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Saturday, April 21, 2001.

You should note that I now am adding pages on a regular basis. (I now have  OVER 100  HTML pages in this site.) I have decided NOT to try to continuously update the site map, [graphic/picture above ] as it will simply become too large and unwieldy. I will simply try to add a link to the page - as below. (This will always include a description of what you will find on that page.) BUT ... you should also know that  MANY  of the pages are  not  even listed here. I have also decided that some pages should be a surprise and the reward of the faithful followers of my site and those who wish to explore...

(I also have dozens and dozens of annotated games I am working on and trying to complete them in preparation for posting on the Internet. Many are posted, but you cannot view them because I have not finished them and the links to them are NOT established. But hopefully in a few months you will be able to look at literally over a hundred deeply annotated games.)

  Interesting pages to note  

  •  Bobby Fischer passes away at 64 years of age ... from an unspecified illness.  (My page on this news item.)   

----->  Click  HERE  to see the first page (in a series) on the World Champions.  

----->  Click  HERE  to see my permanent tribute page to  GM Anthony Miles.  

----->   My  PAGE  ... dedicated to the  Kramnik - Leko; / 2004 WCS Match.   

----->  An interesting  article  that resulted from a letter to the ChessBase website

----->  The  FIRST page  ...  of my very popular  "Opening School."    

 --->  The  first  in a series of articles  ...  on    "MY SYSTEM"    in chess.  (Interesting!!!)  

--->   My first  "blog-back"  article  ...  I experiment with a new format. (June, 2006.)  
         (A web page that discusses the one game that Mikhail Botvinnik and Bobby Fischer played.) 

--->  The  Solutions  to my weekly chess problems. (A highly requested item!!!)  

--->  My  page  about the damage done to  Pensacola  by   Hurricane Ivan   

--->  My  page  about the damage done to  Pensacola  by   Hurricane Dennis   

--->  My  page  about the damage that was done to the Gulf Coast by   Hurricane Katrina   

---->  My  page  about the "H.B. Global Chess Challenge" of 2005. 

----->  For the page about my problems with E-bay,  click  here.  

----->  A page that warns you about the fraudulent sales tactics of "Best Buy."  

----->  Read  my book review of  "The Immortal Game,"  by  David Shenk.  

----->  Something of value  for chess historians.  

----->  A page that contains miniatures ... that are fairly briefly annotated. 

  •      - My wife of 12 of the best years of my life, (Julie Ann Goldsby); lost her battle with cancer on January 13th, 2008. Her spirit and her soul went to heaven, however, her physical body was interred at the Barrancas National Cemetary on the U.S. Naval Air Station on Pensacola, FL. If you want to read her story or see a picture of her, then please click here.  

  ----->  A new web page  -  that keeps track of all the interesting chess articles on the Impala Publications (blog). 

  ------>  A new page - one that is dedicated to a deep investigation of the "Greek Gift" type of sacrifice.   

      --->  Click  HERE  to see a page on the FIDE World Championship of 2013 ... between Anand and Carlsen.     

   ---->  A page dedicated to cases of people who get caught trying to use technology to cheat at chess.   

  ----->  A page  that features four of my games from my last tournament. (The Tony Edmondson Chess Classic; Saturday / May 2nd, 2015.)    

My Home Page - A little of everything, this page starts you off as an introduction to my web-site. (Be on the look-out for embedded links to just about anywhere!)

My "Guest Book" Page; (Not pictured on the site map.) - A very light-hearted page with lots of fun, games, and links. You can play games, check the news, sports, check stock quotes,  search Yahoo/GeoCities, and much more. Now you can also sign my guest book!! Check it out! Maybe I can make you laugh. (At least smile?) This is a page for just plain fun and goofing off.  (August 30th, 2004:  This page has now been completely redone ... the music even works now!!!)  

