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Investment-related sites

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  General Tips  

Most experts will tell you that to invest successfully, you should have a long-term commitment. You should have a diversified investment portfolio, and one that has an overall strategic plan. (You should probably talk to a professional investments advisor in your area before making a major decision in this field!) However, if you feel you know what you are doing, and you are ready to take the plunge, then go ahead. (The On-line Investment Resource Center.)  

(Read this ... and learn some of the common myths of on-line investing.)  

  •   First, go to this site, and do some homework ... read up on the subject. 

  •   Read this free, on-line guide to investing. (From Wikipedia.) 

  •   A site for all investors - it looks to be loaded with tons of information.  

  •   A government site - with some tips on investing wisely in mutual funds.  

  •   The Investment Company Institute - The Investment Company Institute, the national association of American mutual funds, maintains this website to enhance public understanding of mutual funds ...  

  •   Go to Google, and read a few of the better on-line articles as a result of this search

   Popular Investment Sites   

Here I list a few of the better websites, many of these are major advertisers on channels like CNN news. 

  1. Fidelity Investments - One of the more popular sites. You can do almost anything from this site, to buying stocks, or checking out some CD's or other investments.  

  2. TD Ameritrade - Another one of the "big boys" of on-line investing ... you can do virtually anything here on this site. (Right now, your first 50 trades are free.)  

  3. Scott-Trade  - Get more broker for your money.  (On-line stock trades are just $7, and they have many good reasons to check them out, including award-winning service and support.) 

  4. Value Line - Do some serious research here ... BEFORE you invest!  

  5. The E-TRADE Financial website  -  Do it all on this website. Trading, research, explore mutual funds, get retirement advice, and look into home equity. (This is my pick for the best-looking website ... and it seems to have the cash ... to back up the flash.)  

  6. Goldman / Sachs - One of the world's largest (and oldest) investment firms.  

   Useful Links   

  1. This site, (MFFAIS);  has many useful links ... and lots of use info as well.  

  2. Next?

July 18th, 2006:  I spent approximately FIVE YEARS doing research for this page ... and many weeks putting this all together. If I missed a key investment website, (or there is anything else that I need to know.); please send me an e-mail.  

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