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One of my main goals for this page, is for the serious researcher or web-surfer to be able to find any relevant chess web-site. Be sure to check out my listing of PAGES of chess links on my "Just Links" page! Let me help you find what  YOU  are searching for!! 

Make sure you do a general search under "chess" too! (On your web browser or your favorite search engine.) 

As much as is humanly possible - I try to update this page. If you notice a discontinued site or a busted link, please report it to the webmaster.  


   (This page was last updated on:  Saturday, May 10, 2014.)   

After months, ... even over a year's worth of work, ...  I can safely say that this page probably now contains many of the best chess sites on the Internet!!  (March, 2001.) 

 And if you have found that your favorite site is NOT on this page, 
 then  DROP ME a note  in the electronic mail!! 

  (This page is the result of hundreds of hours of work and surfing the web.) 

"Flash!! A.J. creams robot! News at 10!!  (dead.rbt-clb.jpg, 11868 bytes)
"A.J., you were only supposed to play it!"

  If you are interested in Non-chess sites, see the link at the top left of this page!  

Click  HERE  to see a cool page/web-page background with snowflakes as its theme!

  Useful Chess links  

I spend many hours (a day? a week?) surfing the Internet. However, I have not been bringing you a lot of new stuff lately. This section is an attempt to correct that trend. I will try to keep it simple here. Just chess links and a description. (I have already visited all of these sites.) Wed./ Aug. 12, 2009. (tactics / daily problem) (tactics) (tactics) (tactics) (tactics) (tactics, e-books (play, instructional videos) (news & lessons) (play e-mail chess, other) (Lots of things to do here!) (Practice tactics, solve problems, etc.)  Added: Sat; Aug. 29th, 2009.  

  Chess Metrics  

 THE   website  for ratings and chess!! (You can still visit the old website as well.) (This is the site of Jeff Sonas, a very respected chess statistician.)  


  Play chess ANY TIME!!  The first 30 or so games are free. Click  HERE!  
(You have to download their software, but its pretty easy.)

 Correspondence Chess via E-mail 

This web site is fun and easy, and best of all, it is FREE!!!  Donato Lomabardi's  site  for playing a friendly game of chess with opponents from all over the world. (I am currently {Sept, 2003} playing a set of games with a chap from Brazil/South America.) This is a good site simply to promote the game. Time limit for most games is one move every seven days. You should really check this site out. Do it now!! 

(Added: September 22nd, 2003.)

Got a day off? Want to follow the games of a big GM tournament as they are being played? Tune in to  "Internet Chess Radio / Chess-dot-fm." [ here ]  Then go to the "Internet Chess Club"  [ here ]  ...  and after you have downloaded  "Blitzin,"  you can crank this bad boy up - choose your favorite player's game  ...  and just follow the game with expert commentary. Its pretty cool, I have been doing this for close to a year now. Follow the games right on your screen and listen to the LIVE "blow-by-blow."  (This site was off the air for a little while, but is back now.) 

   (Added:  Friday;  February 27th, 2004.)   

   "Chess Games"  (dot-com)   

 Play over close to 250,000 chess games on-line! (UN-annotated.) (Something to do on your next lunch break?)    Click  HERE   (Added August 21st, 2003.)  
 My handle there is LIFE Master AJ.  [a link

  Dan Thomasson's  ...  "World Chess Academy"  

Here is an excellent new site ... that has a lot of promise. I have a new {monthly} column there. Not only this, there are many other features as well. You can replay and study all of the games in Bobby Fischer's games, from his book, "My 60 Memorable Games." You will be able to study tactical exercises and there are many other new features planned as well.  You should check this out.  (Definitely!)  

  The website for  The FIRST SATURDAY Tournaments  

Many of you have heard about the event, (Lazlo Nagy's) "The First Saturday Tournament" in Budapest, Hungary. (Many American's have gotten norms or titles there.) Now they have a website, so check it outI   Posted: Saturday; November 19th, 2005. 

 See a tribute to ALL the {chess} World Champions. Click  HERE

  Need a new or used auto?  Click  HERE! 

I will be constantly updating this page. If you know of a really OUTSTANDING site, send it to me.  

 You have to download their software first, to be able to play on-line. Click here to go to that website. (YOU MUST PAY NOW!) 

The USCF's official web-site!!

ajs_top-ten_picks.gif (173015 bytes)

Shop on-line, check out your rating, go to the "Members Only," section at the U.S. Chess Federation's web site. 

