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Note: If you are only interested in chess, you are on the 

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This site is for  NON-CHESS  sites that may be interesting to the average web-surfer.

I am going to try to have all the best sites,

 (The "Top Ten" web-sites.); 


on the Internet listed here. And all the ones that have taken me months, 
(or years)
; to find. Useful services, little-known resources, etc. 

I personally guarantee that this page will, one day soon, be a 
resource for everyone or anyone who has ever looked for anything 
on the Internet!!

Book mark this page!! And please tell your friends.



Then why am I doing it?  The answer is simple.

<< I wanted to develop a web-page that was like, "The Shell Answer -  Man." >>

I really just wanted to give all the non-chess players a reason to stop by!!!  

One of my goals  
is that one day this page be listed in ... 


as a "one-stop shopping" place for answers!!!


Like the man said,

 " You build it, and they will come ... " 


A visitor to my web-site recently wrote me an e-mail. The basic message was, "Why come here?" The average person could search the Internet and find most of what I had found in minutes. And you know what? He was right!! If you want to spend 15 minutes (or more) searching for something, go ahead! 
Hopefully the main reason you will come here is because I can save you time!! 

And that my friends, is easily your most valuable commodity!!!

  Also - - - have you ever watched TV and seen an ad for a  web-site, you liked what you saw; BUT  then you forgot  to write it down? Well, I have solved that problem for
 you. I have tried to get as many of the big TV advertisers as I can on these pages!!! 

Most of the "biggies" that advertise on TV are right here!!!

Another thing I would like to point out, is that this page has a definite "theme," i.e., I am especially interested in sites and businesses that offer ADVANCED TECHNOLOGYWhat am I talking about? I am referring to the solutions of tomorrow's problems that are here today. Advanced communications, services that offer Internet and Internet solutions, advanced computer technologies, innovative software applications. etc. If I refuse to list a business or organization here, I have good reasons. After all, I have that right. Its my web page.

An "A.J." Free Tip - Not finding what you need? I'll give you some advice on how to better search the Internet. Your browser may not have the best search engine. 

# 1.) Go to Galaxy or Google and search there. 
(There is a link to those sites on this page.) 

# 2.) Make a list of "key words." Let's say you are searching for employment web-sites. Some of the phrases you should search under would be, "Jobs," "Job Opportunities," "Employment," etc. Try to come up with as many keywords as you can, as this will increase the likelihood of finding what you need. Be sure to include any associated phrases. 

# 3.) Repeat your search. Some search engines are now "randomizing" their searches, so you may not get what you want or need on the first try.

Another note: This page has become too large to fit the average web browser. Therefore I have had to break it up into many, many, new, different sections. (More, AND Different Pages.)


  • - The Grand-daddy (and Muthah) of all Internet sites. Bill Gates, love him or hate him, (I do neither.) ... but you must admit that without MS, the net, (and home personal computers!); would be a much different place!! You will find lots of neat stuff here. Ever had a problem with a piece of MS  software? Then the patch (software repair kit), is probably there for you to download. Download lots of other free stuff too. You could spend months knocking around this site, I know I have spent dozens, (If not hundreds!); of hours here. (A friend who used to work for MS told me they have a team of programmers whose only job is to work on the Microsoft Web Site!!) There is lots of free software and upgrades to MS products here. Be sure to download the new media player!! (FREE!)


  • - Another cool Microsoft site. Get your own e-mail address for life. (But forget to check it for six months like me, and they delete you account!) Just click on the name and you will be taken to the sign-up / log-in page.

("And now, a word from our sponsors ...")

  • - Do you Yahoo? Either you do - - - or you know someone who does. The services they offer are too many and too numerous to name here. Click here to get free e-mail ... FOR LIFE!! ...and much more! You may also shop here and do a bunch of other fun things here. I must also mention, that according to I-Market Research, Yahoo is both: A.) One of the most trusted names on the Internet; and B.) One of the top three Internet sites. 

 (And since this IS a chess site, I would be completely remiss if I did not tell you that you can play chess on Yahoo.  Good stuff!! Go to: Chess on Yahoo.)


  • - Go here and sign up. (If you signed up for Yahoo [above], then you are already a member.) After you have been there and signed up, you can start building your own web page. Are you hopeless when it comes to computers? Then I could help you build your own webpage on GeoCities. Contact me for more details. (Note GC closed in 2009.) 

