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Chess Archives

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Here on this page, I will try to list all the "Chess Archives."  
By this I mean ALL the sites that offer BIG databases  
of games and lots of other
"Cool Stuff"  for you to  DOWNLOAD!!

  The world's  best  Chess Archives ?  
(Well maybe, maybe not. But certainly one of the most fun sites to visit.)

(University of Pittsburgh's Chess Club) Chess Archives - Al Lawrence, in his excellent article in the April, 2001 issue of Chess Life, called this, "The Mother (Down) Load." While this may or may not be true, there is certainly more to download here than just about anywhere else. You will find just about anything here in any category. You've got thousands of games in dozens of different types of categories.  (And you can download them in your favorite format. It won't matter if its Chessbase, {"*.cbh}; Chess Assistant,  PGN, NIC-base, whatever.)  You can get news stories, conversion utilities, chess-playing engines, chess art and graphics, chess education materials ... the list is nearly endless.You definitely need to check this bad boy out. 

Click  HERE  to go there now!!
(April, 2014: I have recently received reports that this website is no longer active ... I can only hope that it returns.) 


WARNING:  Use of this site requires a certain level of expertise. You must know hot to use "File Transfer Protocol." A certain knowledge level is absolutely required to get anything from this site.

NOTE:  You can also download entire books and groups of problems here!

The G. Ossimitz Chess Page - The REAL Mother Lode, (download)! Here you can sure find something you like. A [chess] book, (already converted to electronic files!!); a collection of your favorite players, etc. Many/most of these collections have been carefully annotated using the Fritz6 program. 

And you don't have to be a "Techno-Whiz to use this page either. You just have to be able to read and follow directions. 


Definitely a site you will want to return to, again and again.
Click  HERE  to go there now.

Chess Base - Go to this site. You can search their 1.8 MILLION  
games site for FREE! Then find the game you are looking for. 
Then DOWNLOAD it!! What could be better?

Chess Lab (On-line) - One of the best sites available. 
Around 2.2 Million games for you to search. 

Sure. You can only download the files in a fairly small number and ONLY in PGN format. 
But its still one of the best sources for games you will find on the Internet. 

Click  HERE  to go there now! Find the game you have been looking for!
(You can also play chess here now.)

Know of a good site to get cool stuff for chess?  Send it  to me!!

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