Click HERE  to go the  USCF  web-site now!!  

Also you can go there and play over the latest games  ... and read Chess Life online.  


Click here to go to the official U.S.C.F. on-line, chess-playing service!!

 (Last I heard, this server was off the air.) 

  Click  HERE  to to the site for  "The British Chess Federation."   Click  HERE  to go to the Canadian (chess) web site. - The official website of the world's main governing body. 

cl_fide-banner01.jpg, 08 KB

 The official FIDE website. 
  (They have been off the air ... more than once. A very unreliable website ... over the years.)  

 Click HERE to go there now. Definitely interesting. 

ajs_top-ten_picks.gif (173015 bytes)

One of the busiest and best places to play chess!!!  (ICC Banner.jpg  5071 bytes)   

Internet Chess Club - The World's Most Active Chess Club.(Click here to download the latest Blitzin software.) 


  (Go to  I.C.C.  and check it out. The story of my account.)  

"Inside Chess Online."  is no longer available. 

ajs_top-ten_picks.gif (173015 bytes)

Another "Must-see" cool, chess site is the home page of, "New In Chess." Stories, articles, book reviews, products, etc. 

If you use the NIC-style format for storing your games, a trip to this website is a must! 

Click  HERE  to go to the NIC Home Page.

ajs_top-ten_picks.gif (173015 bytes)

Another cool site is  "The Chess Cafe." Lots of neat stuff. 

 Book reviews, stories, links,  and much more!!  Click  HERE!  

   Click on the this graphic, to go to this great site.  (kc-chess.gif, 02 KB)       Poor Kasparov. This web site was started with a "war chest" of millions. And now ...  (kc-chess2.gif, 02 KB)

 DEFUNCT site  was:  Kasparov's Chess Academy at :  (also

 Apparently off the air. (Late December, 2002.)  [Historical record.]  


  Garry's new website ... the focus is his MGP series.  

Play chess, watch video's for free.  (cl_chs-cube01.gif, 04 KB)

A cool new site is "Chess Cube." (I don't know a ton about it, I have not spent a lot of time there.) But many chess friends and contacts tell me it is an awesome website. (Check it out. I need details. If you go there a lot ... perhaps you can tell me all about it. Drop me a note and let me know what you think!)  (Added Aug. 11th, 2009.) 

   The  website  for the ... ASSOCIATION OF CHESS PROFESSIONALS. (ACP)  

Kramnik ... lost in thought?  (kramnik-01_red.gif, XX KB)

Apparently - in anticipation of the upcoming World's Championship in September of 2004, GM Vladimir Kramnik ... the current absentee World Champion ... has launched a brand-new  web site. Lots of pictures, goodies, a few games, and a ton of and other stuff.  (Posted here: 08/28/04.) 

wcc-04_dan.gif, 06 KB

  A new website!!! 

The Dannemann Tobacco Company - the main sponsor of the up-coming Kramnik vs. Leko bout - has launched a brand-new web site to keep us informed of all the events.  Check it out!!!  (Aug.28.) 

Topalov - Kramnik, World Championship Match, 2006.   The official site,  also be sure to check out all the reports on the CB site

ajs_top-ten_picks.gif (173015 bytes)

Need to find a specific game of chess?

You say you DON'T have a large database of chess games? But you really would like to find a certain game?  You have searched everywhere? 


Well first go to the ChessBase page and download your free chess software. (Click HERE!) Then go to GameColony's  site, (click HERE) and download your favorite game. Better yet, download ALL of your favorite players' games!! (You can also play chess here now!) 

ajs_top-ten_picks.gif (173015 bytes)

Another VERY cool site is

EVERYTHING you need is here!!

 (News, info, the best chess program going, a huge database, etc. Play chess online as well.) 

Click  HERE  to go to
 (A little bit of everything.) 

 "GET your <<BRAIN GAMES>> NOW!!" says Life-Master A.J.


 (Defunct / gone.)   (This WAS the official site for the 2000 Kasparov-Kramnik match. Here for a historical record.)  

  "Maybe the best chess site on the Internet," says Life-Master A.J.      "This is definitely one of MY favorite chess sites on the 'Net,"  says Life-Master A.J.

  Easily one of the coolest sites in  England, (OR on either side of the Atlantic, for that matter.); is The London Chess Center - - - Games, news, photo's, and much, much more. 


  Click  HERE  to go there now!  


WARNING: This one can be addictive!

Another interesting site is for  "The British Chess Magazine." Lots too see and do! Check it out!!!