# 1.) My "Site Map" Page -  A little tour of my site, just to show you [at a glance] what I have out there. Sort of get your bearings. BUT ... you won't see everything here! In fact, I now (Mar. 2001) have over 150 HTML pages on my site. So a little exploring is in order. [Note: Not all the pages have links installed, so you won't be able to find all of them.  Some are basically there to remind me that I have something else to do ... But for now,  all the primo pages are listed here.]  (You are here now!, so no hyperlink. Did you try to click on it? Gotcha!)


# 2.)  My "Biography" Page - I tell you a little about myself. How I got into chess and my general chess background.

# 3.)  My "Resume" Page - I tell you what my chess qualifications are. At least you should know if I am qualified to speak authoritatively on chess.

# 4.)  My "Services I Offer" Page - Here I tell you what kind of chess services I offer. Maybe I can be your chess coach. Or help you find someone who can! 
# 4a.)  "The Game of The Month."  The best or most interesting game that month. 
# 4b.)  Page  totally dedicated to Correspondence Chess. (surface or e-mail)  


# 5.) My "Cool Sites" Page - Here I list what I think are the coolest [chess] sites on the Internet. I tell you a little about them, I rate them in general terms, then I give you a link to go directly to that site. Here (and the pages below) should give you hours of enjoyable web-surfing. And if you are looking for something, then maybe I can help you find it.

# 5a.) The "Non-chess Sites" Page - NOT strictly for chess players, but general web-surfers. One day I will have ALL the top-rated sites on the Internet listed here. Maybe an interesting place to stop. From high-tech (software) sites, to travel; to sports, & the sites to buy  sports equipment;  to employment, to all the best sites for high-tech Internet Services - this page has a little of everything. Because of the size of this page, and the number of different sections I have added to it, I finally had to split this page into several different pages. 

(Actually, [now]; a total of  SEVEN  different pages!)

{March 28th, 2001. All the "Non-chess" pages have been completely redone. I have went to much smaller fonts and tried to make the pages much easier to use and read. And people continue to send me suggestions and tips for possibly improving my web site.}


# 5a1.)  The "Computer & Internet Services" Page
My "high-tech software" page, plus the page with the sites devoted mainly to Internet Search Engines. A 'must-see' for small businesses! 

# 5a2.)  The "Computer Services" Page - This page is devoted to those sites that bring much needed services to Internet Sites. I also have all the sites on this page that help you promote your web-site. Get the hits you need!! Bring in the traffic that you need!! Make your web-site a great place and then bring in the traffic. This page is your web site "toolbox." Get it and use it.  

# 5a3.)  The "Travel-Related Sites" Page - All the sites that have the very best places to help you plan your vacation and get the best deals on air-fares and travel. Get your best airline and cruise deals!!! Plan that PERFECT vacation!  

# 5a4.)  The "Employment-Related Sites" Page - All the web sites that can help you land a good job; or maybe just the job you want. Start looking now.  

# 5a5.)  The "Shipping Related Sites" Page - The page that will have all the sites to help you get your package where it is going. Get your mail and parcels there. Get the best deal on the freight!! Do it right. 

# 5a6.)  "The Sports (and related sites) Page" - All the websites that have sports news.  (Also a few of sites that are the "biggies" [major networks] in regular news coverage.)  I have also done a lot of research to help you find all the better websites that sell sports gear and paraphernalia

# 5a7.)  The "Investment Sites" Page  - Want to do your own investing ... or are you looking to simply broaden and diversify your portfolio? Want to know which companies (and websites) the big boys use? Which ones advertise on TV the most? Are you looking for some free help with your investments? Would you like to know sites the government sponsors that give good investment advice? Then look no further! Here is a page that took years of research ... before I felt I could tackle the job!! Take a look!  


# 5b.)  My "Just Links" Page - A short description and then a hyperlink to go directly to a page full of chess links. For the serious chess web-surfer, or someone looking for something new.

# 5b1.)  My "Chess Soft-Ware Page" - A page that will one day will have ALL of the better FREE chess software that you can download off the Internet. (Note: This page is NOT shown on the Site Map.)

# 5b2.)  My "Chess Archives" Page" - A page that will soon ALL of the better places to go to download chess files off the Internet. (Note: This page is NOT shown on the Site Map.


