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  (This page holds news items archived from the year, 2007.)  

I don't believe in throwing anything away. Here I will save and/or archive all previous articles. 
Click  here  to go to my "chess news" page. (Current stuff.) 

  NOTE:  Many of these links may  NOT  be valid!!   (No point in trying to update old links.)   
   (This page will be used to archive news items from the year, 2007.)  

Are you looking for the latest news on Bobby Fischer? If you are, then please click here.  


April, 2007: One reader wrote and asked why I didn't carry any news on Garry Kasparov. The bottom line is that I do not consider that these activities to have anything to do with chess. (Kasparov officially retired from chess in 2005.)

    [Kasparov arrested then freed.]     [Condemnation of his arrest.]     [Kasparov provokes the Kremlin.]   

   [Garry Kasparov detained on May 18th, 2007.]  



  The CORUS Master's Tournament  

Jan. 17th, 2007.  A new year. Wijk aan Zee has started, there has already been many decisive games.  

This is always one of the biggest stories of the year. The early leader is GM T. Radjabov, but it is too soon to be sure of anything.  

   [The official website.]   [The latest CB story.]   [The initial TWIC report.]   


In an exciting last round, there were three decisive results. Aronian won, to sneak into a tie for first. Kramnik won, improving his overall position, and Karjakin defeated Svidler.  (cross-table below) 

CT_Waz2007.gif, 11 KB

   [The official website.]   [The CB story for round 13.]   [The final TWIC report.]   [CG's page.]   

  Aeroflot Open, 2007   

Easily the biggest (open) tournament of the year would have to be the Aeroflot Open, in Moscow, Russia. This year was no different than any other, dozens of top GM's flock to this cold city ... why couldn't they hold this tournament in the spring? 

It might be freezing outside, but the chess is always red-hot inside the playing area. And ... as in the past few years ... the winner was a player that no one (in the west) has heard much about, young GM Evgeny Alekseev. (RUS) Of course, this young man also won the 2006 Russian Championships, so he is not a completely unheralded competitor. Another 'Eugene', GM E. Tomashevsky, (RUS of course!); tied for second, so this was the tournament to play in if your name was Evgeny. Rounding out the group of the top five players, was GM Dimitry Jakovenko, (RUS); GM Yue Wang, (CHN); and GM Hua Ni, (also CHN); all with 6.5 points. Heading up the list of competitors with six points was GM Zoltan Almasi. 

I have already {briefly} studied around fifty of the games from this event ... if I can find the time, I hope to have some light analysis and problems from this excellent event.  

  [The official website.]    [The CB report.]    [The TWIC report.]    [Find a player on the FIDE ws.]  

  Morelia/Linares, 2007  

A new page has been made for one of the year's grandest tournaments.  

  The 16th Annual Melody Amber Chess Tournament  

A super-competitive tournament is held every year in the fabulous international resort of Monaco. The top players of the world are invited and play a combination of blindfold and rapid chess. 

Kramnik dominated the blindfold part of the tournament, two points ahead of GM's Alexander Morozevich and Boris Gelfand. As usual, India's GM Viswanathan Anand was the world's best rapid player, and took first place with 8.5 points ... ahead of a group of four players, all with 6 1/2 points. 

The final result was a win for the World Champion, GM Vladimir Kramnik. Vishy Anand was second, and thanks to recent results like Linares, will also now be the world's top-rated player as well. 

   [The final CB report.]     [The TWIC report. {W/cross-tables.}]     [The official website.]   


If you would like to see an ANNOTATED game from this event ... Gelfand's victory over Radjabov ... then please click here

 Two GM Tournaments, 04/2007 

  • The "Sigeman & Co." chess tournament - April 18th to the 26th in Malmo, Sweden - was won GM Ivan Cheparinov, who also serves as GM V. Topalov's second.  [The CB report.]  