  The  link  for  "Chess Journalists of America." 

ajs_top-ten_picks.gif (173015 bytes)

Another VERY cool site is the chess page of

(They call themselves, (They call themselves, "The Human Internet."   See my  "Non-Chess"  page of interesting sites for more details.)

  Anyway, long-story-short - they have a very nice page for chess. 

To go to the chess page of, click  HERE  now. Zillions of things to see and do!!

  "Go to one of the best web sites in the world, especially for those folks who speak only Spanish!

  One of the best chess sites in the world, WAS the site above. [more]  

  [DEFUNCT!!!]     DON'T click  HERE  to go there now.  

  They also have an English version for us poor saps, like me, who only speak a few words of Espanol. (Spanish.) 
  (Here for historical record, closed in Feb, 2006.)  

  They also have live coverage of several important tournaments every year, especially Linares!! 

  "The World's Chess Network!!"

The World Chess Network

There is much here to see and do ... click on the banner {above} to go there now. 


For a very long time, it was gone ... but now its back. Click on the link above to go to a website ... it has been completely redone. 
(Monday; August 10th, 2009.)

Another new web site which I just recently [Feb. 2001] learned about is this site. 

There is also a ton of stuff to see and do here. You will definitely will want to check this one out. 

  Click  HERE  to go there now. 

 Go train to get better at" Euwe's Chess Academy."

Another good site which I just recently  [Feb. 2001] 
learned about is:  Its now called "The Chess Trainer." 

  Click here to go to a neat little web-site.  ""

A neat little web-site with lots to see and do. You may definitely want to check this one out.


You can do a little of everything. Find out sites to play, play over games, 
download files from their database, send a chess card to a friend, ... 
the list is nearly endless. 

Click  HERE  to go there now. 

Of course EVERYONE likes something that is free. Want to play for free?
Then click on the above link. That will take you to "The Free Internet Chess Server." (FICS) 

Never a charge. Open 24 hours. Maybe one of the most popular free servers that is out there. 

Or ... click  HERE   to go there now. 

Welcome to!  Were here to make your long term chess goals a reality!

CA  is a membership oriented instructional website completely managed by genuine chess professionals. Our function is to take the level of excellence needed to train top professional players, and organize in such a manner that anyone in our program can realize their chess dreams. 

Grandmasters  Sergei Movsesian  and  Adrian Mikhalchishin  are ChessAids chief trainers. (Now run by Chess Grandmasters Marcin Kaminski & Pawel Blehm. Updated: August, 2009.) 

  Click  HERE  to go to the best web site for Bobby Fischer fans!  
  (Early July 2004: This site is NOT on the air ... let's pray he brings it back!!  Feb, 2005 ... its back!)  

 I much prefer the OLD site to the lay-out of the new one. If you like the old web site, you can visit it  here!  

Another "must-see" site, especially if you want to know  what  TOURNAMENTS  are in your area, is Bill Goichberg's  Continental Chess Association  web-site.  (Of course,  don't forget the U.S. Chess Federation web-site!)  Click  HERE   to go to Bill Goichberg's, Continental Chess Association website now!! 

A nice and relatively new little site is the one that is dedicated to news, chess games, etc. There are many good features on this site, such as recent, annotated games, pictures, etc. (How much of this is original, I have no idea.) 

It is called:  "Net News Chess,"  and you will really have to  check this out   yourself. (I spent a couple of hours here reading.)  (Added here: Sunday, February 29th, 2004.)  

Ward Farnsworth's  ... "Predator at The Chessboard." A nice  site  that has lots of simple chess tactics and chess traps. 

Another site is  

Rather than my  (own)  words, here is  Tony Kosten's  own description ... of their site: 

" is  THE  opening theory site, and covers the entire spectrum of openings. GM's  Davies, Emms, Fedorowicz, Flear, Gallagher, Kosten, McDonald, Scherbakov, Summerscale and Ward,  plus  IM's  Lane  and  Martin, dissect the latest theory each month; thousands of annotated games, over 60 eBooks, and much more besides. Subscriptions run from 14/year for one site to 70/year for a Gold Card, but much is free to guests, including the forum."  VERY good stuff! 

Click  HERE  to go there now.  

Want to see some of the best stuff on the 'Net? Wanna take lessons from one of the most talented GM's I have ever met? Then check out  GM Gabriel Schwartzman's  "Internet Chess Academy."  His new site is snazzy.   Click  HERE  

  OLD "Link of the Month" Links  

I don't believe in throwing away links, just in case they have any lasting value. 

