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Sports (and related sites.)

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A page with all the best sports [news] sites on the Internet. Plus a few of the better sites to purchase all of your needs in the area of Sports Gear and related equipment and paraphernalia. 


One of my own personal favorite categories. Here I will list the top five or so Internet sites for sports news. I will also list several of Time Digital's "TOP 25 eCommerce Sites."  (See below.)

Although I have rated these sites, with the first being the best, 
ALL of the following sites offer excellent Sport's News coverage. - My first choice for Sports reporting has got to be, "The CNN and Sport's Illustrated" web site. Here you will find some of the best and most accurate reporting of the sporting news. ALL sports are covered in a fairly thorough fashion. (My pick for the best. The Number #1 site for sport's news coverage. Click HERE to go there now.)

*** - My next choice for sports' news on the 'Net, has got to be, The ESPN web site. Good reporting, little known sports facts and records, and lots of other things to do also. ESPN is my favorite channel to watch on TV. Naturally, their website is also great. Click HERE to go there now.

*** - My third choice for best sporting news coverage has got to be The Fox Network's web site. I can't begin to list all the areas they cover, but let's just say this: If you like a lot of sports coverage, you will enjoy this website! Another great website. Its hard to rate these. I strongly advise that you visit all of these websites, and visit the one you like the best. (I think all these sites are great.) 

Click HERE to go to the FOX [Network] Sports website now. 

*** - Another very good site for total sports coverage is, "The Total Sports Network)." This site has got tons of sports coverage and covers just about any real American sport under the sun. Many big-time sports, such as college hoops; football; and baseball have like their own channels. "Where's the beef?" Its probably here. If you are a real sports nut and are in search of good stuff, then you must go here!! Please check it out and tell your friends. Click HERE!! Thanks! 


The Official NFL Web-site 
(  The Official "N.F.L." website  -  A personal favorite. All your teams! Everything you could possibly want or need to know about the NFL!!  (A Cool Tip?: Click on the helmets and go to that team's web site!)
You can also purchase any football-related paraphernalia you can think of here. 
Click  HERE  to go there now.


CBS Sports-Line
(  CBS's Sports network - 
ALL the major sports (Football, Baseball, Basketball) are covered very well - IN  DEPTH  coverage. Categories in virtually any sport you can think of, ARCHIVES!!! (Great old sport stories), a powerful search engine, 
practically anything you can think of. 
Maybe  THE  sports network. (On-line, anyway.) 
Click  HERE  to go there now. 

*** - We Uncover Sports
 << provides comprehensive localized sports content in a convenient Web site and notifies you to new information. >>  A good site! Check it out.

Regular News Sites

(Added as a public service. 
It seems that most people don't even know these sites exist.) 


NBC News - - A good site with good news coverage. 
If you like or need news, you might want to look in. 

ABC News - - A good site with good news coverage. 
If you like or need news, you might want to look in.

CBS News - - A good site with good news coverage. 
If you like or need news, you might want to look in.

CNN News - - A very good site from the guys who first brought you all the news, 24 hours a day. A huge website with some of the best news coverage you will find on the net. The downloads are a little slow, though. But lots of news, pictures ... even video - if you like!!

Great web-sites associated with TV channels

I decided to have a section with my favorite web sites that are associated with some of the better TV channels. Below are a few of my picks. Let me know if I missed any good ones!

  1. The Discover Channel  -  Easily one of the best web sites. This web page(s) covers several of the more popular TV channels, including Discovery, The Learning Channel, and Animal Planet. Much here to see and do, so you should definitely check it out. 
    (One of my personal favorites.)

  2. The History Channel  -  I have become severely addicted to this channel, and I could watch it all day. This is a great TV channel and the web site is a lot of fun also. 

  3. The official Web-Site of The British Broadcasting Company (BBC)  -  This is a FANTASTIC web page with so much to see and do, I could not possibly tell you all about it, even if I took several pages to do it. This is the same group responsible for the series, "Walking With Dinosaurs." Click  HERE  to go to their web page on dinosaurs! (One of my favorites.) You simply must check this one out!! Also a good one for kids who have homework. (I personally feel adults will enjoy it just as much.)

  4. The "Biography" Web Site. - This is the web site that goes with, "The Biography Channel" on TV. Its a great little channel with all the best bio's of the people you are interested in. If you like to watch this channel (as I do), then you will love this web-site.

Sports and Sporting Equipment 

The one and only "Fog-Dog" sports gear web-site
(Seen on may TV commercials!!)  -  If you want to purchase sports equipment, and you want to see a neat web site too, then you must check out "Fog-Dog." (<dot> com.) They bill themselves as, "The Athlete's Toy Store." (Yum, yum.) It is also one of "Time Digital's Top 25 e-Commerce Web Sites." If you are looking for sports stuff, this has got to be one of the first stops on your Internet Tour!! Click HERE! Check it out!!!!!


 The Official NFL Web-site 
(  The Official "N.F.L." website  -  A personal favorite. All your teams! Everything you could possibly want or need to know about the NFL!!  (A Cool Tip?: Click on the helmets and go to that team's web site!)
You can also purchase any football-related paraphernalia you can think of here. Click HERE to go there now.  


The "MVP" 'Sports Gear' web-site - Another very cool website, especially if you want to purchase quality sports gear. You can get nearly anything sports-related here. From baseball mitts to backpacks to shoes, it seems they have it all. I spent nearly half an hour initially checking out this website. I could not come up with any sports item that they did not have. Another "must-see" for the sports enthusiast.  Click HERE to go there now!  


The Official CNN/Sports Illustrated "Stuff" web-site - Another very good site for getting your sports gear and all the other paraphernalia of your favorite hobby. Check it out!! A "must-see" for every sports enthusiast out there. There is also a lot to see and do on this site and a lot of information too. Definitely a stop on your 'Net tour. 
Also, another highly related web site.  Click HERE to go there now!!  


Shop for All Sports @ Worldwide Sports
<< - Shop at for inline skates, ice or roller hockey equipment. You may also purchase sport bags, backpacks, bikes, sporting goods, yard games, and team sports equipment.; where you shop securely and completely tax free! >>  Click HERE to go there now!! 


Sporting Event Tickets - The Best!
<< - The best tickets at the best prices for all sporting events worldwide: "The Kind" tickets has specialized in college and pro sports alike with great customer service for over 12 years! >> A great site. Get your tickets for less! Check it out! Click HERE to go there now. 

 << - Online Superstore for all your parts and accessories needs for Street Bike, Dirt Bike, ATV, Wave Runner, and Snowmobile. We will beat any published price - contact us for details! >> Good stuff! Take a look. Click HERE to go there now.
I think you will like what you see.  I certainly liked what I saw.


The Sports Section
 << - The biggest and best sport merchandise store in the nation, including NBA, NFL, MLB, NCAA, and Nascar memorabilia and apparel. >>  More good stuff! Click HERE to go there now. - Go to a cool web site that advertises quite a bit on TV. Supposedly they search hundreds of websites and virtually guarantee to find you the lowest price on virtually any item you could purchase or buy. (Just trying to save you money!) 
Check it out! Click HERE to go there now. 

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