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  (This page holds news items archived from the year, 2009.)  

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  CORUS / Wijk aan Zee, 2009  

Six players were tied for the lead going into the final round. Only Sergey Karjakin - who at age 12, (in 2002), became the youngest GM ever - managed to win to win his match-up, and thus won this year's edition of this Super-GM tournament. Three big guns ... GM's L. Aronian, T. Radjabov and S. Movsesian tied for second through fourth places, (in the "A" group). Other notable participants were Kamsky, Ivanchuk, Adams and Morozevich. 

Nigel Short had the "B" group locked up, until a last round loss cost him the title. The little known So took first in the "C" group.  

--->  The official website.     The CB story (on the last round).     The news report from TWIC.     The page from "Chess Games" on this event. 



25,02,2009:  GM Kiril Goergiev just broke the world simultaneous record. (He had to play 360 opponents and score more than eighty per cent!!!)  [more


  Linares, 2009 / XXVI Super-GM  

GM's Vassily Ivanchuk and GM Alexander Grischuk tied for first (at +2) in this annual tournament of the world's best.  [CB report]  


5th M-Tel Masters / Sofia Super GM 

This tournament - now arguably the premier chess event of the year - was won by GM Alexei Shirov.  [CB report]   [CC/TWIC report]  


 The "Pearl Springs" Tournament / Nanjing, China 

Thursday; Oct 08th, 2009:  As I write this, Magnus Carlsen is in the lead ... by two full points!!!  [Read more.] 




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