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  My (old) account on ICC 

I have had dozens of accounts on ICC over the years. 

There were many reasons for this. For one, when I first started to play chess there, I didn't even have my own computer, I had to rely on accounts that were set up on other people's boxes. I also moved around a lot, and had a number of boxes that broke or were damaged by lightning. 

I have always used "lifemasteraj" (as my handle - whenever I could), originally I was the only one. 

I was quite amused when I got an e-mail from ICC "warning me" that my account was about to expire.

sc_icc-ltrlifemasteraj01.gif, 11 KB

sc_icc-ltrlifemasteraj02.gif, 14 KB

Anyway, I told them that the account was of "no earthly use to me," and that they could delete it if they wanted to.

I also posted this web page because one individual (who came to our chess club) stated that, "I used to work as an admin for ICC, and they do NOT delete accounts." (He was visiting our club, he was from New York, I believe.) Anyway, he seemed pretty sure of himself, so that was part of the motivation to go through the trouble of creating a web page.  (They have actually deleted my account now - several times.) 

Dec 11th, 2011:  Another notice from ICC that they are about to delete my account. (I have no idea of how many games I have played ... I would consider it a favor if someone who read this could copy this info and send it to me.) 

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