  Link of the week/month:     WGM Alexandra Kosteniuk. She is easy on the eyes ... [more]  but she is also one heck of a talented chess player. Recently she won the women's Championship of Russia ... a point clear of the field! Needless to say, this is a great result! 


  Link of the week/month:     Sometimes I like to search the web using various engines, just to see if I can find something new. Most of the time, I strike out ... but once in a while, even I will get lucky. For the next few weeks, I offer you a  web site  you may have never seen before. TONS of stuff to see and do ... AND!!! ... you can even replay top-level master games, right there on their home page. Its pretty cool, so you really ... ... ... 
  ... must check it out!  


  Link of the week/month:     December, 2005:  A  site  that is pretty big in Europe ...   
but judging from the reactions of the people I queried, many Americans have never even seen this one. Quite a bit of stuff to look at here, I did not investigate for more than thirty minutes, but it looks like there is some pretty cool stuff in here.  (Another good site to look at is Jan van Reek's wonderful web page.)  


  Link of the week/month:     January, 2006:  There's a new player in town, time will only tell whether or not they are any good. Its an entry into the on-line ezine (an Internet magazine) field, one that is published twice a month. Its called  "Chess Chronicles."  Is it any good? I don't know, maybe you should be the judge!  


   Link of the week/month:     (February and March, 2006.)  As I write this, one of the biggest tournaments of the year has already begun. (See my "News Page" for more details.) Linares ... also called "The Wimbledon of Chess" ... has its own web site, but the 'place to be' (for this tournament) is the ChessBase website. You always get news, photo's, and sometimes several annotated games ... every round! (You can follow the games - live - on your favorite chess server, and replay them here.)  


  Link of the week/month:     (May 2006.)  Want to play chess?  Via e-mail? 
 Well ... you might want to try, "International Email Chess Group." They hold regular events, and their website states that:  << Welcome to the official site of the IECG. IECG is a fast-growing international organization dedicated to chess-by-email. Literally hundreds of tournaments are organized every year, and joining and playing is absolutely free. >>  Sound pretty good? Then check it out!  

I have no idea what their rules are, I have not read the page, but only glanced at it briefly. If you are really interested in this type of chess, make sure to visit the USCF page  ... (for this type of chess), as well as my own humble page for this effort. 


  Link of the week/month:    An interesting find for chess historians.  (Jan, 2007.)  


Stop the presses!!!!   Here is a new website from Ray Keene! - Nov, 17th, 2008.  

The latest, interesting chess link ... 

  •   - This is a fairly new website. (This one is interesting as well.)  - June 15th, 2007.  

Download and watch chess shows for free?? 

If you are really interested, then you must click  here

Mark Week's  site  on the  World Chess Championships. Good stuff, lots to see and do and read.  A good reference site as well. 

While I am on the subject of regional sites...

The State of Florida, ("Florida [State] Chess Association");  has a very nice web-site.   If you live in the state of Florida, or are looking to travel here and play chess, this site is a definite must look-see.  Click HERE  to go there now. 

Also the State of Alabama / A.C.F, (with a little assistance from the University of AL); has a very, very nice  web site.  It is very polished and well-done. If you have ever played in the South-East United States, or have friends in that area ... you will have to check this site out some time.  Click here. 

 Teach Me Chess!  

Mobile, Alabama  has a new club ... and an organizer. (Keenan Olson) Check out his excellent website.  

  The Georgia State Chess Association has a very nice web-site.  

  Click HERE to go to that web site.  

***  America's Foundation for Chess (af4c)   - has a beautiful site. They were also host to the  "2002 U.S. Championships."  (And several U.S. Championships since that time as well!) This is an incredible site and this organization has been instrumental in finding commercial sponsors for various events like the U.S. Championships. You should visit, explore ... and definitely consider a donation to this worthy cause!  

An incredible site, and very important  to the players in the 'North-West U.S.' region of N. America.  Check it out!   (This site was formerly operated by the Seattle Chess Club & Foundation. Apparently they merged or were taken over by af4c.  FYI)  

If you are interested in playing chess by mail, (correspondence chess); chess by e-mail, (free or paid); or any of the other forms of this type of chess; I now have a whole page devoted to this one topic. Check it out, there is even a couple of games I played. 

  (There is also a nice list of links on that page to various organizations of this type.)  

