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If you are a small business, and are looking for solutions to your business problems, I have found a few places that maybe may be a help to you:

  • - Check out the many services available from the guys at "J-Fax." Free your office from the huge pile of paperwork inundating you! Check out their many services!

  • - The guys at "Plug-it" <dot> com have many services available. (Web-hosting, web-design, e-commerce.) This also includes building a web-page for you, running and/or improving your web site. Much, much more!! If you have thought about this sort of thing, then you need to check it out. The perfect solution to the small business with big Internet ambitions! Go for it!!

  • - If you are a small business, and you are looking for Integrated Communications, (Voice, data, video); all on one line  -  I may have found the answer for you. Check out  "Rio" <dot> com.   Plus they have lots of other cool services in the communications management field. Check it out!!

  • - Normally I don't plug a "sell-it-for-a-buck" web site. (Unless it has something very special on it, or has a very cool web-site.) But if you want to buy software for the computer, and don't want to leave the house or office, then check out "Software Buys <dot> com." Here you can buy Linux, Windows 2000, an Atlas program, or computer games for the kids! They have it ALL!!  
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Need to promote the new website you have just built? Have you got a nice site, but you don't know how to promote it? Are you unsure of how to get people to find your site? Here I will list a number of places that I learned about during my little odyssey through cyberspace.


  • The Self Promotion Website - A HUGE website devoted to promoting your new website. If you have a nice website, and want to learn the correct way to do it, go to this site. Learn to generate HTML meta-tags, what search engines are most effective and how to list your site with them. Learn about listing your site with some of the most popular web sites on the Internet. A complete "how-to" kit for promoting your site. A definite  MUST  if you are looking to promote your new web page or site!!  (

[ IMPORTANT NOTE: It has been my experience that you cannot use meta-tags with a "Theme" generated by MS Front Page. ['98.] It will corrupt the code. So choose the title of your web-page carefully. It alone can act as your "Meta-Tag."]


  • The "Add me FREE," Website - Add your web-site to literally hundreds of search engines for free. Definitely a must stop if you are trying to promote your own website. (See the banner at the bottom of this page.) And if you are looking for the best sites and search engines to popularize your site, this site is a DEFINITE MUST !!!!! (

  • The "I need Hits!" Website - Definitely part of the tool-kit for the aspiring web-page builder and promoter. ( Some of the things you can find here? Submit your site to nearly 30 major search engines for FREE. You can also pay (A small and fairly reasonable sum), to submit your website to ALL of the popular search engines. You can also use a FREE "meta-tag" generator for your website. (All you do is come up with all the relevant key-words, and the software generates the necessary "meta-tags.") You can also use the "Meta-Search" feature, and search ALL the search engines that are on the Internet today! Click HERE to go there now!!

  • - This site does NOT help you promote your web-site. But it can help you make a better web-site. Looking for really cool toys? Help with HTML stuff? Then you must check out "HTML Goodies."  Get the latest HTML help. FREE tutorials!! Vector Mark-Up language, (VML); XML, and much more. PLUS a lot of neat little gizmo's for your web-site!! Check it out!

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