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Just Links

Here I am going to have a list of pages with mostly links to other chess pages.  
Not a lot of chat. Just a short description and a hot-link or hyper-link for you to click on.

Disclaimer: On this page are links to pages with a list of nothing but links to other chess sites. 
I have personally verified every single page (of links) is out there currently. I have  NOT  verified every single link on every page. 
This would obviously have taken too much time. 
(I also don't a lot of time checking these links ...) 


They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  

I have found literally dozens of websites - - - 
where all they seem to do is basically do is copy my work.

Take this  website  for example. His "Top Ten" list of the 10 best chess games of all time is similar to my own. Many times, he only appears to have copied my analysis ... with few, if any,   changes. 

His list of the "Greatest Players of All Time" is also VERY similar to mine. 

And this is NOT the only one, I have found many, many more websites just like this. 
 (I have no intention of listing them all!) 


Another interesting  article  about theft in the chess world ... its more commonplace than you might first think.  

I was sitting at home in front of my computer one day, and it occurred to me that I had hundreds of "favorite places," bookmarked and organized into various folders. I thought it would be great to verify all these pages. Then I could put them out onto the Internet as a kind of public service.


One of the ideas is that between this page and my "Cool Sites" page; is that you should be 
able to find almost any relevant Internet Chess Site!!! Happy Surfing! 

One of the absolutely best websites in the world for listing web-sites, has got to be to be FIDE's "Top Chess Web Sites."  Easily one of the most comprehensive lists of all the best web-sites all around the world. This one should be one of your very first stops, if you are looking for chess new web sites. Click HERE to go there now!!

During IBM's "Deep Blue vs. Kasparov" challenge, they developed a web page full of links. Its still there and has some places you might like to check out.

ICC has a very comprehensive list (pages!) of chess links. 
To go to that page, click here
  (Also check out their "index" of links at this page.)  has a VERY nice list of links. Click  HERE  to go there now. 

Zipee and has a fair little website. 
They also have a lot of links to other sites. Click HERE to go there. and Mr. Chess has a nice little site, plus a lot of links to other sites. 
To go to their page of chess links, click HERE. has a neat little site. They have a nice page of chess links. 
To go to that site, (The page with a list of chess links.);  click HERE.

The "Chess Informant" people from [former] Yugoslavia have a very comprehensive page of links. To go to that page of links, click HERE. has a fair site, although it has not been updated in a while. They also have a nice page of chess links. To go to their page of chess links, click here.

The  "Euwe Chess Academy"  has a nice page of just chess links.
(Click  HERE   to go there now.  Added Jan. 16th, 2002.) 

The West Virginia State Chess Association has a very nice page chock full of interesting and valuable chess links. Click HERE to go to their page of chess links. Once there, you can navigate to their home page without any problem.

The Nystar (<dot> com) group has a nice little page of chess links. Everything from chess clubs, to chess books, chess-set collectors and more!!  Click HERE to go to that page. 

I have already mentioned what a nice web-site FSU, (Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL.); has on my "Cool Sites" page. They also have an extensive page(s) of chess links. Links to just about everything you want to know about chess can be found on these pages. Click here to go to FSU's main (index) page of chess links. A huge, very long page with many more links than I have. If you are searching for something chess-related, you definitely have to stop here!!

"Thinks-dot-com"  has a nice page of chess links, really quite a few links. National, regional, local, club, personal pages, etc. To go to their page of links, click HERE.

I have already talked about what a really cool web site  "The London Chess Center"  has. (Check my "Cool Sites" page.) They (L.C.C.) also has one of the most comprehensive pages of links to chess sites, I have ever seen. To go to "The London Chess Center's" extensive page of chess links, click HERE  now!!

A very young man named Jeremy Cone has a very nice Geo-Cities  Web Site. 
He has a page of chess links. Its not many, only around 15, 
but they are all high quality. (He may even have a few that I do not have.) 
Click  HERE  to go to his page of chess links now.