If you like chess, and would like to see some sites you may have NEVER seen before, I'll give you some advice. Go to, then do a search under chess. (And related subjects.) Something like 75,000 matches!!!!! Have fun and, "Watch out for those reeeaaaaaally gnarly, big waves ... man!"

(Good surfing, and the joy of discovery!) 

GeoCities Chess Websites

I have my site on GeoCities. I thought  you might be interested to see a few of the better web sites on chess I have found in the GeoCities/Yahoo community. 

  IM Jovan Petronic's  web site  A very nice  Geo-Cities  site.  (Old site = Click  here. )  
  By a fairly strong player.  Lots of useful links as well. 

A very nice and very well-done web-site in the GeoCities Internet chess sites is by "AKAP8."  Here you can browse, or even solve a problem or two!   Click here.

Angelina Belakovskaia  has a real nice site, (another top GeoCities chess site); although she has not updated it in close to a year. If you would like to go to that site, then  click here!

  End of GeoCities' web sites listings.

 Another nice, (not-so) little site is being built by  ...  Steve Etzel  on   Cambridge Springs, 1904.   
 This is a FANTASTIC web site. Very good stuff! 

    This is - now -  THE  site for this great, historic event!    

 Click  HERE  to go there now. 

(Feb, 2005)  I recently discovered a nice site, by a very enthusiastic amateur. (M. Lowery) By his own admission, Mark has limited chess experience ... his rating is only around 1400, (or less). But what he lacks in chess experience and rating, he makes up for in energy and gusto for the game. There is a little bit of everything here. Weekly problems for the average player, chess history, downloads ...  and much more. I recommend it as a break for any player rated 1600 or under. (There is quite a bit to see and do, links, etc.)  Take me there, NOW!! 

  Chess Odyssey  

The website of scholastic chess in Portland, Oregon ... Pete Prochaska is one of the key teachers there. This is website that has a little bit of everything ... you might want to check it out. (terms)  [go there, now]   

  (Added: Tuesday; February 28th, 2006.)  

 If you are into "cool" players, click on the button below.  (U.S. Chess "Hall of Fame.")    

(click on the button)

This is just one of the really cool pages of the U.S.C.F.'s web page. (
If you would like to go to the directly to the USCF player's gallery, then click below ... 

_click here._

  (For more info on Yasser Seirawan, please click  here.)  

If you are looking for some really cool chess graphics, chess pictures, et al;  then I suggest you check out the following 

They also have some nice links to quite a few other sites!!!

Want to go a page that has a real, on-line  "Chess Encyclopedia?"  

Then go to  La Mecca's  web-site for chess.  Its real. Its here. And its all about  chess.


Check out  "Chess Arch
(A little bit of everything. Articles, small databases, pictures, a complete ECO index ... 
of the openings, etc. Check it out!)


Another site you might enjoy is "The Chess Web." Check it out! ( 

 Mr. Smith's website, check it out.  (sigs-chess.jpg, 10 KB)

  Check out Sig's Chess for books, chess sets, CB products ... and much more!   
 (We are no longer affiliated in any fashion.) 

The best place to look for chess books and equipment!! (Chess Digest Logo, 20 KB)

Chess Digest, Inc.  
(Now owned by ChessBaseUSA)

Click  HERE  to go there now!!

Play Chess On Yahoo!!  Yahoo! Recreation > Games > Board Games > Chess

Add to My Yahoo! all of this and much more! Inside Yahoo!  I play here, and its great. Yahoo! Games: Chess - from beginner to advanced, a million things to see and do!!  

  Go to Yahoo and play chess NOW!!

 (Warning: Many people will cheat and use a computer, here.) 

November, 2010) Garry Kasparov has his own site now ... click here to explore it. 

(December, 2010) In 2004, I wrote an article on cheating ... it caused a real uproar, although I bent over backwards in an attempt to be fair. One user actually had one of my "Angel-Fire" websites erased ... in an attempt to block this information out. However, thanks to web archives, this information is now available again. (Click here to see my original article ... although it does NOT contain my original list of cheaters.) 

(April, 2011) The best - and one of the most active chess club's in the whole country - has to be "The Saint Louis Chess Club." (They have also hosted many FIDE-rated events ... and the last two U.S. Championship tournaments.) Its an excellent site, you MUST check it out! 

(May, 2011) The U.S. Chess Federation's "Hall of Fame" has a new website. (Also here.) - This is my latest (May, 2012) hangout ... I am "FLchessplayer" on this site. 

A link to a handy web page. (Ratings - and some older info not readily available anywhere else.) 

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