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This is my site, where I analyze the very best game of GM-level chess that I can find ... from the latest sources. 

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The old website ... has now closed. In fact, ALL the old "Geo-Cities" websites have now been closed.  [more info]   

Welcome to my "Game of The Month" website's new location. (http://www.ajschess.comThis new domain will host ALL of my old GeoCities accounts. (At least it will hold all of the websites that I felt were worth the effort to save. At one time, I had over 50 GC sites, most of these are now ... long gone.) This website, (and all the pages that are contained herein); have now been permanently moved to this URL: If you have any questions about the move, please feel free to e-mail me. Send any e-mail to me at

This is my site for the "Game of The Month."  (I try to find the best CHESS GAME for that month and then I try to annotate it in such a way that even a beginner can follow the game.)  


Don't worry, nothing has changed! All the great games, information, etc, is still here. I just wanted to change the 'look and feel' of the first page that you see when you come here.  

OH!!! By the way, one thing that has changed is that this is now a "paid" site.  No more advertisements!  No more pop-ups! No more banners! Just chess, chess, ....... and more chess!!!  (March, 2006.)   


After nearly a five-year lay-off, I have decided to begin {again} doing my game analysis as a regular monthly feature. 
(See the first one that I worked on, game #43  ...  since the long absence.) 

I try to maintain the very best in chess content.  Let me know  how I am doing!  


March, 2015: The whole website receives a much needed update, see my  web-log  for more details. 

Find chess on the 'net. 

  •  The latest game (on this site), that I have completed.  

  •  This game  ...  was somehow blanked/deleted/corrupted/lost, but I have now re-done it. (Completed, Oct. 2012)  


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