  • GM Magnus Carlsen won the "Gausdal Classic," (also held in April, 2007). Some of the other notables in this field were: 70-year-old GM L. Portisch, (who tied for second), GM E. Rozentalis; GM M. Krasenkow; IM K. Kulaots; GM Alexey Dreev; the U.S.'s own Irina Krush; K. Lie, G. Jones, and Eric Moskow.  [The CB report, Carlsen's win over Krasenkow.]  

  The 2007 U.S. Championship  

GM A. Shabalov is the new U.S. Champion. Click  HERE  to read a short article and see the annotated game vs. GM Sergey Kudrin. (One diagram, some analysis, and plenty of links.) (The end of May, 2007) 

  M-Tel Masters, (May-2007) / Sofia, Bulgaria 

This strong chess event ... now has its own page. (Click here to go there now.) 

  Alexander B. Roshal,  1936-2007  

A-Roshal.bmp, 201 KB

  FIDE Candidates Tournament, 2007.  

May 29th, 2007: The Candidates Tournaments have begun in Elista, many of the games have been exciting and close, hard-fought battles. See the ChessBase website for more details.  

June 1st, 2006:  I have now created a page for the Candidates Matches. (There is not any "blow-by-blow," or game analysis, at least ... not yet. However, there is a short summary for each round and a TON of links.)  Check here to go there now!  

June 07th, 2007: The Candidates Tournaments is ongoing in Elista, (we are now in the finals); many of the games have been exciting and close, hard-fought battles. See the ChessBase website for more details. 

June 11th, 2007: The Candidates Tournaments is nearly over in Elista, see the ChessBase website for more details. 

June 13th, 2007: The Candidates Tournaments is over in Elista, see the ChessBase website for more details. (Or click here.) 

comp_report_02.bmp, 204 KB

  Dortmund, (GER); 2007

Late June, 2007:  The Sparkassen "Chess Meeting" in Dortmund begins, see the ChessBase website for more details.

July 01st, 2007:  The Sparkassen "Chess Meeting" in Dortmund is over, (Kramnik wins!); see the ChessBase website for more details. (Or click here.) 

  Foros / Aerosvit 2007  

GM S. Karjakin was the early leader, and was the frontrunner for most of the tournament. However, in the end, he was caught by wily veteran, (and chess genius); GM Vassily Ivanchuk. 

         [The official website for this event.]    [The CB report.]    [The TWIC report.]  

  FIDE Rating List  

The new FIDE rating list is out, (for July, 2007); for more information (and links) please click here

  The Eighth (8th) International Tournament  

The 8th international event was held in Montreal, Canada. Vassily Ivanchuk won in the last round to capture clear first place. Nigel Short had perhaps one of his worst results ever. Curious? Then you should check out the links, just below.  

   [The ChessBase report, the MR site.]     [The CC/TWIC report.]  

  The Fortieth (#40) Biel Chess Festival  

One of the strongest tournaments of the year has to be the Biel Chess Festival, the winners' list of this tournament reads like the, "Who's Who" of the chess world. 

This year, the young - but rapidly improving - GM Magnus Carlsen had an "up-and-down" event. Two straight losses ... towards the end of the tournament ... seemed to knock him out of contention. However, he steeled himself, defeated Super-GM T. Radjabov in the last round, and tied for first. He then proceeded to win the blitz play-off, and won the tournament. Its an amazing story, and one you do NOT want to miss!  

   [The ChessBase report.]     [The CC/TWIC report.]     [The official website.]   

  The chess news of the last few months  

Monday; Nov. 5th, 2007:  I have been completely out of touch for some time. I was forced to move August 28th, (and my life before the move was a little crazy); and for close to a month, I had little or no access to the Internet. (All of my belongings were in boxes and my main PC was not set up yet.) Here - (just below) ... I will try to get you caught up on the more noteworthy news items that have occurred in the chess world over the last few months. 


  1. GM John Nunn has always been one of my favorite players. Strange - it seems only like yesterday that he was one of the world's "Top Ten" 
    players. (Today - at 52 - he has virtually retired from competition.) However, he still writes and solves problems. He won the "World's 
    Problem Solving Championships" with a nearly perfect score. (Click HERE for the story.)  

