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Annotated Games

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 Note to my fans: I now have ChessBase10 AND Fritz 12! (And many other programs - and chess engines - as well.) 
  Hopefully, the quality of the annotated games ... can only improve. (April, 2010.)  

 I now have Fritz 13, and Chessbase 11. 

 To see my latest annotated game, please see the Impala Publications BLOG article. [more(04/2010) 

My best game collection ... on the CG server:  "The 100 Best Games of The 20th Century - Ranked." - By GM Andrew Soltis.  

  Links to many outstanding, thoroughly annotated games, on this page!! 

   Click  HERE  to go to the first page of my  OPENING SCHOOL  
   (This is just an 11-move game, but every move is explained in detail.)   

  DEFEAT  A GM  ...  and its not really a bad game, either!  

 To find out how you can help keep this a  FREE  web-site, that everyone can view, click  HERE

An interesting list of games ... provided by one reader of this site. (Indexed by ECO codes.) 

   A new page - with a chess game by one of my students.   

     Click  HERE  to see a page on the FIDE World Championship of 2013 ... between Anand and Carlsen.      

  Click  HERE  to go to my page on "The Best Chess Games Ever Played."  
(I eventually plan on having ALL the games that are listed on this 
page annotated for your enjoyment.)

Click  HERE  to go to my page that has, 
"The Best  SHORT Games 
(miniatures)  of Chess Ever Played." 
(Many, many annotated games!) 

Click  HERE   to go to my web page with, "The Best Chess Moves Ever Played."

Click  HERE  to go to my web page with, chess moves and moments called:
"Chess Snap-Shots In Time."


(All of these pages will contain links to many annotated games in the near future.)

Tuesday / September 8th, 2009:  A new page ... that will contain lightly annotated miniatures.  

June, 2003:  I just posted several new games on my "Downloads" site, plus my  page  on  "Recent GM Games"  has been great updated ... so you will want to check this one out. Many high-quality annotated games. Check it out!!!  


February, 2005:  I don't have very many games posted there ... yet. However, I have a  page  of annotated games that you should really see. Some of the games are VERY nicely annotated, a couple even have a comment after every move. Not only this, but they are in a beautiful (MK) viewer, you do not even need a chess set! (Re-play them right there on your computer!) You really must check this out!!  (Please tell me what you think!) 

     Dmitri and Vlady play chess.  (From one of my daughter's favorite <animated> films, "Anastasia.")  (anast3.jpg, 34 KB)
(Click  here  to see the web site where I got this picture from.)

Make sure you check all my other web sites for the DOZENS of annotated 
games that are available there!! 
(See the "Services I Offer Page," for a complete list! 
Go to my "Site Map" to find any page!)


 You should also visit my  "Chess Down-Loads  Site,"  
and see all the annotated games offered there. 

(One of the best games of all times is easily the game Paul Morphy vs. The Count of Isouard and The Duke of Brunswick.  [Paris, 1858.]  Please consult the {past} issue of The Georgia State Chess Magazine, Sept; 1999.)

mor-vs-allies_mvs.jpg (28295 bytes)
(See diagram below.) 

mor-vs-allies_cb.jpg(27376 bytes)
(Position after White's tenth move, 10. Nxb5!!)

(Its here!! The above game annotated in great depth!!! 
Click  HERE  to go there now.)

I consider this to be one of the finest games EVER to be played. There are many reasons that I think this way.  The brevity of the game is one. It is extremely forceful and contains a ton of sacs. Also, the economy of the game has NEVER been surpassed. (Show me ONE GAME where a modern GM - even in a simul - plays a game and sacrifices his entire army and mates with his last two  pieces.) Its also a perfect mate!! It makes a tremendous teaching vehicle, I have taught it to many of my students. (Probably hundreds of times.) It certainly drives home the lessons of development and mobilization of your entire army.

For more info on this game, see my article, (which ran two pages) in the August/September issue (1999) of Georgia Chess. 
(Or visit the Georgia State Chess Association  web site.

Keep watching these pages for more annotated games!  Just so you know, I am (still) furiously annotating games.  I hope to have hundreds of annotated games in this site!!

Of course, if you have Blitzin's   (The Internet Chess Club's)  software, you can "examine" games in all the very extensive collection of libraries. (Type "help libraries" and "help examine" to get complete instructions.) They have many libraries and games that you can examine. (On-line.) 