# 6.)  My "Best Chess Books" Page - Here I will tell you what I think are the best chess books of all time. And why. I will rate them and review many of them. Look for my "Top Ten" list in each category!!

# 6a.)  "My Book Reviews" Page - Here I am going to reproduce many of my book reviews for you to gander at and read. Over the years, I have written something like over 100 book reviews on chess books. Are you are interested in what I have to say? Can I help you make an intelligent buying decision? Or maybe you are just curious about what I have to say about your favorite chess book.


# 7. I.)  My "Best Players" Page - Here I will have synopsis of some of the best players who ever lived. I will also tell you who I think are the ... <<Ten Greatest Players who ever lived.>> And I will tell you why. Good reading, if nothing else!

# 7. II.)  My "Best Lady Players" Page - Here is a page dedicated to the exploits of the best female chess players who ever lived. Stay tuned as I bring you little-known facts about these players that you never knew. I also plan on giving you links to some of the better sites out there that have stories and/or cover the subject of each section. This one should be lots of fun! Check out this page, created June 2001; and see!!
(Note: Each lady player will get her own page, but this will be the only entry I will make on my site map. You will have to navigate down from there.) (This page is NOT pictured on my site map.) 


# 7a.)  My "Forum" Page - On this page I am going to record (permanently) some the better expressed arguments I have heard. "What if Player X played Player Y?" Who was the greatest player who ever lived? That sort of thing.

# 7b.)  My "Best Tournaments" Page - What were some of the best chess tournaments ever held? What were the strongest tournaments ever held? What were the "highest category" tournaments ever held? Check out this page (created March 2001), and see!! (This page is NOT pictured on my site map.) 

# 7c.)  My "Best Chess Games" Page - What were the greatest chess games ever played? Maybe the Ten Best of all time? What was Karpov's best game? What was Garry Kasparov's best game to date? I could go on, but by now I trust you get the idea. A "must-see" for any addict of 'ten-best' lists!! Check out this page (created March 2001), and see!! (This page is NOT pictured on my site map.) 

# 7d.) My "Best Chess Moves Ever Played" Page - What were the best and the most amazing moves of chess ever executed on a chess-board? Check out this page (created June, 2001) and see!! (Note: This page is NOT pictured on my site map.) 


# 8.)  My "Annotated Games" Page - Many links to MANY great places ... 
where you can go over carefully annotated games.  PLUS!!!  Many links to games I have personally annotated. Good stuff!  AND!!  In just about all my games here you get plenty of diagrams and/or a js-replay page. All of these games were annotated with the beginner in mind. Many times I explain all the ideas of the games, and included are many MODERN opening lines!!!!!!!! Get better! Study!! And learn from these games!!!  
[One day in the future, I hope to have these games for you to download in PGN  and/or ChessBase format.] 

  Click  HERE  to go to the "Annotated Games, #2."  page.    

There will be many more games than are listed here!!

(Look for the many  hidden games  and positions that will  NOT  be listed here! I now have close to 50 games on java-script boards, that you can click on the link and be taken to that game. [Games with movable chess pieces.] Pay attention, these links are scattered through-out my entire web-site! I save these as a reward for my fans and the truly faithful followers of these pages.)  

# 8 a.)  My "Chess Problems" Page - Now shown on the site map, this is my  page on chess problems. Eventually here I hope to have a few dozen of the very best chess problems I have come across for your enjoyment.

# 8 a1.) My "Chess Snap-Shots" Page - Now a page ... (created 09 July, 2001); devoted to some of the more memorable chess moments and chess combinations of all time. Check it out!

# 8 b.)  My "Chess News" Page - A page devoted entirely to current news in the chess world. Keep up with the latest match and tournament results here. (This page is usually updated weekly.) 

 Also, this page tells you which sites give ... the BEST CHESS NEWS COVERAGE on the Internet! 

# 8 c.) My "[Best] Short Games" Page - A page (created in May/June, 2001); that has been added more or less by popular request. This page will be devoted to very short games that are also known as miniatures. This page contains many games and  DOZENS  of links for pages with js-replay boards!! Many I have personally annotated to great depth. (A miniature is a win in 25 moves or less.) (This page is NOT yet pictured on my site map.)

