Favorite 'Net Sites


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Some of the places I like to go on the Internet are:

The Microsoft Network - The Grand-Daddy of all web-sites. 
You can find a little bit of everything here. 

Lots of good add-ons and and patches for their programs. TONS of information and education programs!! 


Yahoo! - Do you Yahoo? I do. Most everyone does nowadays. 
Get free e-mail for LIFE!!


Lycos - Whatever you are into, dig into it deeper.


My Favorite Site - My chess website. (Formerly on GeoCities.) 
An awesome website, one of the best, private home pages on the Internet. 
Especially when it comes to chess. Check it out!


The U.S. Chess Federation - The place to go for chess in the good, old U.S. of A.


The Pensacola Chess Club's Website - Find out about chess in Pensacola. (defunct - April, 2013.) 
Check us out.  (Defunct ... for now. May, 2004. I plan to revive it one day.) 


My "Non-Chess" Page of great websites - All the best and top-rated sites on the Internet. (One author, who writes for both the "New York Times," and "The Wall Street Journal," called these web pages, - in a on-line magazine, 
or "net-zine,"  as they are sometimes called - "Some of the best and most informative pages on the Internet. A MUST for any IT manager.")

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