  •  - Another one of the most popular and highest-rated on the Internet. Here you ask your butler, Jeeves, any question you can think of. And he probably knows the answer. Another good site to know if your kids have to do research for school. (Or if you just wanted to know the answer to any question.) A good site for checking the answers to trivia games!! - - - This site also offers dozens of services and related sites. They also have a very good search engine. An A.J. "must-see" on your 'Net tour! Check it out!! Click HERE.


  • - One of the best search engines on the Internet. Also, you can shop, search for things here, find answers here, get various services here, etc. 

    (Have you seen the commercial on TV that says:)
    "Whatever you are into, dig into it deeper."

    This is the place. Another one of the "Top 100" sites on the Internet. Also considered by several rating services, (like Jeeves); to be a MUST-SEE for your web-surfing experience. This site also is one of the most heavily trafficked on the 'Net. (Number of "hits" daily.)

    This is what a news-letter I recently received said about Lycos:

    << The Nielsen/Net-Ratings [of the] Top 25 websites [by property] report is now out ... and there are many interesting findings ... not least the popularity of Lycos. "So what?", I hear you say. You may think we are only talking about a one or two percent market share... however we are talking about a whopping 26% market share!!! >>  
    (The "I-Need-Hits!" newsletter. [Late Oct. 2000.]) 

    So you can see, if you have not been to this website, you are missing out. If you have a web-site and you have not listed it with their search engine, then you may be missing out on a big chunk of business and traffic.

    'Nuff Said?

    Another strong point about Lycos: Free Web Pages!!! Go get yours now!! ( Join the over FOUR MILLION people who have a web page with Lycos!! Its free! And there are DOZENs of related sites all designed to help you build a great web page!! ALL the tools you need to build your own web page are here!! Nothing to buy!!

    They have made it, if not easy, at least possible, for the average Joe to build a great looking web page.

  • - One of the LARGEST sites on the Internet. It is also a GLOBAL web-site. And according to several different services, it is easily one of the "Top Ten" Internet sites! It is also one of the busiest!! (It probably receives hundreds of thousands, if not millions of hits per day!!!) (Another one of the Nielsen Net rating's "Top 25 Sites." Also a top "E-Commerce" business.) I must also mention, that according to I-Market Research, Amazon is both: A.) One of the most trusted names on the Internet; and B.) One of the top three Internet sites. 

     At Amazon (<dot> com) you can buy nearly anything. Books, videos, music, games, toys, the list is nearly endless. They sell well over 2,000 chess books. Plus hundreds of related items. If you have never been there, you are missing out. A definite "Must-See" for the serious webs-surfer. You could also do a ton of gift-shopping there, and never leave your home or office!! What are you waiting for?

  • - Now considered to be one of the "Top Ten" Internet sites. (Nielsen/Jeeves/Time Digital/I-Market Research; and many others.) It takes literally hundreds of thousands, (if not millions!); of hits every single day. Buy, sell, find what you have been looking for! Most people who use the Internet use ebay. One of my friends, who buys and sells antique pens, uses E-Bay to do his most of his buying and selling. If you are not using E-Bay, then you are behind the times. Lots of things to see and do here. You definitely must check this one out!! A definite stop for the serious web-surfer!!!! I must also mention, that according to I-Market Research, "e-bay" is both: A.) One of the most trusted names on the Internet; and B.) One of the top three Internet sites. 

    (You can also pick up anything chess-related here: books, sets, chess paraphernalia,- - - you name it; IT'S HERE!!!!!)


  • - If you are a SERIOUS ebay user, then you should check out this program. Its a program and database manager. It can keep track of your bids, all the things you are buying and selling on ebay, and much more.

  • - - Called "The Human Internet." A site with a little of everything. (Actually hundreds  - - -  if not thousands of inter-connected sites!!!) Just about every human activity is covered. (You also get a real, human Guide for each section!!) Free e-mail, web hosting, all of your hobbies, and so much more. You can also play dozens of games on-line. You must check this one out. It also is another one of the most highly rated web sites on the 'Net! Get your own web page here. And much more! You won't believe all there is too see and do!  A definite A.J. "Must-See."   Click HERE to go there. 

