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All you need to do is make a contribution - above the minimum amount. ($500.00 / Five Hundred ... is a reasonable amount.)  

I am looking for a company that would be willing to support my efforts. I would need   a minimum of $1,500.00 per month   of income to make this dream a reality. If you think that you (or your company) might be willing to support me in my efforts to bring the world some of the finest chess content that is available on the internet, then please contact me. 

I would also be glad to provide a  link  back to your home page.  Contact me  for complete details. 

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(April 10th, 2014.)

I would like to have the freedom to sit at home and do nothing but create web pages and the like. If you have enjoyed this site and know of a business or corporation that believes in chess...  and might be willing to fund such a project, please put us in touch with each other. (e-mail me.) (This site is an on-going project that has taken several years and thousands of hours to build.) 

--->  Literally dozens of TITLED players (IM's and GM's) have written me, saying they have enjoyed my website. Several have even offered to join forces with me! But this is my own personal baby, and it is going to stay that way. 

Just to let you know, there is MUCH to see and do here. I have the  ONLY  virtually complete list of every neat chess site on the Internet.  ( See my  "Cool Sites"  page. )  When I get done, you should many, many many, hours of just reading and browsing. I tell you what are some of the best chess books to buy,  the best instructional books,  and I have many book reviews to read. (Plus you could go to  and read the  MANY  chess book reviews I have written there!) I tell you who were some of the best chess players who have ever lived here. (You will read many things here you may NOT see in the average chess book!) Find out who were some the best players and read short biographies of them. What were the best Chess Tournaments? The Best Players? The Best Games of Chess? The Best Moves? (Everyone seems to be into a "Top Ten" list nowadays, so I thought I would jump on the band-wagon.) There is original artwork, animated gifs, cartoons and chess photo's you will find NOWHERE else! There are annotated games, a free (!) Training Program, and literally dozens of other features on these pages.

My "Non-Chess Pages,"  are also a great feature, and should be checked out. Another new feature? My  "TV Web-sites."  Check it out!

(Go to my  "Site Map"  page  for the 'grand tour' and to get a better idea of what is here.)

(Just so you know,  MANY  Masters ... including several GM's!! ... have written or contacted me and asked me to take my  "Training Page"   OFF  the Internet! They have said I give away too much good advice for free and that MANY of the best training tips are the kind of stuff that  YOU  should PAY  for!  Well, needless to say, I am not removing that page. I like it and hope you will too.)

My web site also is one of the few PRIVATE web sites where you can find just about every conceivable category of chess topic(s) that you can probably think of!!!!!


(I have had MANY offers by individuals who wanted to move this website to a "pay-for-view" type basis. Others have wanted to host this site so that they could increase the amount of advertising on it. I have - thus far - resisted such offers, as I built these web pages for the enjoyment of chess players around the world. I'd like to keep it that way too.) 


I have a vision for this site.  Hundreds, if not thousands of annotated games. Many fee downloads. On-line lessons with audio and visual aids. Pages devoted to teaching various parts of the endgame. All the games in ALL the lists annotated for your pleasure. Of course this is a lot of work. (See my "Best Short Games" page for an example of what I am trying to accomplish.) 

How much time does it take to do all this? Well, I often spend 15-30 hours annotating one game {on average} in ChessBase, before I crank out the HTML code. Then it may take another 10 hours to PERFECT the page and make it really look nice. Then of course, it has to be checked for errors and posted. 
(See my "Annotated Games" page  for more details and a specific example.)

What am I looking for? I was thinking of a small group of people, say 30  to 50. These individuals could gather support for my site, and donate anywhere from a few hundred to $1,000.00 - $2000.00 a year. In this way, I could have a small but assured income. 

There are two people/companies that I definitely wish to thank. They are not my sponsors, not yet anyway. But they were definitely key components in my being able to build this site.

  1. The MicroSoft Corporation:  It seems that people love to hate both MS and Bill Gates. But the way I see it, a simple, red-necked,  country boy like myself would have never been able to build -  what others have called -  "The World's Best Private Chess Web Site," unless I could use tools like Windows, Front Page ... and the myriad of other (MS) programs that run under Windows. 

