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Travel Related Sites

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   Want to see some relaxing travel spots? Then click here and check it out!


(What are the best places to get good rates on travel and air fares? [Plus cruises, rental cars, and almost anything else associated with your trip?] I did some research, and this is what I came up with.)  

  1. - The most highly-rated and most popular site for travel is "Price-Line." (<dot> com). The first site to let you "name your own price" on airline tickets. Now you can name your own rates for travel, [airline, hotels, car rentals]; plus you can name your own price on long-distance phone rates, mortgage finance rates, and more!!

  2. - The next best site for travel is "Travelocity." (<dot> com). Check out this site BEFORE you make your travel plans!

  3. - The next most popular site is "Expedia." (<dot> com). Here you can plan your trip, get good deals on prices and much more. Another "must-see" before you make your plans for your next trip.

  4. - A new site [ORBITZ] with many good features. That have their own "travel Robot," ('Orbot'). You simply enter the times, date, and all other pertinent travel info; and the computer finds the flight that best matches the request you have entered. They have a nice list of relaxing travel spots you may want to see.  They also have "Orbitz Specials." (Good deals on many travel packages.) There are also separate pages for airline flights, hotel stays, car rentals, cruises, and much, much more. Definitely an "A.J. must-see" before you make your travel plans. 

  5. - A relative newcomer to this group, they advertise "Four-star hotels ... at two-star prices." There are many good things and useful tools on this site, (travel-star, trip-starter, etc.); you will just have to explore them to see what I mean. Another "must-see" before you make any travel plans. 

  6. - Another good site for finding great deals on airline flights, hotel, accommadations and car rentals. 

The first three [above] seem to be, up-and-away, the most popular sites for travel and getting good deals on low fares and such. (They are also 3 of the biggest advertisers on TV, at least when it comes to Travel. ) But they are not the only ones. A few others that may be of interest are:; http://www.ewanted.comhttp://www.cheaptickets.comhttp://www.1stoptraveler.com (Bargain-Investigator is a good place to stop if you would like to see about a good deal on holiday travel.) You could also do a search under "Travel," and see what you come up with. 


Another thing that makes good sense is to get a MAP of where you are going. One of the best places to get one is at  MAP BLAST!  Go there and get a good map of the place you are going to visit BEFORE you go there! Don't be lost! Know a little about the place you are going to visit!

This site has maps, directions on how to get someplace, MapBlast's Yellow Pages, GeoSearch, Business Solutions, and much more. You definitely will want to check this out BEFORE you visit your next "dream vacation spot." (Esp. it it happens to be another country!)


Also try: Google Maps, MapQuest, and "" 

Keep watching this page as I expand it. I want to have all the best sites listed here that are in any way concerned with Travel! Be sure to send in your suggestions! 

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