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My Photo Album

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See my Facebook page for many more pictures of myself and my children. 
(There are also a few pictures of my wife, Julie - click here - for her story.) 

  A (NEW!!!) recently revealed photograph of Bobby Fischer.  

mypho__fisch-polo.jpg, 08 KB


A nice user (maybe fan?) recently sent me this in an e-mail. I passed this along to a few friends, they say both the pic and the autograph are genuine. Apparently, these items ARE for sale ... IF the price is right! Please contact this person, the pertinent information can be found just below. 

Owner of Fischer poloroid:  William J. Hopkins  2129 N. Josey Lane  /  Carrollton, Texas  75006          Phone: 972-898-2668   Fax: 972-428-5001   E-mail: 


If you are interested, you can see the original documents that he sent me, all I did was to rename them, (for organizational reasons). 
 (Doc#01, Doc#02, Doc#03.) 

My wife of 12 of the best years of my life, (Julie Ann Goldsby); lost her battle with cancer on January 13th, 2008. Her spirit and her soul went to heaven, however, her physical body was interred at the Barrancas National Cemetary on the U.S. Naval Air Station on Pensacola, FL. If you want to read her story or see a picture of her, then please click here.  

Click  HERE  (or here) to go to the website for Cowderoy Graphics. 
They have lots of graphics and many photo's also.

Click  HERE  to go to the web page of Photographer Jerry Bibuld.  
He has many nice photo's also. 
(Jerry's work has been featured in many chess magazines, 
including "Inside Chess," and "Chess Life".) 

A pic taken of me in the spring of 2008 ... in Sunday clothes. (aj_easter-2008.jpg, 53 KB)
  Single (now) ... and hating it! (E-mail me.)

A pic I took with my cell phone in April. (magic-castle08.jpg, 45 KB)

 (left) A (cropped) picture of me taken around Easter, 2008.  |  (right) A surreal picture that I took with my cell phone. 
(I am not as near as old as this particular picture makes me look! I am going bald, this is why I usually wear a hat!!!)  |||  Its noteworthy only because of the poor - almost baroque - quality.  

AJ_GCQCC-trophy.jpg, 10 KB

August 12th, 2006. 

I won the 2006 "Gulf Coast Quick Chess Championship." (This event was played in Mobile, AL) I only gave up one draw - to Joe Jurjevich, (and won all my other games); here is my trophy. (This event was NOT USCF rated. Naturally, I would have preferred that it was rated, especially now that I won! Hee, hee, hee.) But it was fun to play in a tournament again, I have been fairly inactive the last few years. (Not by choice!) 

I won the Birmingham Challenge on March 17th, 2012. Above is a picture of Ceasar handing me the trophy. 

A professionally made photo of me. 

So many people have asked for it, so here it is ... a pic of my mug.  (Ugh!) [ajs_photo1.jpg, 32 KB]
(A.J. Goldsby I) 

A picture of me at a chess tournament.
You asked for a picture of me! (goldsby_ii.jpg, 22KB)

(Thanks to Mr. Harvey Lerman & "floridaChess"  for this picture.)

 On this page, I will try to get as many photographs as possible. 
Pics, not just of me, but players through-out the South. 

Here is a page I borrowed from the PCC's web site. 
(The quotes are as exactly appeared on the PCC web-page. 
My comments, outside the quotes, are underneath.) 

  "The Pensacola Quarterly Tournament"  

(Spring Quarterly,  May 5th thru the 7th. Year = 2000?)

rick-vs-aj.jpg (24557 bytes)

"A.J. Goldsby I, the tournament winner, plays Rick Frye to a draw in the last round."  

Rick played the dreaded Trompowski's Attack. I was fortunate to draw!!

(I am the guy [The Good-Looking one!!], in the black baseball cap, in the background of the above photograph.) 

liatti-vs-muh.jpg (10167 bytes)

"Steve Muhammed makes an appearance by traveling from Atlanta, GA; to take part in the tournament, adding to the excitement of the tournament outcome."


(You can barely see Steve ... He's on the right. Mark Liatti is on the left. The quality of the photograph is a little low. Steve is one of the South's most formidable home-grown players. Steve defeated GM A. Goldin at the World Open in 1999.) Rick Frye and I are playing in the background. 

paul-vs-david.jpg (16410 bytes)

"The youngest tournament player on   
    the left, begins the last round  ...  
    a little late." 


(Paul Woody on the left, plays David Yarbor on the right. Both are my students!!!) 

The game ended in a draw.

(I can't identify the two gentleman in the background of the photograph.)

jason1.jpg (12609 bytes)

"Jason, on the left, was the scholastic
winner in the competition."


(I don't know who the arm [of Jason's opponent] belongs to!)

Jason Parker is an extremely talented young player. He is a member of the Pensacola Chess Club, and his future looks bright in chess. 

bart-vs-mik.jpg (10586 bytes)

 "Bart makes a move against Mike.  
 Look out for a phalanx of tactics!"  


Bart Heikimian is one of the club's stalwart players. He also speaks fluent French!!

Mike Thornton was the club Secretary and the one of the leading persons in his own successful CPA firm. Visit his company's web site at

bathtub-cart2.jpg (18670 bytes)

My friend Mike Thornton, sent me this cartoon in an e-mail and called it, "A.J. works out a chess problem in the bathroom..." 

"Results to be posted ..."

   I won the event with 4.5 out of 5. I defeated three very strong players, including 
Moshe Khatena and Stephen Muhammed. Jason Parker scoring a perfect 5-0, 
torched his section.

(I will post a complete tournament report later.)

(Thanks to the Pensacola Chess Club for this page and these photo's. Visit this site by clicking here.)

Later on this page, I will have more photo's and lots more stories about 
the tournaments I play in, and other local tournaments also.

Here is a nice photo of me playing in a tournament in Tallahassee.

abr-vsaj.jpg(35780 bytes)

(I am the person on the right. I am deep in thought, pondering my move. I won this tournament with a 4-0 score. The name of the tournament was the "Old Master's Open," and it was played in Jan. 2000.)

[Thanks to Leo Cabana and the FSU  web-site  for this photo.]


The picture below shows Vladmir Kramnik, (2770); on the left; and 
Garry Kasparov, (2849); on the right. The picture was taken just before 
game # 4. (From the "Brain Games" Chess World Championship.)

Game 9   Drawn.

(Thanks to the L.C.C. and "Sports <dot> com," for this photo.)

A picture of the contestants in mortal combat!! (kasp_kram-big.jpg,  3 KB)

Kasparov and Kramnik before the 15th game. Nov. 2nd, 2000.

city.gif (13881 bytes)

Not my photo, but a really fine one of the city at night ... and a beautiful one to gaze at. 

sunset.gif (23422 bytes)

 (A truly beautiful sunset.) 


 This is a screen shot that my daughter took of the "Halo: Reach" game. 
 (The character - Emile - states: "It's been an honor, sir.") 

six-kittens.png, 570 KB

On March 4th, (and 5th) 2015, my daughter's cat (Tyet) had six kittens. (Tristan, Akane,* Nephthys,* Shotgun,* Raphael and Netjeri.) Unfortunately, three died, (April 2nd-5th); see my FaceBook page for more details. In case my daughters ever wanted it, I wanted a permanent record of the picture (and the event) on the Internet - especially here, on my website. (Click here to see a YT video of the remaining three kittens.)   

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