  2. The folks at  ChessBase:  This extremely powerful program helps me do it all - annotate the games; utilize powerful chess engines to check my analysis; access a verified, on-line database of millions of chess games; and even help me crank out the code that drives these pages. I have used ALL the other chess programs: NIC-base, Chess Assistant, Excel, etc. But only ChessBase gives me all the tools I need to be able to accomplish what I need to do! (I am totally sold on CB software!!) 

(To be listed above requires a minimum 5K donation.)

  Mid-December, 2004.  

WARNING!!!   Some features, (Like my "Game Of The Month," for example.); are in danger of being discontinued.  My suggestion is that everyone who enjoys this website ... and the host of other web pages that I produce and refine on a daily basis ... is to stop - and go get an envelope. Put some love in that envelope, and send it to me. Please do this right away. (Otherwise, I am going to seriously consider some offers I have had recently to make this a "pay-per-view" or a subscription-type site.) It is critical ... IF you enjoy this website ... that you make a donation immediately.   

(A.J. Goldsby,  711 Underwood Ave. Apt. #509A Pensacola, FL 32504)  

If you don't, then I can promise that some features may be curtailed, restricted, or disappear altogether. 

If you fail to respond, it is highly possible you will come to this page ... and it will no longer exist. Instead, you will be re-directed to a another page ... and then asked how you will pay (credit-card?) ... in order to continue!  ACT NOW!!  

  Click  here  to see my vision for this site.  


I need your help!! I have many bills that are directly connected to my many Internet sites. (ISP services, software needed to create the pages that you seem to like, phone bills, a monthly bill for my main web site, etc.) Would you consider sending a donation?  I suggest 25 - 35 dollars a year.  But even if you could only send a few dollars in an envelope, it would mean a great deal to me. Otherwise one day, you will come here and this site will NOT be free. (You will have to pay a monthly usage fee, and you will not be able to view these pages without a credit card.) Help prevent this from happening! Send something today!! Any contribution will help! 

 I have had many offers to move all of my pages to a "FOR PAY ONLY" server.   
Thus far I have resisted because of several reasons. (I have the idealist hope that these pages should be available to everyone, but maybe I am wrong.)

I often average 30 to 50 e-mails a day concerning my web sites. Literally hundreds of you have written to tell me you think my web site is absolutely the finest thing going on the Internet. If this is true - isn't this a cause worthy of your time and resources? 

One of my biggest fans - a youngster of only 12, who lives in the Midwest - loves my web-site, and tries to study 3-5 hours a week. He rakes leaves, cuts grass, etc. He has pledged to pay  ONE DOLLAR   a month. (Sometimes he sends more.)  If he can do this, couldn't you at least do the same? Even one dollar - every other month - from  all  the regular visitors to my site could have a huge effect. Won't you help?  

One of my goals is to find at least 300 people ... who would be willing to send just one dollar a month. Is this asking so much? Dozens of you have written me and said this is the finest (private) chess Internet site in the world. Isn't this something you would be willing to support? 

Make this a better site  ...  send something today!!!

 A.J. Goldsby I 
 711 Underwood Ave. Apt. #509A 
 Pensacola, FL  32504 

 (Thanks to all the kind folks who have already sent something.)  (Page last updated: 04/14/2014 .)  

 FEBRUARY 06th, 2003:    
My computer was down for almost a week. I had a crash and lost an undetermined amount of work and files. The repair was on the expensive side. And it is very hard to lose work - that, in some cases - required  2 - 3 years  to generate! 

Any financial contributions would help for a more modern computer with more sophisticated back-up tools ... so this does not happen again.  

  May, 2004:    I had to replace my entire computer. [details]  The net result was that I have a better machine ... but I also could not read many of the files that were generated by the old machine. 

  April 10th, 2014:    I greatly updated this web page and I also changed my address. 
(My P.O. Box is temporarily closed.)  

My thanks to all the contributors, (both private and business); who have generously provided funds and donations in the past! I really appreciate your support!! Mucho gracias.

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