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Welcome to the domain of A.J. Goldsby I ... of Pensacola, FL. This site will house many of my better chess efforts.  (My other domain.) 

If you wish to contact me: Home telephone: (850) 477-6753 (USA) 
My home address: A.J. Goldsby, 711 Underwood Ave. #509A Pensacola, FL 32504


The revelation that GC was going to close was obviously bad news, as I had many sites on GeoCities. My oldest, biggest and best site, had long served as the hub ... 
it was the focal point of all my chess websites and was the center of all of my chess efforts on the Internet. If this site disappeared from the worldwide web, I might as well fold my tent and go home. (And I was not willing to allow this to happen.)

So, in an effort to maintain a presence on the Internet, I purchased this domain, and began moving all of my files over to this Internet address. So, if you are searching for one of my old GC sites, (especially if you cannot find them at the old web addresses); then fear not, as they should all be right here. 

  1. The new home of my old GC (chess) website. (Posted - May, 2009.) 

  2. The new home of my "Game of The Month" column/website.  

  3. The new home of my old "computer pages" web.  

  4. For the troop ... (click here.)  

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