I don't play any chess there. [And I don't "endorse" too many sites. By, "endorse," I mean give it my full seal of approval. Like I give, say, The U.S. Chess Federation's site.] (But I do have a few friends who used to swear by this service.) And I think I am saying something, just by the fact that it (this site) is not listed on my cool sites page. But "Kali" has a chess page and chess playing software.

(Like ICC, and several others, I think it is, 
"Pay-for-play." As in

BUT ... If you are interested, please click HERE now.

The Virginia State Chess Association has a very nice page of links, especially if you are looking for a club or chess organization in your local area. To go to the Virginia page of chess links, click HERE now!

Another nice page is "The Judit Polgar Page." A very nicely done page with hundreds of links to other pages. You can read articles about Judit, find out what books she recommends, etc. Click  HERE  to go there now. A really nice page with lots to see and do. Check it out!!

  Click HERE to go to one of the best chess sites on the 'Net, especially for Chess News!!          What do you think of my little gadget?

Need the old copies of "The Week In Chess?" Click  HERE  to go there now! (Just so you know, they are available in about half a dozen different formats. So one should fit your needs!!)

Want to go to the Doctor? Go to Dr. Regis's list of coaching links. 
(This is associated with The Exeter University. 
They have a lot of cool chess stuff and activities.)

You should also go the Exeter University web-site, and then search under chess. 
They have a lot of stuff there. You won't regret this one!!

For the folks "on the other side of the pond" (England), 
here is a link to Vavo's Chess stuff. 

Interested in a site with links and odd chess facts? well, ... BELIEVE IT!!

Click  HERE  to go there now. - A site with mostly ADVERTISEMENTS and links to other pages. But still s good site to know.  (I found it when it was advertised on U.S. Chess Live's server when I was playing chess.) 

Click  HERE  to go there now. 

M. Trokenheim has a nice little site devoted to the 1. b4!? Opening.  The nicest thing (IMOHO) about this site is his  VERY EXPANSIVE  list of chess links.  Click  HERE  to go there now.

A nice, site, mostly in German is  HERE. (Rocha Kuppenheim's site.)
They also have an extensive collection of chess links, again mostly
to German web-sites. But you can also find several
English netzines here, including links to GM Baburin's sites.
A good site, especially if you happen to read and speak  GERMAN!!!

Frank's Chess Page is a nice little site. Lots to see and do. Check it out.

The  Yahoo   chess section   has a really nice little area called  "The Beginner's Guide."  There are links to many very nice sites, most of them are in the Yahoo/GeoCities family of web sites. This is a really good place to explore if you like web-surfing, or if you are a beginner or a novice at chess. Click  HERE  to go there now. And enjoy.

 The following is a list of links from the article, "Downloadable Feasts." [Part II.] 
(July, 2001 Chess Life, pg. # 38 - 41.)  Entered September, 2001. 


Chess on Stamps - A site dedicated to Australian stamp collecting. (Dr. Colin Rose.) 

Chess Excavations - A site dedicated to Chess History. (Chess Archaeology.)

Tim Krabbe's Chess Curiosities - Chess odds and ends, Tim Krabbe on chess.
A download of Morphy games. ("The FULL Morphy.")

Uncrowned Kings - A site dedicated to all the greats or near greats who never became the Chess World Champion. (Download the games of Keres, Nimzovich, Rubinstein, Larsen, etc.)

New In Chess - A good site that is given elsewhere here. Many games, much to do! + Links!!

The Chess Kamikze Home Page - A site dedicated to gambits, whether they be good or completely unsound. This website offers advice and analysis on virtually every conceivable gambit. Plus available are many game files in pgn and cb formats. Gambit heaven!

Charlie's Chess Mess - A connection to lots of other sites, plus software and other goodies.

Humphrey Bogart and Chess - Bill Wall on celebrity trivia. Lots of stuff on actors.
(I entered the link exactly as Lawrence gave it, but have been unable to find it!)

The U.S. Chess Federation - Click on "correspondence chess" when you get there.

