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My Games

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I monitor my e-mail very carefully, and I have had dozens and dozens of requests, (spread out over the last few years); from people who want to see more of my games. If I had been playing a lot of tournaments, and I had a lot of good wins against strong players, then I would probably comply. But, I would {for the most part} rather annotate a GM game, then one of my own. (I also stay very busy writing for the Florida state magazine and columns for various web sites.) Make sure you visit my website for the "Game of The Month." [Go there now.]   

  Pages ... with my games.  

If you would like to see a few of my games, here are some useful links.

  •   My  page  on my big (#1) Angel-Fire site for my games, there are some nice games there.

  •   Here is a  page  with a few of my games, mostly contests that I played online. (AJ's DL's)

  •   My  page  of games on another popular server, there are quite a few wins (and draws)   against strong players that I personally submitted myself. (Disclaimer: These are not my pages, I cannot control the content of them. Therefore there is no point in writing me and telling me who said what. I have no way of changing or correcting any of that.)  

  My Games 

  1. The first game that I annotated for this site, it is a nice win over John Perciballi

  2. This game was one that I played in south Florida a number of years ago. My opponent was N. Basallos. This game was published in FL chess shortly after it was played, and I received many requests to post it here.

  3. This is probably one of the nicest wins that I have ever played. I managed to defeat a strong FM/Senior Master. It is a deeply annotated King's Indian, so you should really check it out. (There is also a link for a java-script replay game.)  

  4. Here - I defeat my good friend Moshe Khatena, in a very interesting game. It also features something that I used to be famous for, a sacrifice of the exchange. 

  5. I defeat a GM. Its only blitz, but a win is still a win! 

  6. Here is an example of my blindfold abilities. While not a great game, it is a difficult struggle that took some time to resolve at chess club. 
    (It is also nicely annotated.)  

  7. Saturday; July 22nd, 2006.  I defeat Fritz 9 for the very first time. (I was on the Black side of a Sicilian.) The time control was "Game in 45 minutes," and yes I had a slight time advantage. This is all I will tell you for now, soon I hope to have the game score posted for this game. I was very shocked when the machine resigned, (after my 75th move); I had lost dozens of games in a row to the metal monster. (I have drawn Fritz 9 many times, but never won a game before.) If you cannot wait, here is a game where I defeated Fritz 8.0. 

  8. A funny little blindfold gameDON'T click on this link, expecting to see a great chess game! However, if you want to be amused, then ... 
    by all means ... go ahead.  

  9. Its not annotated, but I played a nice win over Bill Melvin at the 2007 "Queen of Hearts." 

  10. Click  here  to see a training game (slow chess) where I defeat my computer. (Fritz 11) 

  11. HERE  is a game where I win in a "Queen's Gambit Accepted." This analysis is important because I prove - once and for all - that Black can NOT keep the extra pawn when he accepts the Queen's Gambit. 

  12. Wednesday; September 19th, 2012:  I present for you a game that I played on-line. It was only a three minute game, however, more than one person requested that I annotate it. There is a careful analysis (with diagrams) a re-play page, and a YT video.    (Click HERE.)    

  13. A solid "You-Tube video" of one of my games form The Gulf Coast Classic..  (Click here.)  

  14. Monday; November 12th, 2012:  A fairly solid analysis of a one-minute game that I played on-line.    (Click here.)     

  15. Tuesday; May 28th, 2013:  A very nice game that I played in a USCF-rated tournament earlier this year.    (Click  HERE.)   
    (A.J. Goldsby vs. Doug Strout ... from the Bayside Open, which I won.)  

  16. Monday; March 2nd, 2015:  A nice game that I played (as Black) in the Exchange Variation of The Grunfeld Defence.    (Click HERE.)     
    (S. Satheesh vs. A.J. Goldsby. This is from the Open Tournament played in New Orleans in December of 2014.)  

  17. Friday; May 1st, 2015:  Although I posted this game several months ago, it would seem that I never got around to posting any links to it. (What an oversight!) In any case, here is a game that I played during the PRO-AM in New Orleans back in March of this year.    (Click HERE.)      
    (A.J. Goldsby vs. Logan Wu; from the Open Section of the LA tournament (Pro-Am) played in New Orleans in March, 2015.)  

  18. Monday; May 4th, 2015:  I played in a chess tournament this past Saturday, all four games are now finished and lightly annotated on this new page. (I felt like I had to start doing something like this, for one thing, the CG site is no longer posting any of my games.)    Click  HERE.     
    (All my games from the Tony Edmondson Chess Classic played in Headland, AL.)  

  19. Wednesday; May 12th, 2015:  A nice three minute game that I played on-line. (Ruy Lopez / Spanish Game.)     Click  HERE.      

  20. Tuesday; June 2nd, 2015:  A brilliant combination (in a 2-rook ending) that is as pretty as anything I have ever played!    (Click HERE.)   
     (37...Kf4!! and 38...Kg3!)  

  21. Wednesday; July 29th, 2015:  Three games from my last tournament, they are just lightly annotated.   (Click HERE.)     
    (Three of my games from the Clarence Kalenian Chess Classic.) 

I dug this game up a few years back, I recently [Summer issue, 2010] gave it (in a note to another game) in the "FL Chess" magazine.   

Much of the line was analyzed in advance, a LOT of the younger players (there - in Iceland) played this line. (At that time.) 

This game was played while I was in the military. (USAF) 
(I spent 18-19 months at the Rockville Radar station, which was about 10-20 miles south of Keflavik, Iceland. I am not even sure if it is still running, someone told me - about 10-to-15 years ago - that they closed that site. See here for more details.)  




It is basically just a trap ... to be honest, I had worked out just about all of this before the game even started!

A.J. Goldsby I (2000) - E. Jonsson (2300) [B62]
Reykjavik Open, Iceland (R#2), 05,1980.  
(Click here to replay this game.)  

1.e4 c5; 2.Nf3 d6; 3.d4 cxd4; 4.Nxd4 Nf6; 5.Nc3 Nc6; 6.Bg5 e6; 7.Qd2 a6; 8.0-0-0 Bd7; 9.f4 b5; 


  r2qkb1r/3b1ppp/p1nppn2/1p4B1/3NPP2/2N5/PPPQ2PP/2KR1B1R -- White to play. 
White: Kc1, Qd2, Nc3, Nd4, Bf1, Bg5, Rd1, Rh1; WP's: a2, b2, c2, e4, f4, g2, and h2. 
Black: Ke8, Qd8, Nc6, Nf6, Bd7, Bf8, Ra8, Rh8; BP's: a6, b5, d6, e6, f7, g7, and h7. 



Now White makes a nice combination.  

10.Bxf6! Qxf6?; 11.e5! dxe5!?; 12.Ndxb5! Qd8; (Forced.) 13.Nd6+ Bxd6; 14.Qxd6 exf4!?;  

Now White wins with a very nice tactic.  
15.Bxa6!! Rxa6; 16.Nb5! Ra7[]; ("Box," or forced.)  
(The only move. If 16...RxP/a2?; then 17.Nc7+, and Black must give up his Queen.)  
17.Nxa7 Nxa7; 18.Qd4!   1 - 0  

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