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Chess Software

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On this page, I will have the links to  ALL  the chess software that is FREE that is out there.

'Chess Corner'  has a nice list of chess links for tons of software. Plus all the software is reviewed for you. Many of the software is free. ("Freeware," or "shareware.") This is a definite page for you to check out if you are searching for free chess-playing software for your computer.

(Click  HERE  to go there now.)

ChessBase - These are the guys who make some of the world's most highly regarded chess-related software. (Games and database manager like: ChessBase 8.0. Plus many of the world's  TOP  chess-playing programs like: Nimzo8, Fritz6, Junior6, HiArcs 7.32, etc.) The company is based in Germany. They have a player database, lots of photo's, news, and some reports on various chess-news items. They also have a FREE interactive, searchable 1.8 million games database! And best of all they offer a FREE program called ChessBase Lite!

Click  HERE  now to download CB lite!!

SCID - Avoid the name brands. This program works with both WINDOWS AND LINUX-based platforms. Read and/or write in PGN OR Scid format. Use the super-strong "Crafty" program to analyze your chess games. Click  HERE  to go there now and start downloading!!

Chess Lab - Apparently Chess-Lab has offered this program  by Mark van der Leek. Its called,  "Chess Pad."  ( Click  HERE  to go the page/home-page where you can download "Chess Pad."  Make sure you  download  the PATCH too. ) Its free, easy to use, and no hassles. It reads AND writes in the PGN format. It understands English and Dutch. And the BEST PART? You can copy a TEXT file into the program, and it will AUTOMATICALLY convert it into a chess file. 
(Then save it as a PGN file.)  NO MORE (laborious) MANUAL INPUT!!!

Chess Pad Main features:
* Can handle large databases (250,000 games and more)
* Can view up to 2000 games in a tree
* Opening classification system
* Multiple languages are supported (currently English and Dutch)
* Can copy game and diagrams for use in WordPad, Word, or HTML-pages.


I have it. You should get it too. Click  HERE  to go there now!

Mike Keatings's chess site: (  A web-site with a lot of stuff ... and also an excellent viewer. VERY nice. Probably the nicest (java-script) chess board - for viewing games - that is available on the Internet. This is definitely a MUST-SEE if you are planning to build your own chess web site, or show chess games on-line. 

Frank's Chess Page - This is a nice website all about chess. There is a lot to see and do here. You can also download a copy of WINBOARD from this site. (Many people prefer this interface for chess playing.)

(An excerpt from a reader's mail.)

<< Your archive links are the VERY best I've found as well. Here is a MUST HAVE: (This is the Huntsville Chess Club {Archives} page, which is listed elsewhere.)  


An engine you can use online using the Nalimov tables. A perfect companion to the chesslab position search.

Where you can download the Nalimov tables: >> 

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