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 Gufeld - Kavalek
    Marianske Lazne, 1962.   

 Eduard Gufeld (2300) - Lubosh Kavalek (2300) 
 World Student Olympiad 
 Marianske Lazne, CZE;  1962 


     A very interesting game. The second half of this game features repeated sacrifices by Black. 
     The finish of this game is truly an amazing and an exceptional one. 
     (Both players went on to become outstanding {top} GM's ... the ratings are estimates.) 

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1.e4 e52.Nf3 Nc63.Bb5 Bc5!?;  
The Classical Defense. (The Cordel Defense.) 

     [ The most reliable defense - at the Master level - is still ... 
       the Morphy Defense: 3...a6!; "<=>"  which gives Black good play. ]

4.c3 f5!?5.d4! fxe46.Ng5!? Bb6!7.d5!? e3!8.Ne4!? Qh4!?;  

9.Qf3 Nf6!?;  
This is interesting, but ... . Black gains the advantage here. 

     [ Even better was: 9...Nge7!; "=/+" {Diagram?} - GM E. Gufeld. ].  

10.Nxf6+ gxf611.dxc6!? exf2+12.Kd1?!; (Maybe - '?') {Diagram?} 
This is the natural response, (he runs away from the attack); but this is clearly 
inferior to Kf1.

 '?' - GM Andrew Soltis.  

     [ The move, 12.Kf1[], was forced - - - or best. ].  

12...dxc6!13.Be2 Be614.Qh5+ Qxh515.Bxh5+ Ke716.b3!,  
A multi-purpose move that is also the best defense for White, according to GM Andy Soltis. 

     [ 16.Nd2!? ].  

16...Bd517.Ba3+ Ke618.Bg4+!? f519.Bh3 Rhg820.Nd2 Bxg2;  
Black has FOUR Pawns for the sacrificed Knight - at this point.  

21.Bxg2 Rxg2; (comp?)   
Does Black really have enough for the piece? His pawns look very UN-impressive at this point! 

The best defense, according to GM A. Soltis. 

     [ Interesting is: 22.Nc4!? Maybe White can mount a defense? 
       But not  22.Ke2? f1Q+!;  ("-/+") {Diagram?} Black wins Black the piece. ].  

White appears to have defended well, and even appears on the verge of being able to 
organize a viable defense. 

      [ 23.h4!? ].  

Now comes one of the most astounding combinations ever played. 
Incredible. It is not even clear - at least at a first, very casual inspection - what this 
move accomplishes. 

     [ Also good is:  23...e4!; "/+" ].  

Now White finds the best defense.  
24.Kxd2 e4; ('!')  25.Bf8! f426.b4! Rg5!27.Bc5!?('?!') {Diagram?} 
Some players harshly condemned this move, but White probably may have realized that 
nothing will save his bacon at this point. 

  '?' - GM John Emms.  

     [ The best defense is:  27.c4!, but Black should come out on top - if he finds the best line. ].  

27...Rxc5!; (Maybe - '!!')   
Black continues to pour gas onto the fire. (But why?) 

28.bxc5 Bxc5;  
A Bishop and a couple of passed Pawns ... are going to defeat TWO Rooks, ... 
AND a centralized King?!??!? 

29.Rab1! f3!30.Rb4! Kf5!31.Rd4! Bxd432.cxd4 Kf4!; {Diagram?} 
White Resigns. 

The Black Pawns are unstoppable. 

An unbelievable and an immortal finish to this ultra-great game. 

  0 - 1  

This game reminds me of the finish to the famous MacDonnell - La Bourdonnais game, where Black's Pawns also rolled over White - like some unbelievable juggernaut. 
(Click  here  to go to the page where you can choose to see several of these contests.) 


(Code initially)  Generated with  ChessBase 8.0 

This is a version of this game I developed specifically for a VERY briefly annotated (re-play) page.
My annotations are based on what GM A. Soltis and GM J. Emms have written about this game.

Game first posted in August, 1998.  Final up-date:  Sunday;  May 26th,  2002. Last check/update: July 28th, 2003.  Last edit or save on: 07/14/2012 02:16 AM .  

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