   Want to see more annotated games?  Then check out the following: 

  1. My "Downloads" web-site's list of annotated games. (Click here.) 

  2. Quite a few games to be had on my biggest Angel-Fire site. (Click here.)

  3. My "games4" web site has a LOT of interesting games to look at. (Click here.) 

  4. My "humans-vs.-computers" web site has all the games of the match, 
    GM V. Kramnik - Deep Fritz, and they are deeply annotated. (Click here.) 

All of the games below are DEEPLY annotated and also contain a great deal of verbiage. (Explanations.)  They also contain a diagram every 5 - 10 moves. This is some of the best work I have ever done and its here, now!! FREE!!  For your enjoyment. 
(Another chess server charges you a  PER GAME  fee to view or download annotated games.) 

(Posted on: March 15th, 2001.  I also have about two dozen more annotated games [at least!] that I am working on for this page.  {One very complicated game I have been pecking away at for over a  YEAR  now!}   I will certainly run out of the allowed memory storage space for this web site  BEFORE  I am able to complete all of them. Each one takes many hours to complete. 

For instance, the Lichtenhein - Morphy game (See the link, below) took approximately 10-20 hours worth of work (at least that!) in the ChessBase 
program to annotate. (More like 30 - 35 hours of work in ChessBase to annotate the game.)

{First.}  Then it took probably another 25-50 hours,  [That's FIFTY HOURS!!!]; to complete and put into a presentable form {HTML} for a web page. 
Plus de-bugging of the page!  And only YOU get to decide if all this work was worth it!!)

{ It actually took me several weeks to get this particular web page ready. (This was one of the very first games I posted, so I was still very much learning as I went.) And now (Aug. 2001) I have just reviewed the game, re-annotated it, corrected several errors, and added a java-script re-play page for this game, to add to your enjoyment. All this represents probably a minimum of 200 hours worth of work. It may actually be more than that, as I have gone back now and looked at this game many, many times. Its also one of the games I teach to ALL my students. }

  Some of the very best, annotated chess games on the Internet are found here!  
  (See the list - just below.)  

ck_button.gif (324 bytes)

Click on the button above to go to my first in-depth annotated game 
page. (At least the first one I completed for my own web-site!)  It contains 
my well-annotated game against  J. Perciballi!  A new game never printed 
anywhere, here for your enjoyment!! 

ck_button.gif (324 bytes)

Click on the button above to go to my second in-depth annotated game 
page. It contains the great game,  Lichtenhein - Morphy;  New York, 
1857. This game is annotated at a level that far supersedes what 
anyone else has ever done!! No kidding!! 
Go there now and check it out!

  (Click  HERE  to see another great Morphy game.)  

ck_button.gif (324 bytes)

Click here to go to another game, 
(Goldsby-Bassallos;  The Southern Chess Congress 
[Open]; Gainesville, FL; 1999.);  that was published in  floridaChess.
Many have written me and told me this was one of the best annotation jobs I have 
ever done.  I went back and RE-analyzed this entire game!
 Many diagrams! Check it out!! I hope you enjoy it!!

 March 18th, 2001.  Also  finally  here? The famous game,  Capablanca - Alekhine; 21st World Championship Match game, Buenos Aires, 1921.  I analyzed this game for  floridaChess  this past year. (Summer,  2000.)  Two GM's,  (plus over a dozen other Masters), have written me and told me that they thought this was one of best jobs of annotating a game they had ever seen!!  (Period and "Bar none.") Not only do I find and correct the mistakes that most databases have done to this game, but I completely refute and rebuff many of the incorrect opinions and analysis that have been written about this game over the years. 


    Click here!!    


Note:  This page was almost finished when it "blew up," became unstable and unusable, corrupted, and had to be discarded. (Start over from scratch!!)  Its still viewable on the Internet, may take quite some time before I am able to finish it and fix all the little errors. (March 20, 2001.)



WARNING: Clicking on this link will take you OUT of this site, OUT of GeoCities/Yahoo,  and into the "Angel - Fire" family of web sites. (But you can always return to this page by clicking on the links there or by using the "back" button on your web browser.) 

After nearly two years of anticipation, the wait is finally over. You can finally see the game, Morphy-Allies, (The Duke of Brunswick and the Count of Isouard), here on my web site!! I consider this to be one of the best games of chess ever played!! And no, I am not kidding. Check it out!! (Click on the graphic above.)

Click here to see this game in java-script (replay) format. (click-here.gif, 01 KB)

What is one of the best games I have ever played? It would easily have 
 to be my King's Indian Defence masterpiece that I played against 
FIDE Master Stephen Muhammed of Atlanta, GA. 

