This is a page that I will use to record my thoughts on the subject of computers ... and the industry as a whole.

I feel that this is important for a variety of reasons. A few are:

  I was one of the first in this field, I built a computer out of a kit. 

  I have been involved with computers my whole life. 

  I worked in this field very early. I worked as a tech for a company that sold IBM personal computers.

  Later, I was a sales manager in computer sales. I can remember when the 386 PC first came out. 
  I can remember when a 386, with a 40 MB Hard Drive and one or 2MB of RAM was a hot system!! 

  I worked as the Sales Manager  for several small  {different}  computer companies. 

Sunday;  October 24th, 2004:  I had this thought a while back ... several months ago, in fact. However, I failed to record it. One of the most important was that I was present at a computer conference ... at least 15-20 years ago now. A (younger) Bill Gates was there, and I remember that he was promising "multi-tasking" with his {still relatively new} Windows program.  

With my new computer,  [stats]  I finally feel that I actually have the type of performance that he was talking about. It is nothing for me to have 10 or more windows open at the same time. (Sometimes, many more than this.) It took a while, but I feel like I finally have a computer that makes good on the promise of true multi-tasking!  

I now open as many windows as I like ...   without worrying about overloading or crashing my system 

(stay tuned for more stuff)

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  This page was created in September, 2004; although it was not posted until October, 2004.  
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