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Endgames L & C  II

 More great End-games. 
 (A continuation of the previous page on endgame challenges, and lessons too.) 

  A composed ending,  


Position check: 
White - King on h1, Pawns on g2, g5, and a5. 
Black - King on d2, Bishop on d6, Pawn on g3.

 "A difficult position to solve. Are you up to the task?"  (eg_lc2-1.jpg, 17 KB)

  Joita, 1954. (First Prize.)  

This was a position I used to use to take suckers. Like one night at the Baptist Hospital, (where our chess club met for many years); I asked a 1600+ player if he could win this. (For 20 bucks.) He made the bet. 

He took White, I played Black. Touch-Move, no take-backs, 30 minutes on the clock. (I wrote down the moves.) He eventually figured out he could outflank my Bishop and promote a Pawn. He proceeded to do so. I maneuvered my Bishop to a strong square. He checked me and chased my King for 50+ moves before conceding the draw. (And handing over a Jackson.)  

   Think you are up to the task? Can you win this position? Give it a try!  

  An instructive K+P endgame  

eg_ek1_pos01.gif, 07 KB

  This is "White to move and win."  


White to play here, can the first player win here ... or does he have to be satisfied with a draw?

(Study this position for 10-20 minutes. If you give up, or just want to see the solution, please click here.) 

  Kagan's Neueste / Schachnachrichten, 1921.  

eg_reti-comp1_pos01.bmp.gif, 39 KB

Here is a famous endgame problem ... composed by none other than  GM Richard Reti
(WK/h8, WP-on-c6 ... promoting on c8. BK on a6, Black Pawn on h5 ... promoting on h1.) 

The requirement given is  "White to move and draw,"  but this looks completely impossible. 

(Study it for a while. When you have given up, click here.)  

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