The Campbell Report, (Correspondence Chess) - F.C.'s site dedicated to this form of chess.

The ICCF - A website dedicated to International Correspondence Chess, The official website.

Stan's Chess Page - A site for free correspondence chess, plus many features.

Jim Kearman's Site - A site dedicated to chess by e-mail. (Plus lots of chess art!)

AVO Chess (Computer chess) - A site dedicated to the hard-core fanatics of computer chess.
(I could not find this site, although I did an extensive search for it.)

Computer Chess Programming - A site for chess links for those interested in programming.
(Another busted or out-dated link!)

En Passant Chess Club - For  chess editors  mostly!  Problems, software, typesetting, etc.

Chess Graphics - I discovered this site like 2-3 years ago, and have probably helped to popularize it as much as anyone. When I first found it, few know of its existence! Stuff galore!

La Mecca Chess Encyclopedia - The first real encyclopedia for chess on the 'net.

Alpine Fonts - "TrueType" and "Postscript" fonts for chess publishers. (Plus other stuff too.)

Chess is Fun - A link for Jon Edward's site can be found on my  Beginner's Chess Course.

Chess Rules - A link for this site can be found on my  Beginner's Chess Course.

Chess Lab - THE site for finding and downloading games!!! (The link to their "beginners section is on my Beginner's Chess Course.)

A list of MacIntosh Chess Sites - FREE stuff for Mac users. (ugh!) The "Apple Oasis."
(Another good page to visit is: DMOZ's Open Directory Project's page on chess.)

To view the newsgroups and some of the other material contained in A Lawrence's article, you must have AOL. Since not everyone uses this ISP, I will not delve into that material here!

'ChessMetrics.'   By  Jeff  Sonas.   A great site.   Look up just about any player who 
ever lived, and find out the   RATING   of that player.  LOTS  of good stuff here.  
(Did you know  Ernst Falkbeer  was once in the top 5 in the world???) (Jan. 2003.) 

Mark Weeks has a nice chess web page.  Click  HERE  to go there now.

Chess Publishing - 'dot-com'  .... .... .... ....  has a nice page of links

The folks who <purportedly> make the world's best  chess tables  ... (a friend bought one); 
also has a nice  page of links. (Very nice, as a service to their customers, I guess.) 

The  "World Chess Network"  has a nice  page  of chess links. 

A list of some annotated games. ("The Chess Drum's" index page of games.) 
 (At first I thought these games were annotated ... most appear to be UN-annotated games.) 

Another nice list of links. (The Chess Oracle's Archive.) 

(Added: January 31st, 2004.) 

The following  web-site  has mostly curiosities and pictures and stamps. But there is enough stuff here to make it of interest to just about any chess player or chess historian. It's worth a look. 

   (Link added:  Tuesday, July 27th, 2004.)  

The nice  web site ...  of  ...  The Chess Oracle
There is a strongly British bent to this website, but other than that - the site is fairly 
interesting. You will find lots of news stories, articles, games ... and many useful links.  

   (Link added:  Friday; October 8th, 2004.)  

The  WCA  (World Chess Academy),  has a nice page of links. Check it out!  

    (Link added: Saturday; December 18th, 2004.)  

The very well known and respected writer, IM J. Silman has a nice website.  
 More than just chess! (Check out this nice page of chess links.)  

    (Link added: Saturday; February 19th, 2005.)  

A forum for just chess. (chess-circle)  

    (Link added: Thursday; June 15th, 2006.)   

  The Bangor (England) Chess Club     (Added here, Friday; July 14th, 2006.)  

  NM Dan Heisman's Home Page  

This guy is like me ... full time into chess. He has a nice web-site ... with plenty of stuff to look at.  

  (Link added: July 08, 2006.)  

One of my students is a member of  "North American Chess"  and he thinks that they have a great website. (Maybe.) However, most of their content is only available to members!  [Go there now.] 
 (Link added: Saturday; July 22nd, 2006.)   

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