  2. Kramnik states (in an Izvestia interview) ... that, <<...he is still in charge, still considers himself to be the rightful World Champion, and that 
    "I have only lent Anand the crown.">> (Read the full story here.) 

  3. Ivanchuk wins a rapid match versus P. Leko. (Click here for more info.) 

  4. 10,29,2007: The European Team Championships began.  

  5. As you may already know, GM Vishy Anand won the World Chess Championship (tournament) in Mexico, and was universally 
    cheered for this accomplishment. ChessBase brings you the story and pictures of the closing ceremony. (The TWIC report.) 

  The 2007 Tal Memorial Tournament  

CT_Tal_Memorial_2007.gif, 13 KB


The Tal Memorial Tournament of 2007 was one of the stronger tournaments of the year. It featured 10 GM's, all over 2700 ELO. Of the world's top ten players, Anand and Ivanchuk did not play. You did have Kramnik, who according to the October, 2007 rating list ... was the highest rated player there, and also # 3 in the world. Topalov did not play, but Leko (#5) did. Morozevich was not present, but Mamedyarov (#7) was. Radjabov and Aronian were not there, but Shirov (#10) did compete ... and (happily) ... had a pretty good tournament. Magnus Carlsen proved that he belonged at this event - and scored fifty per cent. 

To be honest, this was an extremely tough tournament. Perhaps too many draws, but without a rule in place to prevent it, GM's - at this level - make a fairly high percentage of draws, anyway. Kramnik played like he did when he was young and unproven - like he had a point to prove. I don't think he was ever in serious trouble, and finished a point-and-a-half ahead of the field. (The CB page for this event.)  


 Local Chess News 

  The First Annual Gulf Coast Championships 

A.J. Goldsby posted a perfect 5-0 in the Open Section, Brent Inman was clear second. Randy Wolfe tied for first in the Reserve section. There will be more results as they come in. (For now, see this page. The USCF cross-table is posted here.) 

The Pensacola crowd was quite happy. The last day, Michael Thornton drove. He noted that all four riders in the car, (A.J. John Perciballi, Mike Thornton, and Randy Wolfe); had won prizes. Every passenger (and the driver too!) had hardware, (a trophy or medal); and a prize check. 

Our sincere thanks to Keenan Olson, Mobile Gas, and "Teach-Me-Chess" for an excellent tournament. 

 April Fool's Open 

USCF Master A.J. Goldsby I (2218) tied for first with Bradley Denton (2158) in this small but very competitive tournament. (See the organizer's website for more details.) 

Keenan Olson (The TMC website), organizes some of the best events on the Gulf Coast. The prize fund was good, there were beautiful trophies, and excellent conditions. (On behalf of the players, I would like to thank Mobile Gas for the use of their wonderful facilities.) A good time was had by all, I greatly look forward to the next event in Mobile! 

  The (TMC) Azalea City Open 

A.J. Goldsby I  posted a perfect 5-0 score to win this tournament in Mobile, AL. (June 23rd and 24th, 2007.) Although it was a small event, A.J. had to work hard for his {precious few} rating points and the first-prize check. Dr. Frank Greiner played an extremely tenacious defense in round three, and Abraham Nielsen made A.J. go past move eighty to claim the full point! (Round four.) In the last round, (Rd. #05); the ever tenacious "Great American," {Brent Inman}; probably had a won game, (with machine-like play in the early going); but allowed A.J. to slip away in the complications. (I plan on having a zipped PGN file of my games ... later ... for those who might be interested.)  

A. Nielsen - A.J.'s student for many years now - played solidly throughout the event, losing ONLY to the master and drawing Brent Inman! (Abraham won around forty rating points, his class ... a check, and a trophy.) Newcomer John Laning played fairly decent chess and claimed a portion of the "First Unrated" prize. (See the "Teach Me Chess" website for more details.) 

My thanks to the organizers, (TMC) and Mobile Gas for another great tournament. 

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