  • The "J-Fax" Website - Want your own FREE fax number and get your faxes delivered to your PC? This is a neat service you must check out. You can get a lot of services for just a few bucks a month, and avoid the big paper crunch.  A good solution for the small business.

     Click HERE to go there now. And don't forget to tell them who sent you!! Mention my website. Please!! (???)                            

Computer and Internet Related Services are now on a separate page. [Plus Searches.] (This page got too large for just one page of information. So I had to divide. I promised these pages would continue to grow.) My A.J.'s "High-Tech" web sites. Check it out. 

Click HERE to go there now. A NEW page!!  

  • - The folks at "Charge <dot> com," have a very good website. If you are a small business, and you are interested in increasing revenue, the one sure way to do it is to accept credit cards on your website. These guys can help you get started in that direction. (Sept. 2014 The link works ... ?) 

Keep watching this page for a list of all the best (non-chess) sites on the Internet!!!



Like to play games? Here I am going to try to list some of the better gaming sites, and manufacturers' of gaming software.  Just for the fun of it!

  • - Easily one of the better software game manufacturers. Check out all their really cool games. (They also sponsored many U.S. Chess Championships.)    (Thanks Guys!!!!)   
    Another "must-see" if you are looking to purchase some of the best PC games. 


  • - - Play practically any game you can think of. Board games (Chess, Checkers, Backgammon.); arcade games, (Poppitt, Tank Hunter.) etc. Plus you can play all the card games, (bridge, etc.) that many people enjoy. Just about everyone can could find a game here that they would enjoy. I play there, shouldn't you? (NOT just chess.) And its FREE!!!   See you there. Click HERE.

  • - games, games, and more games!!! Just about any game you can think of. Lots to see and do. Free, and its fun. Click HERE to go there now.

  •  - - card and board games. (Java.) And these guys have the best, most comprehensive  on-line database of chess games.   
    ------>  (Over 2.5 MILLION Master games of chess.) 
           AND  you can play chess here also!! Check it out!!

  • - - A relatively new website for playing games. Hundreds, if not thousands of games. A really cool website. Every serious gamer must check this one out. A "must-see."

  • - - A fun little website with lots of games to play. Not as big-time as the above sites, but it is still a good site for gamers to check out. A 'should look.'  

I am sure if you have been paying attention, you have noticed there are hundreds, if not thousands of new Internet sites. Many of these new "dot-com" companies have had unbelievable take-off's. Their I.P.O.'s, (initial public offerings [of stock]); have gone through the roof. If you have not managed to keep up, then I consider it my job to keep you informed. On these pages you will find many of the newest and best of some of these Internet start-up companies. Find it here!!


Let me help you find it. All my search - related sites have moved. Now all the Internet searches are on a new page. Click HERE to go there now. Keep on searching. And happy hunting!!

Computer Services Web Sites and/or Commercial Sites AND The Web-Site Promotion Sites are all now found on a separate web page. Please click   HERE   
to go there now!!
   A New Page!!!

Travel - All sites that are related to Travel/Vacations have been  moved to their own page.  Click HERE to go to that page now.   A New Page!!

Employment - All sites related to employment and job opportunities (and related sites); have been moved to their own page. 
Click HERE to go to that page now.   A New Page!!

Shipping - All sites that are related to Shipping have 
been moved to their own page.
Click HERE to go to that page now.   A New Page!!

SPORTS – Have moved to their own page.
Click HERE to go there now.   A New Page!! - Go to a cool web site that advertises quite a bit on TV. Supposedly they search hundreds of websites and virtually guarantee to find you the lowest price on virtually any item you could purchase or buy. (Just trying to save you money!)   Check it out! Click HERE to go there now.   

Home Improvement?

Interested in making your home a better place?
Then check out the following site: See what a better place your home can be! If you are really interested in sprucing up the old homestead, then you MUST check out this web site!! Click HERE to go there now.

(There is also an interesting story about one of the founders in a recent [Nov. 2000], issue of "Reader's Digest." [This company was a pioneer in its field.] It makes great reading, so check it out!!)

  Want to complain? - A new company that is definitely listened to and is definitely making waves is "Planet Feedback." Here you get to tell a company off. Definitely a new and hot comer on the Internet.  Click HERE to go there now. Let your voice be heard!! 

I will also have all the links  (eventually)  for that are embedded into my webpage listed here. I mean of course, only the non-chess sites. The chess sites will be listed on the appropriate page. ("Cool Sites," or "Just Links.") 

