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  Comedy ... on the chess board! 

 A.J. Goldsby I (2200) - N.N. (1200) 
P.C.C. Training game (blindfold)  
 "Books-A-Million" / Pensacola, FL (R #01) / 25,03,2007. 


I was at chess club today, (Sunday; March 25th); and a man came up to me and requested that I play a game of blindfold chess with him. (At first, I was a little hesitant, but then I said, "yes" ... as long as he could record the moves, and he agreed to do this.)  

The only move?!?! 


[ I actually opened with the play of:  1.d4,  but my opponent asked me to  
  play the KP instead. (He would not confirm it, but I got the general feeling  
  that he was going for some opening trap ... that I managed to avoid.) ]  


   1...d5;  2.exd5 Qxd5;  3.Nc3 Qa5;  4.d4 c6;  5.Nf3 Bg4; ('!?')  
This is probably not a good move. I even told my opponent this, but he was very insistent, 
so I allowed him to play it.  


[ Perhaps Black's best line is:  
  5...Nf66.Bc4 Bf57.Bd2 e68.Qe2 Bb49.0-0-0 Nbd710.a3,  
  10...Bxc311.Bxc3 Qc712.Ne5,  "+/="  when White has a solid edge.   
  (From the Fritz "Power-Book.")  

  GM Kiril Georgiev (2675)IM Thomas Henrichs (2445)
  Recklinghausen, (R #7) / 1998.  {Search for this game.} 
  {White won a nice contest, 1-0 in a total of 34 moves.}   

  [ See MCO-14, beginning on page # 375. See also page # 376,   
    column # 01, and all corresponding notes as well. ]  

 [ See also MCO-15, page # 379, columns # 01 - 03 ... and all notes. ]  ]  


   6.h3 Bxf3;  7.Qxf3 Nf6;  8.Bf4 Qb4;   
Of course, this is not a good move, and I even warned my opponent about prematurely playing with the Queen ... at the expense of his overall development.  

     [ Actually, Black first played:  8..Qh5?!; 9.g4, Qg6??; 10.Bd3, "+/-"  Black was then allowed to be able to retract his faulty Queen move on this 8th turn, 
       only to make another bad move with the lady. ]  


   9.0-0-0 Nbd7;  10.g4 h6;  11.Be2 e6;  12.a3!? Qe7;   13.h4 0-0-0; ('?')   
Real life can truly be funnier than any play or work of fiction.   

aj-blindfold-gme01.jpg, 33 KB

  2kr1b1r/pp1nqpp1/2p1pn1p/8/3P1BPP/P1N2Q2/1PP1BP2/2KR3R w - - 0 14  


After I pushed my RP, my opponent said, "Well I guess I better castle ... before I get checkmated!" 
(I suggested to my opponent that he castle King-side, after which his only response was a hearty laugh.)  




Now - thanks to this motif being featured dozens of times on the "Chess Games" website, (; - I knew exactly what to do. 

   14.Qxc6+! bxc6;  15.Ba6#.  (Boden's mate?)  
The man calmly got up, handed me my scorebook, shook my hand, and walked out. (I asked him for another game, but he politely declined, informing me that he had a previous engagement to attend at a certain time, and told me that he must depart immediately.) 


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