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  (This page holds news items archived from the year, 2008.)  

I don't believe in throwing anything away. Here I will save and/or archive all previous articles. 
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  NOTE:  Many of these links may  NOT  be valid!!   (No point in trying to update old links.)   
   (This page will be used to archive news items from the year, 2007.) 

Are you looking for the latest news on Bobby Fischer? If you are, then please click here.  Bobby Fischer passes away. [more]  


April, 2007: One reader wrote and asked why I didn't carry any news on Garry Kasparov. The bottom line is that I do not consider that these activities to have anything to do with chess. (Kasparov officially retired from chess in 2005.) 

  [Kasparov arrested then freed.]     [Condemnation of his arrest.]     [Kasparov provokes the Kremlin.]   
   [Garry Kasparov detained on May 18th, 2007.]  

 After a long illness (cancer), my wife passed away on January 13th of this year. As a result, I have been out of it ... for a very long time. 
 (I plan on soon having this feature updated - on a regular basis.)  




Wijk ann Zee  was held from Jan. 12th. to Jan. 27th, 2008. Both the leading players, Levon Aronian and Magnus Carlsen, drew their games, (in the final round); and were the joint winners of the tournament. Anand - the World Champ - was close behind, in third place. [The official site for this event, the ChessBase page for this event, the TWIC report for this tournament, Google this event ... LOTS of interesting links!]   

Morelia-Linares 2008: The World Champion also won "The Wimbledon of Chess," (this tournament is generally regarded as the toughest and the top, premier GM event for the whole year). [The official site for this event, the CB page for this event. the TWIC report for this tournament, Google this event ... LOTS of interesting links!]

Melody Amber, 2008:  In perhaps one of the most fiercely contested versions of this tournament, Aronian played superb chess, and won clear first place, two-and-one-half points ahead of the rest of the field. [The official site for this event, the CB page for this event. the TWIC report for this tournament, Google this event ... LOTS of interesting links!]  


FIDE Grand Prix, Baku, 2008:  After leading for most of the way, Kamsky lost his first game. After seven rounds, the current (Monday, April 28th); leaders are GM's Gashimov, Wang Yue and A. Grischuk with 4.5 points. (The official website, The CB page for this event, The FIDE page for GP events, The {current} TWIC page for this event.)  


 Dortmund, 2008

GM Peter Leko won the 2008 version of the Sparkassen Meeting, a big surprise came in the last round when Kramnik lost to Ivanchuk ... 
and ended up in SEVENTH place!!! (To be fair, Kramnik has won this event many times before.) [more]  


 Kiev Life Rapid 2008 

GM Nigel Short is one of the best blitz players in the world, he is always one of the best (real) players on the popular "PlayChess" server. He played one of his former students, the wunderkind Sergey Karjakin. So it was rather surprising - at least to me - that Karjakin soundly defeated Short, in fact the match was over before it even went the full course! (In the end, Karjakin won by a wide margin.) [more]  


 July 1st (2008) FIDE Rating List 

It was no surprise, Anand is the best player in the world, recent results have confirmed this fact. After several good recent results, GM Alexander Morozevich ... who also moonlights as a top poker player ... is in second place. Kramnik is in third place ... and probably headed downwards. Soon to be 17 years old, Magnus Carlsen is in sixth place, and is definitely moving up. The US's Gata Kamsky is #17 in the world, and while this is a far cry from when he was in the top five, it is still one of the best results for an American in a long time. [more]  


  GM V. Anand wins the (FIDE) WORLD's CHAMPION title!!!!!!  

GM Anand won his 2008 title match against GM V. Kramnik by the score of 6.5 to 4.5 and is now the undisputed World Champion. 
(The official website for this match, read all the ChessBase reports on this match, read the TWIC news report for game 11.)  


  GM Peter Svidler wins FIFTH Russian title! 

Despite being the underdog ... and trailing at key moments in this event ... Svidler somehow managed to 'battle back' and take the top spot.
(Read the ChessBase report.)  


  Kasparov plays chess again!  

Garry Kasparov once again does battle at the chessboard, however its only a simul!!! yet a complete unknown plays a fairly solid game against the former World Champion, without a doubt, its an interesting game to go over!  (Read the CB report.)  


  "Rybka" (finally) wins the title as the world's best computer program 

After YEARS of having people perpetually tell me that this is - far and away - the best program you can get ... this megabit monster (with perhaps an unfair advantage in hardware) has finally managed to win the title. Yet Fritz will remain my faithful ally for analysis. Why? There isn't a CB version of the new program available, something that I find unacceptable!!! You want me to analyze with Rybka? Then make a CB version! (The customer is ALWAYS right!) 
(Read the ChessBase report on Rybka's win. Read the "About-dot-com" report. The official website for this event.) 


  2008 FIDE Chess Olympiad / The 38 OL in Dresden, Germany  (CB link, the official site)  

Nov. 13th, 2008: The Olympiad has begun. Read the CB report ... with many good photo's. 

Nov. 18th, 2008: Germany and Russia drew their match - several other teams won. Now, as a result, there are SEVEN teams with nine {out of ten} match points. (This is exciting, most of these events - in the past - have usually been dominated by one or two teams. I cannot remember the last time that this many teams were bunched this close together at this point in this event.) Read the CB report

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