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Robert Pegg (475) - Tatiana K. Hoppens (760) 
NO Open (Under-1400 Section)   
  New Orleans, LA / USA (R#4) / 30,12,2013.  


The medal for this game.  (studen1.jpg, 02 KB)


A few years ago, I made my student a promise:
"Win a halfway decent game in a rated tournament ... and I would post it on my my web site." 

The game was played at the New Orleans Open in December, 2013. 

     1.d4 Nc6!?;  2.Nf3 Nf6;  3.e3,   

Sound development.  


          [ Sharper was:  RR 3.d5 Nb44.c4 g65.Nc3,  & White is definitely better. ]   


     3...d5;  4.Bd3 e5!?;   5.dxe5 Ng4;  6.Bb5 Bb4+;  7.c3 Bc5;  8.h4!?,   

An interesting move ... which enables White to (later) attack the BK.  

          [ >/=  8.Qa4, "+/="  - Fritz 13. ]    


     8...0-0;  9.Qc2 Ncxe5;  10.Ng5!? Nf6!?;  11.Be2,    

According to the engines ... Black stands much better.    


sg_pegg-hopp_pos1.jpg, 62 KB

   r1bq1rk1/ppp2ppp/5n2/2bpn1N1/7P/2P1P3/PPQ1BPP1/RNB1K2R b KQ - 0 11   


Now the game takes a very strange turn.   

          [ RR 11.Nd2 Bd7; "/+"  Black is much better. ]   


Here Black must have severely misjudged the position ... as the next move is a bad mistake. 

     11...d4??;  12.exd4 Bb6?;  13.dxe5 h6!?;   

Black is able to regain one piece ... but subjects her King to a violent attack ... due to the open h-file.   


Now White sets up a mating web ... and Black is forced to play "give-away" to stop it. 

     14.exf6 hxg5!?;  15.hxg5 g6;  16.Qe4! Re8;  17.Qh4 Rxe2+;  
     18.Kxe2 Bg4+;  19.Qxg4 Qe8+;  20.Kf1 Rd8;  21.Nd2, 

White avoids a trap.   

          [ But not: </= 21.Qh4?? Rd1#. ]    


          21...Qb5+;  22.Qe2,    

Ahead on material, White decides to try and trade down to a won game.   

          [ Better was: >/=  22.c4,  - Fritz 13. ]   


          22...Qxg5;  23.Ne4 Qf5;  24.f3 Re8;  25.Rh4 Bc5;  26.g4 Qd5;  
          27.Be3 Bxe3;  28.Qxe3 Qb5+;  29.Qe2!?,    

Being way ahead on material, White keeps offering to swap the Queens here.   

          [ A better idea was:  >/=  29.Kg1 Qxb2!?30.Rh8+! Kxh831.Qh6+ Kg832.Qg7#. ]    


          29...Qd5;  30.Rd1 Qxa2;  31.Qh2 Qb3;  32.Rh8#.   

The final position.   

sg_pegg-hopp_pos2.jpg, 57 KB

   4r1kR/ppp2p2/5Pp1/8/4N1P1/1qP2P2/1P5Q/3R1K2 b - - 0 32   


Black did not have a good way to stop the mate.   


   1 - 0   

   Copyright (c) A.J. Goldsby, 2013.  All rights reserved.  

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   This page was first created in November, 2013.   It was last modified or updated on:  Monday, April 14, 2014 11:14 AM .  


   Copyright (c) A.J. Goldsby, 2013.  All rights reserved. 

    Copyright (c) A.J. Goldsby, 2014.  All rights reserved.  

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