Text-scores, supplemental games.

This page is long overdue ... I will simply cut-and-paste the text scores of all the games that I reference to (during any given month) ...  
 ... that are not available on the CG website

HERE  is another page ... where I started to do the same thing, yet I failed to continue this idea.  

Yakovich, Yuri (2591) - Yandemirov, Valeri (2491); [D93]
Aeroflot op-A /  Moscow, RUS (R#5) /  21,02,2004.  

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nc3 d5 4.Bf4 Bg7 5.e3 c5 6.dxc5 Qa5 7.Rc1 dxc4 8.Bxc4 0-0 9.Nf3 Nbd7 10.0-0 Nxc5 11.Qe2 Be6 12.Nb5 Bxc4 13.Qxc4 Ne6 14.Be5 a6 15.Nbd4 Nxd4 16.Bxd4 b5 17.Qb3 Rac8 18.Ne5 Rxc1 19.Rxc1 Qd2 20.Qc2 Qxc2 21.Rxc2 Nd5 22.g3 Bxe5 23.Bxe5 Nb6 24.Kf1 Rc8 25.Rxc8+ Nxc8 26.Ke2 Na7 27.Kd3 Nc6 28.Ke4 e6 29.Bf6 h6 30.h4 Kh7 31.g4 Kg8 32.h5 gxh5 33.gxh5 Kh7 34.f4 Kg8 35.f5 Kh7 36.Bc3 Kg8 37.f6 Kh7 38.Be5 Kg8 39.Bc7 Kh7 40.Bf4 Kg8 41.Bxh6 Kh7;  -  

Vaganian, Rafael A. (2570) - Tomaszewski, Roman (2435); [D83]
7th Toth Memorial / Kecskemet, Hungary (R#1) / 02,06,1979.  

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nc3 d5 4.Bf4 Bg7 5.Rc1 0-0 6.e3 c5 7.dxc5 Be6 8.Nf3 Nc6 9.Be2 Ne4 10.0-0 Nxc3 11.bxc3 dxc4 12.Ng5 Bd7 13.Bxc4 Na5 14.Be2 Rc8 15.e4 Rxc5 16.Be3 Rc6 17.c4 h6 18.Nf3 Be6 19.Qa4 Ra6 20.Qb5 Qc7 21.Rc2 Rd8 22.Rb1 Rd7 23.h3 Nc6 24.Rbc1 Ra3 25.Qb1 Ra4 26.Rd1 Rb4 27.Qc1 Ra4 28.Rxd7 Qxd7 29.Bxh6 Nd4 30.Bxg7 Nxf3+ 31.Bxf3 Kxg7 32.Qb2+ f6 33.e5 Rxc4 34.Rd2 Qc7 35.exf6+ exf6 36.g4 g5 37.Bxb7 Rc3 38.Kg2 Rc1 39.Bf3 Bc4 40.Qxc1,  1-0  

Farago, Ivan (2510) - Spiridonov, Nikola (2440) [D83]
17th Rubinstein Memorial / Polanica Zdroj, Poland (R#8) / 1979.  

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nc3 d5 4.Bf4 Bg7 5.e3 0-0 6.Rc1 dxc4 7.Bxc4 Nbd7 8.Nf3 a6 9.0-0 c5 10.dxc5 Nxc5 11.Qe2 Be6 12.Rfd1 Qb6 13.Be5 Bxc4 14.Qxc4 Ne6 15.Na4 Qb5 16.Qxb5 axb5 17.Nc5 Rxa2 18.Nxe6 fxe6 19.Ng5 Nh5 20.Bxg7 Nxg7 21.Rd2 h6 22.Ne4 b4 23.g3 b5 24.Rc7 Nf5 25.Rb7 Ra5 26.Nc5 Rc8 27.Nb3 Ra2 28.e4 Nd6 29.Rxe7 Nxe4 30.Re2 Nf6 31.R2xe6 Rf8 32.Re2 Rf7 33.R7e6 Kg7 34.Rd6 Ng4 35.Rd4 Nf6 36.Kg2 Rc7 37.Rxb4 Nd5 38.Rd4 Nb6 39.Rb4 Na4 40.Nd4 Rc4 41.Rxc4 bxc4 42.Re7+ Kf6 43.Re6+ Kf7 44.Ra6 Nc3 45.Rxa2 Nxa2 46.Nb5 Ke6 47.Kf3 Nb4 48.Na3 Kd5 49.Ke3 Na6 50.f4 Nc5 51.Nb5 Nd3 52.b3 Kc5 53.bxc4 Nb2 54.Na3 Kb4 55.Kd4 Kxa3 56.c5 Kb4 57.c6 Nc4 58.Kd5 Kb5 59.c7 Nb6+ 60.Kd6 Ka6 61.Kc6 Nc8 62.g4,  1-0 

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