List of embedded links that are on this site - (Non-chess):
(This list is NOT complete!) 

  • Home page -- Marshall Brain's "How Stuff Works" : A very cool site that has plenty of very informative stuff. Articles that tell you how ANYTHING works, form the human heart to an oscilloscope. A good site to know if your kids gotta do research for an article or homework. And a VERY fun site just to kick around on.  
    This is also one of the top-rated sites on the Internet!!

  • Home page -- If you are interested in saving the ecology, check out "The Rain Forest Alliance," web-site. Learn all about the Rain Forest(s) and what you can do to save them.

  • Home Page -- If you want to "Shop until you drop," without ever leaving the house, then go to "Amazon <dot> Com." Not only can you buy books, but videos, many other products, and lots of other cool stuff too!!! (Another one of the most popular sites on the Net!! Also one of the largest sites! You can definitely spend all day here!!)

  • Home Page  -- If you want a counter on your site, and don't want to write your own cgi-bin code, do what I did, and go to "The Ultimate Counter" website. There you can configure your counter. You can browse the mall and pick from hundreds, if not thousands of different style counters. Then the code will be written for you! (FrontPage has counters built into it, but some Internet sites do not accept their code.)

  • Home Page  -- The Microsoft FrontPage  is a must visit for anyone who has purchased FP, or is even thinking about it!! (This page was built using FrontPage '98. I could have never built this web-site without this very versatile tool!) (Dec. 2000. - I now have upgraded to FrontPage 2000.)

  • Site Map - Need A New Customer Answer Tool? Maybe this site has what you are looking for!'s  website 

  • Site Map - Need a really good map? Then click HERE to go there now. All the best maps in the world. 

  • Site Map. - Need games? Like games? Want games? Then check out "Python-net." Their website has more games than you can shake a stick at.

  • Guest Page - The Naturalist website is a must for those concerned about the ecology. You can also do and see a lot of fun and cool things! Send an "Eco-Card" to a friend!!

  • Guest Page - The GreenPeace's website is also another "Must-See" stop if you are concerned about the ecology.

  • "Bio" Page - "Education Planet" has a very cool website. Lots of stuff for teachers and students. [AND PARENTS!!] (But lots of fun for us average web-surfers too!) Shop, personalize your EP page, get involved in the cash for schools program! Another one of the top-rated sites [and most popular] on the Internet!

  • The "Best Books" Page - The U.S. Government has some very nice web-sites for your information and entertainment. One of the nicest has got to be the one for, "America's Libraries."  An A.J. "must-see" for your internet tour!!  Check it out!!! Input galore!! DON'T miss this one!

  • Training Program Page - "Video Flicks," has the best video's & DVD's for your VCR. Cool movies, good prices, have fun!

  • Training Program Page - "Price-Scan" (<dot> com) is another great little site for movies, DVD's, etc. Catch a cool flick!

  • My "Training Program" Page - If you are interested in movies, you definitely have to check out BlockBuster's web-site. Go to This is an excellent site, and I spent nearly 45 minutes perusing this web-site. You can find your favorite movies, find games, rent movies on-line, etc. You can see what movies have won awards, get, "The Latest Scoop," go to the critic's corner, see out-takes from the latest releases, and much more!!) Click HERE to go there now!

  • Goldsby-Perciballi1 - If you want to see one of the nation's largest distributors of trophies, then you have got to check out "Crown Trophy." (Crown One of the biggest and best, they offer free engraving. Big, good-looking web site. If you need trophies for your kids soccer league, maybe you should check these guys out!

  • Goldsby-Perciballi1 - Need some "clip-art" for your kid's homework assignment? Or maybe you need a little pizzazz for your web site? Then check out all the free clip-art at "Access Clip-Art." They have literally thousands of images that you can download for free! Check it out!

NOTE: For my friends that live on the Gulf Coast, [ (and if you are planning a trip to this area); you need to check out the new website: "Access [the] Gulf Coast." [<dot> com.] Information all about the Gulf Coast. (You could enter the appropriate city, and get the weather forecast for that area.) It has a little of everything in it. You FREE listing of your classified ads!!! What could be better? Click HERE to go there now. And start enjoying the real "Gulf Coast" experience!!! 

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