there is a demand for it!)


My "" personal webpage(s). -   {Defunct.}    
Originally, I did not do that much with this site, at least not for the first year or so. But then, I went back and tried to add to it on a daily basis. I had over 600 games - mostly lightly annotated - when this site folded. When they closed their websites, I thought, "Hey! No big deal." (I always thought I could go back and post these games on another site.)  Later, a hard drive crash cost me all of those files ... 

I had like 25 MB of storage space, .... 
(Unfortunately this web site is no longer available. This is sad, as I spent many, many, many hours re-working this site in August of 2001. But its gone. And that is that. I leave this here as a curiosity and for a historical record.) 


My {former} GC [Computer] page(s) - Completely revamped!! {Lastest up-date, May, 2004.}  
Here I plan to have a webpage dedicated to my computer skills and my new passion for web-page building and other stuff. Coming soon: Lots of handy tips for using FrontPage! How you can use FrontPage (OR any other HTML program); and publish on a server that does NOT accept FrontPage extensions. Hopefully lots of other handy computer tips also!! I'll let you in on all the painful mistakes I learned in building my web pages!! I also will recommend the best programs for building your own web page!!! So check it out!!! And be happy!!!!!

My CHESS DOWNLOADS site. - " *** I created this URL to store files primarily for downloading! *** 
Annotated Games!!! RECENT GM Games!!!!  Lots to see and do here! You should definitely book-mark this site! 

My "Games4" Home page
Home of my new (Dec. 2001) End-game school!  PLUS  my GREAT PLAYERS pages.

My Geo-Cities Chess Web site.  (You are here now, so no link!) (I update this one on an almost DAILY basis.)  This is my biggest baby, and I try to take very good care of it. 

 My website on "Free-Servers." -  
 Created in December, 2001. I am just getting started here, but I have lots of storage space and this one promises to be fun!

 My website on "Hot Home Pages."   - Created March, 2002.  {Defunct}  (This is here for a record.) 

 My website on Humans vs. Computers  -  Created late September, 2002.  
 A web site completely dedicated to chess played between humans, and computers of every size, type, and configuration. There are now  many very good, annotated games on this site. 


I have many more pages than this, this is basically a short list of some of the better sites. 

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