# 8 d.) My "Chess Traps" Page - A page (created July, 2001); that has also been added more-or-less by popular request. (This page kind of outgrew its humble beginnings on another one of my web pages.) This page will be devoted entirely to CHESS TRAPS. Be entertained, learn, and become a better player! (Dec. 2001 - I plan soon to have a download of like 500 opening traps!) (This page is NOT yet pictured on my site map.)


# 9.)  My "Photo Album" Page - Here I will try to give the pictorial record of as many tournaments as I can find.  (See the new picture of me!) 


# 10.)  A.J.'s {wild} School of Tactics;   (For Advanced players)   - 
This is my new school of tactics. This is really for advanced players, beginners probably will not be able to learn much here. Ideally aimed at players of the rating category of 1600 - 2100+, we will start off with the King's Indian Defense. The goal here is to learn an opening and really master the TACTICS and ideas that are commonly played in this opening. The way you have to study this page is by setting up a board and set. Check it out!  
(This page is NOT pictured on my site map.) 


# 11.)  My "Training Program" Page - Here I have outlined [most] of my chess training program that I have given to dozens of my students. Its guaranteed to make you a better player! Already there are many, many tips here that are guaranteed to make you a better player! A place to LEARN! (And click  here  to go to a page with tips for parents.)  

A good page to visit. Have you seen the following page? (created May, 2001; but updated MANY times!) [# 11 a.]  "Endgame Lessons and Challenges Page?") MANY positions on some of the most basic endings in chess. King-and-Pawn, Queen-and-Pawn, Rook-and-Pawn, etc. 
---> Plus now you can attend my comprehensive ...  ENDGAME SCHOOL!!   But to see what all the excitement is about ... you will have to visit this page! (This page is NOT pictured on my site map.)

[ #11 b.]  The Chess Tips Page. (For parents of chess-playing children.)
 I did not come up with this idea, (here). The idea was by one of the fans of my pages, and all the writing was done by real professionals. Additionally, I had this material checked by a local doctor who specializes in pediatric medicine. (I also teach his son chess.) Sound advice and really good stuff! You must read this! 


  •  -    ( A  BONUS!  {added MAR, 2001} )  
    My "Chess Course for Beginners." 
    Learn chess, quick and easy in no more than 30 minutes. 
    {Plus links to other good pages on the Internet that have the aim of teaching chess to the absolute beginner.} This is a course that is over 10 pages long. Each piece and function of chess has its own page or section. This may be the LARGEST and most comprehensive beginner's course on the Internet!!! 
    The  link  is  ON  my  "Training Page."    {At the very top of the page.}  You must check this one out! )  

  • Also on the first page of my "Chess Course for Beginners?" A list of many of the best beginner chess courses on the Internet. Plus links to all of these sites. And a list of many sites that offer chess training for the beginner and even the inter-medium strength chess player. There is a lot of stuff here that can help you! (And I have started listing on-line chess coaches here also.)   

(July, 2004.)  I now have many pages that are not listed on this page. The whole list would be too long to carry in its entirety. Here I just wanted you to get the GENERAL IDEA  ...  and also to be able to find  THE MAIN PAGES!!! Anything more than this would be clumsy and impossible to manage! 

 whats your pick.gif (1430807 bytes)   [One of the coolest animated gif's on the Internet. Nearly 200 individual hand-drawn frames!]

This little animated gif is now around 7-8 years old. (August 15th, 2004.)   ---> So it is sort of dated. 

I asked several friends, students and fans if I should dump it. (They all said, "NO WAY!!") 

When I first made this gif, I had no list of best games, best players, best books, etc. Now I have completed many of these tasks. But it remains here - more or less - by popular demand. It is also a very interesting animated gif. It was very time-consuming to create. (It has even been studied by one small art school in California.)  

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  Copyright () A.J. Goldsby, 2015.  All rights reserved.  


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