  This is the rather lightly annotated version.  


Click  HERE  to see this game deeply annotated in the style I am famous for. 
This game is NOT a js-replay board, but a standard html page with about 40 diagrams. 
I consider this game to be definitely one of my best games. 

Click  HERE  to see my game vs. Moshe Khatena from the same event!!

 Click here to see maybe the greatest chess game ever played!

According to many Masters, GM's, writers, and chess editors, 
what is the best chess game ever played?

In all likelihood, it is the game: 

G. Kasparov - V. Topalov;
Wijk aan Zee, 1999.

Click on the box above to see this game annotated in great depth. 


Warning: NO Diagrams. So bring a chess board and set. 
 (First posted late Sept, 2001.) 

 Click here to see maybe the second greatest chess game ever played!

According to many Masters, GM's, writers, and chess editors, 
what is another one of the best chess games ever played?

It would have to be the game: 

M. Botvinnik - J.R. Capablanca;
A.V.R.O. 1938.

Click on the box above to see this game annotated in great depth. 

Warning: NO Diagrams. So bring a chess board and set. 
 (First posted Oct, 2001.) 

 Click here to see maybe the third greatest chess game ever played!

According to many GM's, writers, and respected chess authors,  
what is another one of the best chess games ever played?

It would have to be the game: 

A. Lillienthal - V. Ragozin;
 Moscow, (RUS) 1935. 

Click on the box above to see this game annotated in great depth. 

Warning: Only 1 Diagram. So bring a chess board and set. 
 (First posted Oct, 2001.) 


Note: Many other games have now been posted. I will  not  provide links to all of them here, but simply tell you that you should definitely visit my  web page  devoted to the very best games if chess ever played. Eventually I plan on having ALL of those games annotated.  (10/29/2001.) 

Click  HERE  to see the game,
  Jose R. Capablanca - Savielly G. Tartakower;  
NY, (USA); 1924.  

This is one of the most brilliant games of all time. It is also maybe the finest 
rook-and-pawn end-game ever played. I teach it to all my students. It is also one 
of the most DEEPLY annotated games I have ever done. 
(NOTE - This game has had phenomenal popularity. I have given permission 
for this game to be translated into the following languages: French, Spanish, German, 
Russian, and Chinese.) 

 Click  HERE  to see the game, 
Harry N. Pillsbury - Seigbert Tarrasch;  Hastings, 1895. 
  (GM A. Soltis calls this game, "One of the best of the 19th Century.)  

 (This is also one of my very best jobs of annotation.) 

 Click  HERE  to see the game, 
Wilhelm Steinitz - Curt Von Bardeleben;  Hastings, 1895. 
  ( GM A. Soltis calls this game,  "The Pearl of Hastings." )  

 This is easily one of the "Top Ten" games of the 19th Century. 
  It is also one of the best games Steinitz ever played!!  

  Click  HERE  to see the game,  
  Akiba Rubinstein - Karel Hromadka
  Mahrisch-Ostrau, 1923. 
( Maybe the most brilliant game Rubinstein ever played. 
 "The Rubinstein Star." )  

This has got to be one of the greatest games of chess ever played. 
(Soltis rates it as being in the "Top 100" of the 20th Century.) 

Click  HERE  to see the game, 
 GM Larry Evans - GM Arthur Bisguier
U.S. Championships, New York, N.Y. (U.S.A.)  1959. 


This is a game that took MONTHS to analyze ... 
and almost 2 weeks of work to ready for publication on the Internet. 
  Check it out!!! One of the prettiest endings to a game as has ever been seen!  


  This is the last game that I will list on this page.  

Check out my  page,   "The Best Chess Games,"   (Of All-Time)  has several new 
games that are available to replay with a java-script board. Just pay attention and  
click  on the names (of the players) when the game comes up. 

  Do you want more annotated games?  

 Click  HERE  to go to my page for  "Recent GM Games." 

 Click  HERE  to go to page # 1 of my  "Annotated Games,"  on my downloads site. 

 Click  HERE  to go to page # 2 of my  "Annotated Games,"  on my downloads site. 

Click  HERE  to see my website that is totally devoted to finding the best GM game for that month.  

   Click  HERE  to go to the next page in this series. (Annotated Games, pg. # 2.)   

Keep checking back occasionally. 
 All the games on this page could be updated without notice. 


 (Page last edited or updated on:  Saturday, January 24, 2015 .) 

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